COVID-19 Emergency Grants Launched By ALIPH To Support The heritage Protection Sector

COVID-19 Emergency Fund

ALIPH launched the COVID-19 Emergency Grants to support the heritage protection sector in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on the protection of cultural heritage in conflict areas. There has been the postponement of planned work and the potential destabilization of the local economic and social fabric. In truth, this health crisis may lead to deeper and lasting transformations in the cultural heritage sector.

Consequently, to remain faithful to its values of solidarity and partnership, ALIPH has set up extraordinary COVID-19 Emergency Grants to support the heritage sector in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The proposed support mechanisms should meet urgent needs while taking into account foreseeable long-term transitions.

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ALIPH is a recently-created international organisation based in Geneva. They aim at playing a significant role in the protection of cultural heritage in conflict areas.

The organisation award grants to support concrete, relevant and sustainable projects. ALIPH supports actions before conflicts through preventive measures, during a conflict (when possible) to secure heritage. Also, in post-conflict to rehabilitate damaged heritage.

Besides adapting its support for ongoing projects, ALIPH has set up a complementary support mechanism for local operators in the heritage sector in conflict or post-conflict areas affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the support they render are:

  • Financial support for the most vulnerable organizations to assist them to overcome the crisis, adopt digital tools, or implement urgent preventive protection measures.
  • Financial support to allow the staff of these organizations to access existing or planned online academic or professional training.

ALIPH’s contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic was elaborated following discussions with ALIPH’s partners and will be implemented in concert with international organizations, foundations, cultural and academic institutions.

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COVID-19 Emergency Grants

The COVID-19 emergency grants have an initial endowment of $1M, which will be replenished by ALIPH, or supplemented by other partners, depending on needs and feedback from the field.

COVID-19 Emergency Grants Will Cover The Following Costs:

  • Running costs (i.e. staff involved in heritage protection, access to protection measures against COVID-19, etc.), when these costs cannot be covered by projects currently financed by the Foundation.
  • Development of digital tools, to strengthen skills and autonomy of operators (i.e. equipment for internet connection, computers, software – for videoconferencing, project management or planning… website, etc.).
  • Urgent measures aimed to reinforce preventive protection and generate income.

These projects must be cultural heritage related. For these three types of costs, the maximum amount is $15,000 by operator, renewable. When possible, the financing of operating expenses may be made on the condition that staff also follow online training.

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Potential Beneficiaries

The potential beneficiaries of these grants are:

  • Public institutions in charge of the protection, conservation, and promotion of cultural heritage (museums, libraries, institutions managing heritage sites, etc.)
  • Private organizations in charge of the protection, conservation, and promotion of cultural heritage (NGOs, foundations, non-profit organizations, charities, associations, small handicraft businesses, etc.)
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Operators must be located in conflict or post-conflict areas. The notion of conflict is interpreted from a broad perspective to encompass interstate conflicts, civil wars, asymmetrical conflicts, terrorism, violent unrest and other sudden disruptions that lead to instability.

How To Apply For The COVID-19 Emergency Grants

If you are interested and your organization meets these criteria, you may submit a request by visiting the platform; https://www.aliph-foundation.org/ The application is ongoing.

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