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11 Best Planner Apps For Entrepreneurs To Organise And Plan

Best Planner Apps For Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, keeping up with your daily activities can be tasking and stressful, that you might even miss out on important meetings and deals. You wish you had a virtual assistant, but then, your business is at its startup stage, and can’t afford that luxury. Have no worries, I’ve put together best planner apps for entrepreneurs, that will help you stay organized, efficient, and productive.

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Best Planner Apps For Entrepreneurs

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea


Things is a task management app created by Cultured Code for macOS, iPadOS, iOS, and watchOS. With its clean design, interactive checklist, and an easy drag-and-drop interface, it organizes your to-do list by category.

It is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to download a planner app and start using it immediately without any complications or how-tos. Things app also allows you to create headings within your task lists. It is quite expensive, but you will surely get value for your money.

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Google Calendar For iOS And Android

Google Calendar is a management app developed by Google to help users manage their time. The app isn’t restricted to Gmail users, but Gmail users will enjoy the app more because all events mentioned in their mail syncs automatically to the calendar.

A user can also share his calendar with others, so it’s a great tool for multi-user households. Google calendar provides daily, weekly, and monthly views. It also has a search tool and reminder that reminds the user of scheduled appointments. Google Calendar is available on the Google Play Store and the ​Apple App Store.

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Trello is an easy, free, flexible, and visual online project management and organization application. Millions of people around the world trust the efficiency of Trello. Although it’s best for teams, it can also be used by individuals.

Trello is an easy, free, flexible, and visual online project management and organization app. Millions of people around the world trust the efficiency of this app. It made the list of best planner apps for entrepreneurs because it is free, notwithstanding its unique features.

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Evernote is the default place for individuals and teams who want to remember everything, turn ideas into action, and work better together. This is because Evernote was created as an extension of the human brain, with a mission to Remember Everything. As a result, you can take notes anywhere, find information faster, and share your ideas with anyone, using the Evernote app.  

With Evernote as your note-taking app, a user can take meeting notes, save web pages, projects, and to-do lists easily on the go. It allows users to save pictures and voice notes as well, so they never lose track of their tasks and deadlines.

Evernote app is available on Android, BlackBerry, Google Wave, iOS, MacOS, Maemo, Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, WebOS platforms.

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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days


Recruiting great talents to grow your business can be quite tasking. It is cumbersome to go through tons of CVs, so recruiter box eases your recruitment process. Recruiterbox is an online applicant tracking system for a great and hassle-free hiring process.

This hiring software helps users to create a professional career site that would attract candidates. You can then post vacancies on the job boards to advertise openings. Recruiterbox also makes it easy for external recruiting agencies and current employees to refer the right candidates.

This made it to our list because finding the right talent is one of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face. If they have an app that help them plan and sort their talent needs, they can then focus on being productive.


Todoist is an efficient and easy to use task manager. Entrepreneurs don’t have to be confused and disorganized when planning their day, as they can get it done easily with Todoist. Todoist gives you a clear overview of all you need to do, so you never lose track of an important task.

This task management app also helps its users to easily organize and prioritize their tasks and projects so they can be more coordinated with their deliverables. Todoist can be used individually or as a team.

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Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is the Mac version of the Google calendar. This scheduling app allows users to schedule events. It automatically recognize the location of an event and suggests invitees using natural language engine.

It comes with a home screen widget for ease of use, and it’s great for scheduling with a team of coworkers or at home with your spouse. Fantastical 2 also has location-based calendar visibility, and users can toggle between different calendars.

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Any.Do is an award-winning personal assistant app created to help busy entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners organize their life. This app helps its users to organize tasks, lists, and reminders in one place. It syncs across all the user’s devices, so a user can have access to their to-do list anywhere they are.

Any.Do also has a calendar feature that helps users track their progress, and add location-based reminders. This to-do-list streamlines your grocery shopping experience with its smart grocery list. This means that this app can help get your grocery items easily sorted.

It works with Siri and Alexa, and the home screen widget always reminds you of unaccomplished tasks. The app is compatible with other calendars like Google Calendar, iCloud, and Outlook. Any.do is available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon Alexa, and Google Chrome.

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MyAlfred is a free app for Android and iOS devices powered by artificial intelligence. The app looks through your calendar to determine where you can add other events or activities. In the case of a team, after it has scanned everyone’s schedule, it recommends the best time to have a meeting or event. Myalfred, can also choose meeting locations and determine travel distance for a meeting or event.

This app has a clipboard history and snippets features, that locates any text, image, or file the user copied earlier and paste it again without having to retype. Alfred’s Powerpack, which comes at a price, leverages powerful workflows in a bid to reduce repetitive manual tasks.

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Keeping loads of business cards can be cumbersome, and one can lose important business connection if the card gets lost. So, CamCard is here to help you fix this problem. Its unique features makes it one of the best planner apps for entrepreneurs.

With CamCard, you can take a picture of a business card, and all the card details would be uploaded automatically to your phone contacts and email accounts. The best thing about this app is that you can sync data across all your devices. It’s completely accurate, so you have a flawless scanning process. CamCard is free for iOS users but comes at a price for Android users.

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With the Buffer app, your social media marketing is a lot less stressful. Buffer helps you share your post across several social media networks.

You can also schedule your content using Buffer to ensure it’s posted at the best time when your followers will see it. By doing this, the app helps you build your audience, and grow your brand on social media.

Buffer can be described as one of the best planner apps for entrepreneurs as it saves you time and makes you productive.

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