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Chude Jideonwo – Biography of a Media Entrepreneur and founder of Joy, Inc.


The success story of young entrepreneurs inspires us at entrepreneurs.ng. Gone are the days when only the older generations run successful businesses. Chude Jideonwo, a media entrepreneur, lawyer, and journalist has caught our attention. This young man achieved business success before the age of 30. He has proven beyond doubt that anyone can be great, regardless of age or background.

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So, today, we will be looking at Chude Jideonwo’s life, career, and how he became who he is today. Make sure you read to the end and feel free to let us know what you learned from his story in the comment section.

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Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

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Chude Jideonwo Background

Ifechukwude Osanedum Jideonwo was born on the 16th of March 1985 to Ifeanyi S. and Ngozi A. Jideonwo in Lagos, Nigeria. He completed his primary school education at K. Kotun Memorial Primary School. Thereafter, he attended Adebola Baptist High School and the Mayflower School, Ikenne.

Chude had his University education at the University of Lagos where he studied law and graduated as the best student in Land Law. He was called to the Nigerian bar in November, 2007.

In addition to his qualifications, he acquired a master’s degree in Communication and Media Studies at the Pan-African University, Lagos.

He is also a graduate of Strathmore Business School (SBS), Lagos Business School, and Said Business School at the University of Oxford.

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Chude Jideonwo Career

At a young age of 15, Jideonwo started his career as a TV presenter on Nigeria Television Authority (NTA). He then worked as a researcher with Celebrating Jesus (MBI) because of his interest in gathering knowledge.

Thereafter, he worked as a production co-ordinator at Inside Out with Agatha, a popular TV show anchored by Agatha Amata.

Chude Jideonwo worked on the project New Dawn with Funmi Iyanda (Miyeti Productions), a program which showed on NTA Network, for three years. Jideonwo’s excellent work at New dawn earned him the position of Associate Producer and head of Special Projects.

Afterwards, he worked as the Assistant Publicist at Common Ground Productions between 2005-2006, then proceeded to The Apprentice Africa where he was Lead, Website and Publicity.

In 2007, he served as a corp member at Nigeria LNG Limited, Lagos, Nigeria. Not only that, Chude also worked as the Assistant Media Relations Manager at Virgin Nigeria Airways in 2008.

While working at New Dawn, Chude built relationship with two other people who also had a TV show known as Youth Talk. In the long run, they came together in 2004 to establish a company known as RedSTRAT. RedSTRAT focuses on using the media as an avenue to spur young people to action.

Chude Jideonwo was the host of Rubbin’ Minds talk show on Channels Television and frequently moonlights as an events compere. Jideonwo earned himself the title of a writer, assistant director, and host after working with several platforms including, The Academy, Patito’s Gang, Video 10, Big Brother Nigeria in 2006, and Moments with Mo (MNet) in 2007, among others.

Chude Jideonwo Publications

Chude is a passionate and recognised writer all over the world. He has written and edited over 15 publications both in Nigeria and beyond. In July 2009, he joined the now defunct NEXT Newspaper, a news, opinion, business and entertainment Newspaper as a copy editor. He later became a member of the paper’s editorial board.

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

He had a column on the Sunday edition of Guardian Nigeria Newspaper known as “Sons and Daughters”. The column focuses on profiling the children of the rich and it ran for three years.

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Are We The Turning Point Generation?

He launched a collection of essay titled “Are We The Turning Point Generation” in May, 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria. The essay which was published by Farafina gained recognition in Lagos, Abuja, Paris, London, Johannesburg and New York.

How to Win Elections in Africa: Parallels with Donald Trump

This is another essay Chude published through Farafina in November 2017. The essay talks about the factors that contributes to the success or failure of campaign elections. He drew his facts from the 2016 election that made Donald Trump the President.

Chude Jideonwo Entrepreneurial Journey

While working with Inside out with Agatha, Chude met Adebola Williams and they later came together to establish Red Africa, a media-content, communication and development company.

Today, Red Africa has worked with several local and International brands. Red Africa has consulted for brands like Google, Microsoft, the British Council and United State Government.

Chude led Red Africa for 13years working on different projects including national elections and social movements in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Liberia.

Joy, Inc.

Chude started Joy Inc. in 2018 after spending several years building life changing media platforms. Joy Inc. is a teaching and media company that equips people, communities and nations with tools to solve problems and find joy.

The company is an American benefit corporation with a subsidiary in Nigeria. All of Joy Inc.’s profit are invested in selected charities.

Subsidiaries of Red Africa

The Future Award Africa

Forbes described these set of awards as “most important awards for outstanding young africans”. The Awards are given to young people between age 18 and 31 who have made outstanding achievement in the year under consideration.

The body in charge of the awards is The Future Projects (TFP), a social enterprise committed to human and capital development, especially in Africa.

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Red Media Africa

Red Media Africa handles the PR and marketing segment of Red Africa. The arm has 6 major practice areas which include corporate practice, technology practice, SME practice, governance practice, faith practice, and international practice.

Y Naija

Ynaija is an online newspaper for young Nigerians launched in May, 2010. It covers news, entertainment, politics, business, lifestyle, environment, culture, technology, comedy and healthy living.

Y! Africa

Y! Africa is a brand involved in print magazine, television and radio show. The Print magazine, Y! is a 100-150 page monthly publication.

StateCraft Inc.

A nation building company that specializes in election, policy, citizen engagement, governance and many more. Through StateCraft Inc., Chude Jideonwo pioneered the communication front for the Muhammadu Buhari Campaign in 2015.

The company also led the communication component of Nana Akufo-Addo (President of Ghana) presidential campaign in 2006 and ensured a win after three unsuccessful attempts.

Chude Jideonwo Philanthropy

Chude loves young people and has built an empire around them. Most of his philanthropy engagement is centered around the youth and is carried out through Joy Inc.

Chude Jideonwo

Chude Jideonwo Quotes

“A society is driven by how much it produces and small businesses should be at the centre”

“Destiny will not appear on your doorstep and introduce herself. While there is spiritual dynamics to destiny, it is not solely spiritual. You have to be engaged in the process. God definitely plays a role, but so must you.”

“Our difficulties shape our lives, but so do the normal everyday experiences”

“When your own journey is not taking the straight course you’d like, it’s easy to focus on what someone else is doing”.

“Time is too precious to waste, but time is not the determining factor in your destiny. That is a partnership between you and your creator.”

“Our fast-paced culture can make us become frustrated with destiny’s process.”

“Emotions, feelings, thoughts, or fears are secondary. Change your mind.”

“Yes, share your time, but don’t invest more in others than in yourself.”

“A changed mind means even if people come at you with the same behaviour, you don’t respond in the same way you used to.”

“When you are deep in battle, what you need is strength to keep going. Even when it looks like nothing is going to happen.”

“Destiny is the ultimate expression of doing you, fully being yourself, making your own choices.”

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Awards and Achievements

  • His novel, His Father’s Knickers, written when he was 13, was launched in 2001 together with the National Orientation Agency and the French Cultural Centre.
  • Winner, British Council Telling Stories Competition – 2003
  • Olive Excellence Award in Media and Production – 2004
  • Best Graduating Student in Land Law: University of Lagos – 2006
  • Nigeria Merit Award: Entertainment Writer of the Year – 2007
  • Selected as a Nigerian Youth Leader by the United States Government under the International Visitors Leadership Programme (IVLP) – 2009
  • The Inside Out Award for exemplary commitment – 2009
  • Distinguished Alumni Award of Excellence, Mayflower Old Students Association – 2011
  • The youngest member of the awards committee for the Ford Foundation Jubilee Transparency Award – 2012
  • Appointed into the British Council Steering Group – 2012
  • Appointed a Youth Champion by the Federal Ministry of Youth Development – 2012
  • Selected as Nominee for Most Enterprising Youth by the Nigeria Youth Merit Award – 2012
  • The Punch, “One of the young people to watch in 2012”
  • BusinessDay 40 Under 40 – 2012
  • Forbes’ 30 Under 30: Africa’s Best Young Entrepreneurs – 2013
  • CNBC Africa Young Business Leader of the Year – 2014
  • The youngest journalist to interview a sitting Nigerian President (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) – 2014
  • Finalist, African Business of the Year, New African Magazine – 2015
  • Greenberg Fellow at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut – 2017
  • Selected as one of the participants to attend the 2018 Tutu Leadership Programme

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