Businesses You Can Start With 50K Or Less And How To Start Them

Businesses you can start with 50K

Have you ever sat and asked yourself; what business can I start with 50K or less in Nigeria? If your answer to the question is yes, you are watching the right video. In this video, I will share with you 10 businesses you can start with 50K or less. Subscribe to our channel to learn how to start, market, and grow a sustainable business. By subscribing and implementing our teaching, you are sure to become a successful entrepreneur.

If you delve into any of these businesses, you will be on your way to running your own small business. Startups and small businesses are the bedrock of economies because small businesses provide employment for their communities when the government and big private organizations cannot. When unemployment is on the high, what do you do? Join the statistic of the unemployed people or start your own business? Of course, start your own business!

Due to the harsh realities of the economy in Nigeria and many other African nations, one of the challenges that aspiring entrepreneurs or people looking to start their businesses face is access to capital. That’s why one of the many questions we get asked at Entrepreneurs.ng is – What business can I start with low capital?

Therefore, I will be sharing the different retail business ideas you can start with 50K (50,000 Naira) or less in Nigeria. I am not just going to share these business ideas with you, I will also be doing a cost breakdown of each of the businesses. By watching the video, you will know the investment cost of starting each of the retail businesses.

Starting a business and succeeding in it is all about taking action, implementing, and executing. Business ideas abound, what makes the difference is taking action and being determined to stay with your venture until it succeeds.

Businesses To Start With 50K Or Less

The businesses discussed are:

  1. Noodle stand business
  2. Soap Production
  3. Perfume Oil Sales
  4. Thrift Shop
  5. Popcorn Production Business
  6. Mini-Importation Business
  7. Become A Used-Car Seller
  8. Start A Printing/Branding Business
  9. Small-Scale Farming
  10. Cook-On-Demand Business

The video explained each business idea in detail with the cost of starting them. To start, market, and run a sustainable business, SUBSCRIBE to our channel now. To purchase our paid resources, visit our resource center.



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