Apply: 10X Start-Ups Accelerate Platform

10X Start-Ups Accelerate Platform

The 10X Start-ups Accelerate Platform is an immersive acceleration program for deep-tech startups. The primary purpose of the program is to identify and groom high potential startups through mentoring, global market exposure, industry connections, and international market access. The program will take the startups through a rigorous six-month program.

By applying to the program, startups can be assured of intensive support coupled with the best possible guidance and supervision to pitch and become global market-ready.

The program will be offering opportunities for global acceleration and mentoring, strategy consulting, leadership coaching, access to deeptech lab and technology platforms, innovation network, and funding.

Start Your Business In 30 Days

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Eligibility For The 10X Start-Ups Accelerate Platform

  • Be a startup company.

Benefits Of The 10X Start-Ups Accelerate Platform

Patient Capital

Receive dedicated support in identifying your funding requirements and help match-make your need with the focus areas of VCs. In addition, the program will enable you to set up meetings with VCs and facilitate closure.


Explore deep corporate engagement, extensive open innovation, and co-creation opportunities with a vast network of corporates and consulting partners. The program will help map startups to domain and business problems, facilitate meetings with corporate innovation teams, and chart out product implementation roadmap leading up to the actual implementation.


Transform your product with access to a hi-tech innovation hub and technology and data sandboxes. Not only this, but the program will also support in identifying talent sourcing requirements and organize a founder-talent meeting to facilitate alignment of the resource to startup goals.


Get onboarded and kickstart your transformation journey to identify critical success factors, undergo the diagnostic tests, get access to the diagnostic report, and be a part of curated training sessions. Based on the test, startups will be mapped to a ‘Buddy Mentor’ and ‘Specialist Mentor’ for weekly sessions to analyze product market fit-gap.

Startup Kit

All shortlisted startups receive an enormously valuable kit full of tech-savvy tools, including cloud credits from the industry.

Deep Trek

Orient yourself to thriving startup ecosystems in the world and get extensive foreign market exposure. The program will offer access to global launchpads, engagement with business leaders, and visits to deep tech companies to learn the application of the latest technologies.

How To Apply

Start Your Business in 30 Days

Click here to apply.

This is a six-month program with four phases of 45 days each:


Orient will facilitate startups to focus on diagnostic processes, requirement mapping & establishing critical success factors to help set the fundamentals in place and identify product-market fit-gap. A series of curated workshops will also be organized for this and other phases.


This phase will focus on implementing the vision of the startup & achieve target milestones. Execute includes understanding the gap and aligning startups with the right mentors, corporates, and investors.

Take off

Take off includes getting business, creating sustainable users & revenue for the startups. The phase comprises facilitating engagement and interaction with mentors, corporate partners, and investors. The phase will also focus on the actual implementation.


As the name suggests, scales’ efforts will include creating systems, processes, and business models to grow at scale. However, the focus will entirely be on the future product roadmap, traction, and expansion.

See also: Founders First Challenge Program.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Growth stage deep tech startups.
  • Seed/Pre-Series A.
  • Product Ready – Customers.
  • Successful entrepreneurship pedigree.
  • Team Size – 5-50, Full-time EMPS + Founders.
  • 1 year or more of incorporation.
  • At least 1 founder with Deep Tech/Engineering/Product Background.
  • Location: Right now based in Bengaluru (Phase 2 other locations).
  • Core Tech Sector – AI, Blockchain, Big Data, AMR, Agritech, AR/VR.
  • Product-Centric Offerings.

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