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Bolanle Ninalowo – Biography Of Nino B, The Picture Perfect Actor

Bolanle Ninalowo

Bolanle Ninalowo popularly known as Nino B is a Nigerian actor, accountant, and entrepreneur. He began his career in the banking and music industries, before venturing into the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood.

He made his debut production, Rebirth in 2010, and came to limelight in 2014, following series of films he starred in. Over the past few years, Bolanle has made a name for himself and is often regarded as one of the Nollywood hunks.

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Bolanle Ninalowo Early Life

Bolanle Ninalowo was born on May 7, 1980 in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria. He was born as the second child of eight children, and spent the first 15 years of his life in Nigeria. Thereafter, he relocated to Chicago, USA and spent another 15 years.

In USA, Bolanle attended DeVry University and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Subsequently, he bagged a Master’s in Marketing at the Keller Graduate School Management, USA.

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Bolanle Ninalowo Personal Life

Ninalowo is married to Bunmi. The union is blessed with two children, Aliyah and Morakinyo.

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Bolanle Ninalowo

Bolanle Ninalowo Career

After school, Ninalowo worked in the banking sector. Later on, he worked as an accountant at General Growth Properties, Chicago. After some time, he returned to Nigeria and worked with Guaranty Trust Bank.

After a while, he took interest in the growing Nollywood industry and ventured into the industry by producing his debut movie, Rebirth (2010). The movie created awareness on HIV and the stigma faced by those living with the disease. Rebirth premiered in several cities in America and got him an award of Nollywood Revelation of the Year.

Following the premiere of Rebirth, Ninalowo decided to venture into other businesses because Rebirth was not a commercial success. However, luck soon shone on him, as he began receiving invitations to take up roles in 2014.

Today, he is a successful Yoruba and English films actor and have starred in What’s Within, Ordinary People, Desperate Baby Mama, Barrister Seliat, and the most popular, Picture Perfect, e.t.c..  

He has also worked with some big wigs in the industry such as Sola Sobowale, Emem Isong, Regina Daniels, Jide Kosoko, Desmond Elliot, Muyiwa Ademola e.t.c


He has starred in numerous films, some of which includes;

  • What’s Within, 2014
  • Ordinary People, 2014
  • Desperate Baby Mama, 2015
  • Spotlight, 2015
  • Road to Yesterday, 2015
  • 3 Is Company, 2015
  • Dark, 2015
  • Husbands of Lagos (TV Series, 2015-present)
  • Miscellaneous, 2016
  • Shoot to Kill, 2016
  • Wife for Rent, 2016
  • Picture Perfect, 2016
  • The Personal Assistant, 2017
  • The Patient, 2017
  • Dagger, 2017
  • Tiwa’s Baggage, 2017
  • The Bunglers, 2017
  • American Boy, 2017
  • A Fire in the Rain, 2017
  • My Wife and I, 2017
  • Last Affair, 2017
  • Side Chicks, 2017
  • 30 Years A Virgin, 2017
  • Purple but not Purple, 2017
  • Tesho: The Crossover, 2017
  • Unveil, 2017
  • The Devil and The Red Sea, 2017
  • Tangled Web, 2017
  • Next Door Nuisance, 2018
  • Body of Evidence, 2018
  • Binta Kolonko, 2018
  • Wounded Heart of a King, 2018
  • Ghetto Bread, 2018
  • Divorce? Not Allowed, 2018
  • Wrong Kind of War, 2018
  • The Other Wife, 2018
  • Bipolar (Amodi), 2018
  • Black Men Rock, 2018
  • Night Bus to Lagos, 2019
  • Coming From Insanity, 2019
  • Ratnik, 2019
  • Barrister Seliat, 2019
  • The Enemy I Know, 2019
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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

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Businesses And Investments

Ninalowo is an entrepreneur. According to him, he came to Nigeria for business. But, he soon realized that you need to be influential to make it fast in the entrepreneurial journey. So, he ventured into the entertainment industry to clear his path.

He once had a record label, Diesel Music which he shut down to focus on his acting career. Also, he runs a car dealership company, a family business bequeathed to him and his siblings.

Additionally, Bolanle owns a perfume brand. And recently, he partnered with Ninos Global Technology, a UK-based Nigeria-owned technology company. The company produces kid’s tablets, headphones, school apps, and other tech devices for children and youths.

Equally, he is a brand ambassador to a couple of companies like Baileys, Jagaban Distillers, DNJ Properties/ Investment ltd and many more.

Primarily, Bolanle regards acting as a business and is constantly working towards being a successful business tycoon in Nigeria.

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Awards And Recognition

Ninalowo has been nominated for many award in 2019 such as Pink Awards Actor of the Year, Africa Choice Awards e.t.c.

Some of the awards currently in his possession include;

  • Revelation of the Year, Best of Nollywood Award, 2010
  • Best Supporting Actor of the Year ‘English’, City People Movie Award, 2017
  • The Best Actor in a Leading Role ‘English‘ Picture Perfect’ Best of Nollywood Awards (BON), 2017
  • Best Actor of the Year ‘English’ City People Movie Award, 2018
  • Best Actor of the Year ‘English’, City People Movie Award, 2018

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Bolanle Ninalowo

Bolanle Ninalowo Quotes

“I give my time and attention to positive vibes only, so I honestly don’t even acknowledge the negative talks.”

“The second greatest gift a man possess after the gift of life is that of having good parents.”

“You will have to piss off a lot of people when you start doing what’s best for you, Piss them off on purpose.”

“Just because it’s stormy sometimes doesn’t mean you aren’t headed for sunshine.”

“Set your sights high. – Make your dreams big, exciting and undeniable. They’re the ones that will push you forward.”

“Whatever is beyond your reach right now will not always be beyond your reach. Keep going. Diligence and perseverance will get you there.”

“To benefit from something, you have to be a part of its growing process.”

“What people think of me differs, but when I think of myself, I think of the result of my life and what I do.”

“The key to success lies in our hands because we decide our own fate.”

“Success in Nigeria is largely about who you know. Many people have great ideas in this country but if they don’t have solid backing, they would find themselves going nowhere.”

“We are not victims of circumstances, but our decision.”

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Entrepreneurial Lessons From Bolanle Ninalowo

Stay Faithful To The Process

Before Bolanle stars in any particular movie, he studies the role being played in real life. According to him, he spent three days learning to be a bus conductor to properly function as an area boy. He believes there is no small role, and that nobody knows when the big break will come.

Similarly, an entrepreneur should stay faithful to the process. Be open to learning everyday and garner experience. Attend seminars, workshops, or even work as an apprentice. You need to learn the basis and rudiments of any business to be successful in it.

Rejection Isn’t Denial

A rejection is not the end of the road. At first, Bolanle was turned down by directors and producers because of his body size. But today, things have turned around. His muscular body is now one of his selling point. He is known as one of Nollywood hunks because of his physique coupled with his good character.

Don’t let criticism or negative opinions by people define you. Keep working hard and keep being dedicated to your hustle. In time, impossibilities will become possible.

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3 thoughts on “Bolanle Ninalowo – Biography Of Nino B, The Picture Perfect Actor”

  1. Richman omokhudu

    I love his way of acting. His way of acting impresses me and even the world. I pray for speedy success in his future career. Amen.

  2. Kelly Luma Tanton

    I grew to Love Nino Bolanle since 2010 as a brilliant actor and have watched countless of his movies, although I don’t speak Yoruba or any Nigerian dialect I love… love to watch his Yoruba movies. He is a great actor and a hard worker. I can’t heart you less. Right onnnnn

  3. Salami oluwadamilola

    Ninalowo omobolanle has always been my role model and will always be.
    Keep up the good work bro because the sky is your starting point. Can’t love you less.

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