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Chioma Chukwuka: Biography, Movies And Life Lesson Of A Veteran Nollywood Actress.

Chioma Chukwuka

Chioma Chukwuka is an award-winning Nollywood actress, movie producer, and director. She is also an influencer, a masterclass teacher, and a motivational speaker. Chioma is the CEO of Oma World Company and a member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

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Chioma Chukwuka Background

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Chioma Chukwuka who is also known as Chioma Akpotha by virtue of marriage was born on the 12th of March 1980 in Lagos State. She hails from Oraifite, Ekwusigo Local Government Area, Anambra, Nigeria.

Mrs Akpotha went to primary school at Onward Nursery and Primary School, Lagos, Nigeria. Afterwards, she had her secondary education at the Federal Government Girls College, Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria.

On completing her secondary education, she went on to obtain a degree in Banking and Finance at the Lagos State University (LASU). Chioma Akpotha is married to Franklin Akpotha, and they are blessed with children.

Chioma Chukwuka Career

Mrs Akpotha had always dreamt of being on TV from her childhood. Although her parents didn’t want her to be involved in the industry, because her mum felt the industry was for loose girls. Suffice it to say that wherever there is a will, there will always be a way.

So in 1998, she had the opportunity to go for an audition. After the audition, she was chosen to play the role of little Skita in a movie. She did well in the movie, and this allowed her to take on other minor roles until the year 2000 when she played her first major role in the movie – The Apple.  Since then, she has been making waves in the industry and has advanced from being just an actress to a movie producer, and director.

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She is inspired by Kate Henshaw-Nuttall’s dedication, discipline, focus and hardworking personality. Chioma also gets inspiration from the veteran actress – Joke Silva, and Ramsey Nouah. Thus far, she has featured in over 150 movies as an actress, and producer.

Chioma Chukwuka

Some Of Chioma Chukwuka’s Movies

2000 – 2004

  • The Apple – 2000
  • Three Musketeers – 2000
  • Handkerchief – 2000
  • Sunrise – 2002
  • The Final Clash – 2002
  • Disguise – 2003
  • Handsome – 2003
  • Real Love – 2003
  • Romantic Attraction – 2003
  • Foul Play – 2004
  • Unbroken Promise – 2004
  • Two Become One – 2004
  • Promise and Fail – 2004
  • Legacy – 2004
  • Home Sickness – 2004
  • Heavy Rain – 2004
  • Circle of Tears – 2004

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  • War for War
  • Years of Tears
  • Sins of the Flesh
  • Second Adam
  • Sacred Tradition
  • Real Love 2
  • Real Love 3
  • Moment of Truth
  • Knowing You
  • Golden Moon
  • Azima
  • Fake Angel
  • Eagle’s Bride
  • The Bridesmaid

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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
  • Wisdom of the Gods
  • Zoza
  • Traumatized
  • Total Crisis
  • Tears in My Heart
  • Strange Love
  • Sound of Love
  • Serpent in Paradise
  • Saviour
  • The Saint
  • Royal Insult
  • Royal Doom
  • On My Wedding Day
  • Naked Sin
  • On My Wedding Day
  • Last Dance
  • Holy Family
  • Games Men Play
  • End of Discussion
  • Desperate Ambition
  • Dead in Faith
  • Chinwe Okeke
  • Asunder
  • Ass on Fire
  • Death In Faith

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2007 – 2014

  • Double Game – 2007
  • Red Soil – 2008
  • World Of Our Own – 2008
  • Wind Of Sorrow – 2008
  • Odum Na Akwaeke – 2009
  • The Throne Is Mine – 2011
  • Nne Ifedigo – 2011
  • Cry No More – 2012
  • On Bended Knees – 2013
  • Heart Of Gold – 2014
  • Warrior Sisters – 2014
  • Aziza – 2014
  • Warrior Sisters – 2014
  • Sabina Makosa – 2014
  • Magic Dragon – 2014
  • Unforgiven – 2014
  • Police On Duty – 2014
  • Village Commando – 2014
  • Nwaogo The House Maid – 2014

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2015 – 2016

  • Agbaranze – 2015
  • Ezi Nwa Di Uko – 2015
  • Rain Of Hope – 2015
  • Chinasa My Love – 2015
  • Nwanyi Nnewi – 2015
  • Kamsi The Freedom Fighter – 2015
  • The Lioness – 2015
  • Amarachi – 2015
  • Coffin Business – 2015
  • Anelka – 2015
  • Udu Bundle – 2015
  • Rain Of Hope –  2016
  • Evil Coffin – 2016
  • Genesis Of Love – 2016
  • The Flute Boy – 2016
  • Marriage Crisis – 2016
  • Sister Maria – 2016
  • Akwaeke – 2016
  • Wives On Strike – 2016

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  • Evil Culture
  • 2nd Coming Of Christ
  • Innocent Murderer
  • My Mother My Pain
  • All For Love
  • Heart of Ulimma
  • King Uremma
  • Reign Of Truth
  • God Of Liberation
  • My Mother
  • Jehovah Witness
  • Local Queen
  • Somto
  • Christmas Is Coming
  • Choked
  • Bird Watcher
  • Village Champion
  • The Unforeseen Truth
  • Dangerous Confession
  • Innocent Murderer
  • The Tradition
  • Broken Vow
  • Beyond Trust
  • Tender Heart

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2018 – 2019

  • Cause for Love 1
  • Sound of Wisdom
  • Let Me Love You 1
  • Let Me Love You 2
  • Deeper Than Pain
  • Cause for Love 2
  • Desperate Twins
  • In Love Again After Heartbreak 1
  • In Love Again After Heartbreak 2
  • My Drum of Love 1
  • My Drum of Love 2
  • Cause for Love 3
  • Life After Marriage
  • Immortal Love 1
  • Immortal Love 2
  • Cause for Love 4
  • The Ghost and The Tout
  • Cause for Love 5
  • Lara and the Beat
  • Cause for Love 6
  • Void – 2019
  • For Want Of A Queen – 2019
  • In Your Dreams – 2019
  • The Street Kid – 2019
  • Rain of LOVE – 2019
  • Dark Cloud – 2019

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Movies Produced by Chioma Chukwuka

  • On Bended Knees – 2013
  • Cry of the Dead – 2016
  • Choked – 2017
  • Bird Watcher – 2017
  • For Want Of A Queen – 2019
  • In Your Dreams – 2019
  • Rain of LOVE – 2019
  • Dark Cloud – 2019

Oma World Company

Chioma Chukwuka established the Oma World Company in October 2011. The company is designed to handle everything that involves film making. Some of the services offered include acting, grooming, screenwriting, financing, and producing.

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Masterclass with Chioma Chukwuka

Chioma Chukwuka announced the launch of her capacity building platform called Masterclass with Chioma in January 2019. This masterclass intends to teach aspiring talents, especially actors everything needed to make it in the film, TV and theatre industry. Seasoned filmmakers, screenwriters, actors and other industry professionals would be on ground to teach these aspiring talents.

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Chioma Chukwuka’s Endorsements

  • Chioma Akpotha became the brand ambassador for Erisco Foods Nigeria Limited in November 2018.
  • Brand ambassador for one of Nigeria’s telecommunication giants – Globacom Nigeria.
  • Mrs Akpotha is the Brand Ambassador for Omo Detergent.
  • She was once the brand ambassador of Harpic Nigeria.
  • Chioma Chukwuka is currently the spokesperson for Sebbecly Cancer Care and Support Center.

Quotes Of Chioma Chukwuka

“You were not born to fit in, you were born to fix things.”

“The older I get, the more I realize the importance of walking away from people and situations which threaten my peace of mind, self-respect, values, and self-worth. It’s simply called – Finding Happy!!!”

“You owe yourself a lot of HAPPY!!!”

“…Open your heart to the endless possibilities the world has to offer. You owe yourself that much!”

“I may not be perfect, but I’m SPEC-tacular.”

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit. Dream big always!”

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Awards And Nominations Of Chioma Chukwuka

  • Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Award – 2007
  • Afro Hollywood award named her the Best Actress in a Leading Role – 2010
  • Nominated for the Brand Ambassador of the Year (Harpic) at the Exquisite Lady of the Year (ELOY) Awards – 2012
  • At the Exquisite Lady of the Year (ELOY) Awards, she was nominated for Film Actress of the Year – 2013   
  • Best of Nollywood Awards nominated her for Best Lead Actress in an English Movie – 2013
  • On Bended Knees was nominated for Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards – 2013
  • Best Cinematography nominee at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards – 2013
  • Best Actress nominee at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards – 2013
  • Exquisite Lady of the Year (ELOY) Awards nominee for Brand Ambassador of the Year (Omo) – 2014            
  • Africa Movie Academy Award nominee for Best Actress in a Leading Role – 2014 
  • Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards nominee for Best Actress – 2014
  • Nollywood Movies Awards nominee for Best Lead Female – 2014
  • Nigeria Entertainment Awards nominee for Best Actress in a Lead Role – 2014      
  • City People Entertainment Awards nominee for Best Actress of the Year (English) – 2014
  • Best Actress of the Year (English) at the City People Entertainment Awards – 2015
  • City People Entertainment Awards nominee for Best Actress of the Year (English) – 2016
  • Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards nominee for Best Actress in a Comedy – 2017
  • Ghana-Naija Awards nominee for Actress of the Year – 2018

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Net Worth Of Chioma Chukwuka

According to informationcradle.com, Chioma Chukwuka is worth $2million.

Life Lesson From Chioma Chukwuka

Life is not a bed of roses, so you should always expect obstacles and challenges, and as such, you should always find a way to overcome them. Don’t just relax, and let anything go.

Chioma’s parents, especially her mum, didn’t want her involved in the movie industry, but she still looked for a way around it, until her mother accepted her decision. We all need our support system, we can’t just survive alone. Therefore we need to find a way to convince them to come onboard.

Also, learn to be patient in all your endeavours. Chioma had her waiting period before she came to limelight. Had she given up, we won’t be hearing about Chioma Chukwuka today. In the journey of entrepreneurship, success does not happen in a flash. You have to work hard, be consistent and consistently show up everyday.

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Image Credit: @chiomakpotha (Instagram)



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