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FG/CAC Free Business Names Registration for 250,000 MSMEs In Nigeria

FG/CAC Free Business Names Registration

The Federal Government of Nigeria and the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is organizing the FG/CAC free business names Registration for 250,000 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria. A form of business formalization support of the MSME Survival Fund.

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According to the information, the new development is part of the Federal Government’s post-Covid-19 Pandemic survival intervention to support micro and small businesses to formalise their businesses. The FG has approved the free registration of 6,606 Business Names in each of the 34 states; while Abia, Lagos, and Kano will have 7,906, 9,084, and 8,406 respectively.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

Consequently, it had advised that all interested Micro and Small entrepreneurs, artisans, craftsmen/women, who are yet to formalise their businesses should take advantage of this rare opportunity.

To ensure the smooth operation of the process, Aggregators have been appointed to receive applications from interested persons in line with the CAC requirement. The names and contact details of the Aggregators have been provided on the Commission’s website.

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FG/CAC Free Business Names Registration Requirements

The Requirements for registration include;  

  1. Three (3) Proposed Names
  2. Two (2) Passport sized photographs
  3. Valid Means of Identification
  4. Phone Number/Email address

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The registration for the FG/CAC Free Business Names Registration for MSMEs begins today, Monday 19th, 2020. So, if you haven’t registered your business, you can log on to https://www.cac.gov.ng/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/LIST-OF-AGGREGATORS-AND-STATE-FOCAL-PERSONS-FOR-THE-FREE-250.pdf then access the contact of Aggregator for your location, and visit them with the above documents.

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18 thoughts on “FG/CAC Free Business Names Registration for 250,000 MSMEs In Nigeria”

  1. Rachel Akunna Godwin

    The business has been registered, now the problem is to collect certificates of registration


    Since we were called to for signatury, nothing else is being done and no communication


    I have been trying to get in touch with my aggregator since I submitted the form 29th October 2020 through on but he or have never picked the phone and never reply my Whatsapp message.
    i want to know the situation of the form submitted since 29th October 2020 through online

    Thank you.
    Jide Banjo

  4. The date for registration should be extended and also the number of interested candidates should be increased pls

  5. The FCT AGGREGATOR PHONE number is not available on CAC portal. we need an answer.
    The slot shouldn’t be given to their relatives or should we pay before we register? What a mess!

  6. The number of Kwara aggregator has never gone through for one day. His name is Opeyemi. This is a sure way to make sure we don’t get registered.

  7. Habib lawal

    This is an absolute nonsensical thing. The 2 aggregators for Lagos are useless. The first number has been switched off since inception while the second number, the person in charge is fast to always cut it. Who the fools and idiot are selected as reps for Lagos? Abegg you guys should find something to do about it. Besides, Lagos aggregators have no email attached to their names. Fraud is the 2nd name for this country

  8. good afternoon,

    I preferred everything being done online, as getting the aggregate is proving difficult.

    They can process every thing online and send our certificate too, or we can have a designated place for pickup.

    Also, they notify should any whose cert is out in order to avoid a queue.

    Thank You.

  9. Ayojide Buremoh

    Good development, But the registration process should be more efficient as accessing the aggregators is proving difficult in some states.

  10. Insensitivity on part of this present regime. Just nonsensical in 2020 to appoint single individual with a phone line to coordinate an entire state with over six thousand probable registrants. Why must incompetent government officials insist in doing things the old manual way. Online automated registration was what I used last year for a business name.
    I didn’t have to see or call anyone until it was time to submit the hard copy at the Lagos Alausa office.
    Now this inept regime wants me and over six thousand people to be calling one line before registering.

    Just politicizing the already fraudulent process.

  11. Rukayya Abdulrahman

    Good initiative and encouragement of Nigeria youth for self reliance and a strategy of poverty reduction.

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