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60 Online Business Ideas To Start In 2023 And Become Rich

Online Business Ideas
Sixty online business ideas you can launch quickly and easily. Start your online business today. Keep the following in mind as we talk about these online business ideas:
  • Many of the online business ideas mentioned in this article can be started with little or no capital
  • Some online business ideas pay more than others
  • Research before you start your online business and build your online business in a field you are knowledgeable about
  • You need to be passionate about the online business idea you choose because things may not go as planned always.
  • Anybody can start an online business, but to succeed, you treat your online business like a proper business
  • This article is for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs looking for online business ideas to start
  • You need to develop a business model for your online business
If you want to start a business online, there’s no better time to own a digital business than now.

Benefits Of Starting An Online Business

With the growth of the internet and the resultant explosion of the evolution of smartphones, the time to start is now. We have shared many online business ideas at Entrepreneurs.ng shop; to help entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to start, market, and grow sustainable online businesses. Do you prefer to learn through video, then subscribe to Entrepreneurs Channel. Additionally, with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and individuals were “forced” to embrace digital and the internet as a viable way of doing business. Therefore, if you start an online business today, people will be more receptive to and patronise your business than they would have a few years ago. However, one of the problems with starting an online business is that most entrepreneurs can’t figure out the best online business ideas that will work for them. Being on this post means you are looking for the best online business idea. We have compiled a list of 60 online business ideas that you can start with little or no capital. Watch the full video of all the online businesses you can start today. Also, subscribe to our channel to get more business ideas and insights.

Best Online Business Ideas For Entrepreneurs

1) Blogger

Blogging is one of the most profitable online business ideas you can start. It is easy to start but requires a lot of consistency and commitment. As you will realise while reading this article, research is crucial to starting any online business ideas we mention here. So, if you want to go into blogging, you must properly research the best niche to blog about, paying attention to what is valuable to your target audience.

Best Blogging Niches

Here are some blogging niches that you can consider: Health, Nutrition, Fashion, Travel, Beauty, Parenting / Mom or Dad, Fitness / Bodybuilding, Weightloss, Personal Development / Self-improvement, Professional Development, Life Hacks, Religion, Culture, Relationship Advice, Mental health awareness, DIY Crafts, Tutorials, Woodwork, Sewing / Knitting, Photography, Politics, Business News, Health News, Entertainment News, Technology News, Science News, Investing, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Human Resources, Sales, Business Ideas, Business Tips, Making money online, Games, Food Discovery, Restaurant Reviews, Recipes, Baking, Food Culture, Wine, Food Photography / Food Videography, Fine Dining, Electronics, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Innovation, Computer Science, Clothing, Books, Vehicles, Branded Products Blog about things you are passionate about. That way, it will be easy to create content.

How To Make Money From Blogging

  • Google Ads
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Ads Spaces
Read our guide on starting a blog in Nigeria and making a massive profit from it here.

2) Social Media Manager

Social media management is one of the online business ideas that can fetch you good money. You can start your social media management career with little or no initial investment. Start by taking the Facebook Blueprint Course, the Twitter Flight Academy, and many other free social media management courses available online. After that, reach out to brands directly on social media with your proposal. You can offer free services to build your portfolio. With hard work and determination, you will build a successful career as a social media manager.

3) Social Media Consultant

Social media consulting is a little bit different from social media management. As a social media consulting consultant, you will be offering your clients more in terms of strategy than actual management. Even though many social media consultants also manage their clients’ social media pages, consulting is more focused on creating social media strategies that will help boost engagement, conversations, and the growth of the client’s social media platforms. To build a social media consulting agency, you must either be or have people on your team that has gathered experience in social media management, social media strategy, and social media marketing.

4) Facebook Ads Consultant

This is an exciting online business idea because you do not need any capital to start this business. All you need to do is to learn how to set up and optimise Facebook ad campaigns. You will be surprised how many people out there want to run Facebook ads, but either does not have the technical know-how to run their campaigns or the time to monitor them. As a Facebook Ads Consultant, you will seek out companies needing your services and expertise and then charge them a percentage for your service. Many Facebook Ads Consultants charge 10%-20% of the total ads budget as their service charge.

5) Google Ads Expert

Google Ads Consultancy is one of the most viable online business ideas. It entails helping organisations set up and monitor Google Ads for a fee. To be a successful Google Ads Consultant, you must have strong expertise in Google ads, keyword research, and analytics. You should be able to set up Google Display Ads, Google Search Ads and Youtube Ads via the Google Ads network.

6) Social Media Influencer

If you have considerable followership on social media, you can offer your services as a social media influencer. Social media influencers are typically individuals on social media who have a big enough followership that brands want to work with them. So, if you have a strong following, you should join some influencer networks and start making money.

7) Domain Flipper

Domain flipping is buying domain names at a low price and selling for profit. One of the best ways to flip domains is by buying domain names in valuable niches that people will want, then holding on to them until an entrepreneur wants that same domain, and then you sell at a profit. Many domain flippers make as much as $1,000 from a single domain sale.

8) SEO Consultant

Another fantastic online business idea is offering SEO consultancy. SEO Consultancy is the process of planning, implementing, and managing your client’s overall SEO strategy. SEO consultant duties include web analytics, content planning, keyword research, strategy, and link-building activities.

9) Online Public Relations Consultant

As with other fields, public relations has grown due to the explosion of the internet. Online public relations, or E-PR, as it is also known, is the use of the internet to communicate with a company’s target audience(s). You can offer your service as an online public relations expert if you build a strong relationship with bloggers, online newspapers, and other websites in various niches.

10) Media Buyer

Media buying is one of the best online business ideas you can start immediately. It works in such a way that you can contact organisations and offer to help them buy advert spaces on top websites where their target audience visits. To be successful at media buying, you need to offer organisations something they can not get, either by giving them a more affordable price or getting them access to websites they can’t get themselves. Media buying is a great way to kickstart your entrepreneurship journey, and you can start immediately.

11) Podcaster

Do you enjoy talking and sharing valuable information with an audience? Then podcasting might be the best online business idea. Create a free podcast, and build your audience up to the stage where you can start earning from advertising and sponsorship deals. If your podcast grows to become very successful, you can consider selling merchandise or joining subscription-based platforms like Patreon.

12) Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is the process of advertising people’s products and services and then earning a commission from every sale you make from your unique link. If done correctly, you stand a chance of earning a decent living from affiliate marketing, but it takes a lot of work and commitment. Are you a niche blogger? Then you should seriously consider affiliate marketing as a source of income on your blog. If you don’t own a blog, you can still run your affiliate marketing business by advertising goods and services on social media and earning a commission from every sale. There are many affiliate marketing networks; a simple Google search will spoil you for options. However, research every network and ensure they are trustworthy before spending time and resources on marketing.

13) YouTube Creator

Another great online business idea entrepreneurs can take advantage of is becoming a Youtube Creator. Pursuing a Youtube Creator career is fulfilling when you choose the right niche and are focused on growth. Creating a Youtube channel allows you to earn through the Google Ads network, sponsorship, direct advertising, and selling merchandise. First, create a niche for yourself, be creative with your videos, and ensure the titles of the videos are catchy. You can start with Do-It-Yourself videos. To start, create an account on YouTube, upload videos, and apply for the YouTube Partner Program. The program allows you to make money from the ads displayed on your videos. As you become popular, brands will reach out for a feature. This is one of the ways you make money. However, there are other ways you can make money from online videos. So stay glued to this platform, and we will show you how in subsequent content. See Also: Service Based Business ideas to start for entrepreneurs.

14) Website Designer

You can also start your entrepreneurship journey online by offering website designing services. If you can design websites, you can start your online business by contacting small businesses and asking to help them design or redesign their websites for a fee. To become a successful web design entrepreneur, you should know how to buy domain names, buy hosting services, and design websites.

15) Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is typically an individual who works from home or a remote location to render administrative services to a client. Virtual assistants have in office administration, clerical work, etc.

Many business owners are looking for virtual assistants to help them handle their emails, schedules, calls and other administrative duties.

To excel as a virtual assistant, you must have people’s management skills and excellent communication skills. You get paid as you work and can get rich in time if you build your clientele.

Virtual assistant business is gradually becoming one of the best online business ideas trending today with a remote style of operation. Virtual assistants must give situation reports to their clients regularly through email, phone calls, or any other agreed medium.

See Also: Small business grants for women-owned businesses or organisations.

16) Remote Customer Support

With the growth of the internet and the development of new customer support applications, there is now a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs to offer their services as remote customer support executives to companies worldwide.

Most times, all you need to do your customer support service for an organisation is your headset and access to the company’s call centre software to start responding to customers.

17) Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the process of selling third-party products online and having the manufacturer fulfil the order while you earn a commission for the sale.

Dropshipping is a trendy online business that requires less capital and is easy to start. You can do dropshipping business from any location with a laptop and internet connection.

You don’t need to keep goods in stock; instead, you transfer the customer’s orders and shipping address to the manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

To succeed in this business, you must build formidable relationships with your suppliers to help you effectively manage your supply chain. To begin, you can create and select a profitable niche, secure a supplier and create a customer acquisition plan.

If you want to start an e-commerce business and don’t have enough money to source products, you can build a website and apply to dropshipping networks to display their products and have them fulfil the orders.

It is a simple and foolproof way to begin an online business.

18) Digital Course Creator

You can also start your entrepreneurship business online by creating excellent courses that you can sell on popular Edtech websites like Udemy, Udacity, Skillshare, and the like.

To succeed as a digital course creator, you need to identify a need in the market and then create a course that provides a solution to that problem.

19) CV And Cover Letter Writer

If you have experience writing CVs and cover letters for job applicants, you can offer your service to job applicants online. There’s a vast market of job applicants who don’t understand how to format their CVs and cover letters. So you have a ready market if you can offer these services to them. You should also consider offering LinkedIn profile optimisation as one of your services.

20) Forex And Stock Trader

You might consider investing in forex and stock trading for entrepreneurs interested in the capital market. Forex trading involves buying and selling foreign currencies, while stock trading entails buying stocks of popular organisations when they are a bit cheaper and selling when the price increases.

Forex and stock are very volatile markets, and you should only go into trading these instruments if you know your way around them.

21) E-commerce Owner

If you have enough capital and experience, consider going into e-commerce ownership. It involves starting and owning your e-commerce platform.

E-Commerce is a fantastic online business idea, especially if you can identify a gap in the market and fill that gap. However, it involves a lot of innovating and staying ahead of trends.

22) Content Writer

Content writing is one of the best online business ideas. If you are great at writing blogs, articles, and other forms of content, you should consider offering your service as a content writer to blogs and businesses.

Since content is the livewire of most marketing campaigns, a content writer is always needed. Working as a freelance content writer can become a viable means of earning a living if you position yourself correctly.

As a writer, you can build an online presence, pitch your business to prospective clients, and create a great relationship with other writers in your field.

Freelance writers focus on a niche of human interest and provide information on them. It requires excellent professionalism, so you have to write and deliver as a professional.

Your experience, location, and skill are paramount to your success. Depending on your agreement with your client, you may decide to charge per hour, day, or article.

See Also: 100 profitable business ideas to start now for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors.

23) Ebook Creator

You can use many software and tools for creating ebooks and ebook covers without necessarily having graphic design skills. With this knowledge, you can start offering your services to writers and businesses as an ebook creator. With the right traction, you should be able to make a decent living out of your business as an ebook creator.

24) App Creator

Whether you have the technical know-how to create a mobile app or you just have a fantastic idea that you want to bring to fruition, you can become an app entrepreneur.

Identifying the need for an app and building it to solve problems has the potential to catapult your online business to more outstanding standards.

Mobile app developers are on the increase today. Although it is not as easy as people think, with hard work, you can become successful at it. You can either work from home or get attached to a company. In addition, there are many platforms where you can enlist your services to find clients.

See Also: Side hustle business ideas you can start to earn extra cash.

25) Photo Seller

Do you take great pictures? Then you should sign up and become a stock photography seller. Websites are abundant where you can sell your stock photographs online. And if you take great pictures of things people are looking for, chances are that you have a strong chance of building a fantastic photography business online.

26) Online Researcher

Many organisations need to do research from time to time but don’t have enough time to handle it, nor can they afford to hire an in-house researcher. Therefore, they turn to freelance online researchers to help them.

Offering your service as an online researcher will need you to understand researching on the web, using survey tools, and other online and offline research tools.

27) Copywriter

Copywriting is the act of writing the text for advertisement purposes or promotional materials. It is different from general writing because it is meant to convince people to buy the product or service the copy is discussing.

If you are great at writing compelling copy that helps stir people to buy from companies and individuals, you should consider offering copywriting services.

Copywriting is one of the creative online business ideas you can start. It is the act of creating promotional, informative, and persuasive text for marketing or advertising campaigns or on a website. It is the production of advertising copy that increases a brand’s awareness.

As a copywriter, there is no limit to the copy you can create. You will create billboard posts, lyrics, sales letters, social media posts, email marketing content, jingle and brochures, and other marketing materials.

You can work as a copywriter from home and make six monthly figures. However, to succeed in this business, you need to research, broaden your knowledge, and organise your thoughts so that your copy will capture the intended audience.

See Also: 10 business ideas to start with 100k in Nigeria that will make you millions

28) Online Telemarketer

Telemarketing is the process of selling products and services via the telephone. Telemarketing is usually done via a technique known as cold calling. With cold calling, telemarketers make unsolicited phone calls to prospects and convince them to buy from their organisations.

If you are good at speaking convincingly and selling, you should consider offering telemarketing services to organisations.

29) Lead Generation Expert

One of the biggest problems that businesses deal with is lead generation. So, if you are very good at generating new leads, many businesses will be more than happy to pay you for your services. You can take advantage of Entrepreneurs.ng advertising proposal to generate leads. Learn more about advertising on Entrepreneurs.ng.

30) Freelance Transcription Expert

Are you excellent at transcribing audio and video files into text? There is a huge market for online freelance transcription experts. In most cases, your pay will depend on the length of the file you are transcribing. However, you can negotiate based on the hours of work you are required to put in. The choice is yours to make.

31) Business Plan Writer

The way to create wealth is by identifying a problem and creating a solution to the problem. But unfortunately, a  business plan is seen as a hefty document which is why business owners are always reluctant to prepare one.

The business plan is a necessary document that every business owner should have. Most businesses are comfortable outsourcing this document to someone experienced in writing a business plan that will make investors keep knocking at your door to invest in your business.

Business plan writers provide written business plans to their clients. In addition, they conduct market research and gather relevant information to ensure the business’s success.

If you are an expert on writing a business plan, proceed by building a web presence for your business and start reaching out to clients. As always, word of mouth and reviews from satisfied clients does the magic. Entrepreneurs.ng will help write your business plan.

32) Email Marketing Expert

Email marketing is one of the most affordable ways to advertise online. As a result, many companies and entrepreneurs want to engage in email marketing. But the problem is that they don’t know how to craft engaging email content, and they don’t know how to set up email campaigns.

Therefore, if you are good at email marketing, you can start your online business as an email marketing expert. To attract clients, market via email or networking at business events.

33) Online Counsellor

Are you a trained counsellor? Can you identify a niche online that people have not taken advantage of? Then you can offer your services online as a counsellor. You can choose from many areas, including business counselling, children counselling, and many others.

Video Editor

Video editing is an amazing skill to have today. In marketing circles, it is a known fact that videos convert far more than any other form of content. As a result, many marketers and organisations are always on the lookout for individuals that can help them create amazing, engaging videos. If you have video editing skills and the know-how to network on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Fiverr, Freelancer.com, and Upwork, you will never lack gigs.

Online Tutor

If you are a teacher, you already have a skill that is needed all around the world. All you need to do differently is to offer your services on the world wide web. If you are confused about how to start, search for Edtech platforms that are already hiring online tutors, and then work your way up from there. See Also: Educational business ideas to start now and make money.


Many companies need to create lead magnets. To do this effectively, they need documents like e-books, PDFs, whitepapers, and the likes. But the trick is that they want to own those documents but do not have the time to create them. Therefore, you can offer your service as a ghostwriter to these organisations, and make good money from the arrangement. You write a document that is valuable to them for marketing purposes, and they pay you for your services.

Press Release Writer

Another writing business that you can start online today is offering your service as a press release writer to small businesses. Many small businesses need free coverage by the press, and they know that their best bet to get free media coverage is by writing amazing press releases with newsworthy information. As a result, they are very willing to pay qualified press release writers who can help them achieve their goals. Entrepreneurs.ng accept press releases and sponsored posts. et in touch now.

Data Entry Specialist

If you are good with software like Excel and Google Sheet then you should consider offering your service as a data entry specialist. ata entry specialists typically are good with searching for information on the internet or elsewhere and then entering the information into a database. If that sounds like something you can do, then you can offer your services online.


Proofreading is one of the online business ideas to explore. o you have an eye for identifying grammar and punctuation problems in a document? re you good with editing text? hen you can offer your service as a proofreader online. Many authors and entrepreneurs are online every day seeking affordable proofreaders who can help them make their written text better. f you are good at proofreading, it should be on your agenda to offer your service online.

Data Analyst

If you are good at analysing and interpreting data, then consider starting an online business as a data analyst. ata is the future and the present when it comes to how top organisations make decisions. o, if you are talented in data analysis, you will have a thriving online business if you set it up properly.

Newsletter Designer

Do you know how to design an email newsletter? hen you should offer your service to companies who are looking for services like yours.

Speech Writer

If you are an orator or someone who can write amazing speeches that will connect with a wide variety of audiences, you might want to consider starting a business as an online speechwriter.

Other Online Business Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Clothes Reseller

You can become a clothes reseller online in a few simple steps. he first step you can take is by visiting some local thrift stores and buying really good items. fter that, you can set up online shops on major online marketplaces in your country. hereafter, take pictures, upload them, and start selling. t is that easy! e shared different clothing business ideas here.

Ebook Publisher

The secret to having a successful online business is by offering a service that people need but can’t do themselves. book publishing is one of those skills that are high in demand but very few people actually have the skills. an you publish ebooks on Kindle, Amazon, Okada Books and other platforms? ou should offer your service to authors and entrepreneurs looking to publish their books on those platforms.

Ecommerce Seller

You can become a seller on e-commerce platforms. rocure quality goods that are high in demand online, and register on e-commerce platforms as a seller, then begin making sales and earning constantly. However, please note that to succeed as an eCommerce seller, you must have a strong knowledge of what is high in demand online.

Chatbot Consultant

With the growth of marketing channels, a new field has emerged in marketing called chatbot marketing. t involves setting up chatbots on Facebook Messenger and websites to automatically market your products to visitors. If you are experienced with creating and setting up chatbots for marketing, you should consider offering that as a service.

CRM Setup Consultant

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are very important for marketing today, but they can be very tasking to set up. f you are someone who knows how to set up CRM tools and processes, many organisations will be willing to pay you handsomely for your service.

Virtual Accountant

Many small businesses need to do their accounting periodically, but can’t afford to hire a full-time accountant. herefore, if you are an accountant, you should consider offering your service as a freelance virtual accountant to these types of organisations.

Voiceover Artist

Voiceover artists are also high in demand. nimators, advertisers and videographers are always on the lookout for people with good voiceover skills to work with. f you have a great voice and are comfortable with recording equipment, then you should consider this business path.

HR Consultancy

If you are an experienced human resources professional, you can offer your service online as an HR Consultant. R Consultants typically help organisations hire new staff, do staff appraisals, and handle general human resources activities like leave approval, queries and others.


You should offer your services online if you are amazing at creating animations and other forms of motion graphics. nimations, whiteboard animations, and other forms of motion graphics are amazing for advertising, so marketing managers and business owners are always looking to work with animators.

Presentation Slides Creator

If you can create stunning presentation slides, business owners and executives are always on the lookout for people like you, whom they can work with. o, you should start an online business as a presentation slides creator.

Grant Writer

Are you a talented grant writer who knows the inner workings of how grant applications are scored and approved? hen you should offer your service online as a business grant writer. any business owners and entrepreneurs will be willing to work with you to help them secure grants.

Vacation Renting Business

The vacation renting business is one of the simplest online business ideas with which you can make good money. f you own property or live in a property that you have oversight over, you can start putting your apartment up on services like Airbnb for short-lets.

Investment Advisor

If you understand investment thoroughly and are good at advising clients on the best opportunities to put their money on, then starting your business as an online investment advisor could be one of the best online business ideas. To succeed, position yourself as an authority in this field, and spend a bit of money in marketing yourself to prospective customers.

Bulk SMS Reseller

Becoming a bulk SMS reseller is another online idea that you can start immediately. ll you need to do to start this business is to register on any of the bulk SMS platforms that offer reselling plans, then build your own website and install their API. ith that, you are ready to start your online business.

Hosting Services Reseller

Starting a hosting services reseller business is quite similar to starting a bulk SMS reseller business. ou choose a hosting service provider that allows reselling, then buy an amount of hosting space, and you can start selling your hosting services immediately. To succeed in this business, it is advisable that you build a website of your own, and use your hosting partner’s API.

Used Car Seller

One of the online business ideas you can start is selling used cars online. ven more appealing is the fact that you don’t need capital to start this business. ll you need is your phone and an internet connection. o how do you go about it? All you need to do is to locate cars that their owners have already labelled for sale. all the car owners, and ask them the price. fter getting that information, you can then take pictures of the car, and post them on online marketplaces adding the price and your commission fee. It is an amazing way to start your own online business with no financial commitment.

Personal Shopper

There are many busy people who will be happy to pay you to help them shop and buy groceries. ll you need to do is to identify these people and pitch them your business. ou will render this service to them for a fee.

Delivery Business

An integral aspect of online business is logistics. -commerce merchants and online sellers need a service provider who can help them deliver physical goods and packages to customers. his is where delivery services come in. To set up a successful logistics business, you need to have a means of transporting your clients’ parcels and products from one place to the other. ou can decide to get bicycles, motorcycles, or even delivery vans depending on your budget and the terrain you want to do business in. See Also: 35 Most profitable business ideas to start now with step-by-step guides to start them.


The growth of the internet has led to an explosion in the amount of business being done over the internet. s a result, many entrepreneurs are looking for the best online business ideas to start. his list is not comprehensive, but it is a great start as you look for the best online business idea for yourself. Do you want to start, market, and grow your own business? e have resources that will help start both online and offline businesses in our shop. ollow the link to get them. To keep track of our activities, follow us on Instagram.



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