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Home Décor Business Ideas You Can Successfully Start In Nigeria

Home Décor Business Ideas

Do you have the skill and talent to creatively decorate, furnish, and turn a house into a perfect home? Then, come with me let’s look at some of the home décor business ideas you can start today.

Looking for the right business to start today? Get 35 Booming business ideas with step-by-step guides to starting them. A strategic and financial breakdown of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

The home décor business is a thriving business. It is a business that caters to the interior decoration and furnishing needs of clients. It involves creating beautiful and livable spaces for homeowners based on their budget; adorning a space with fashionable, beautiful things, and giving final aesthetics to homes.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

Decorators can work with real estate companies, hotels, industry professionals, individuals, custom home builders, interior designers to implement modern home designs and transform houses into inviting homes. They can be hired to decide on an interior decorating style, choose a color scheme, layout, purchase furniture, and do a bespoke decoration. They can work on an entirely new house or redecorate an already existing home.

These days, there are several financial rewarding home décor business ideas that you can do and profit from. So, if you have the skill and passion for the business, fasten your belt as I take you on a ride of the most profitable home décor business ideas you can invest in today.

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Home Décor Business Ideas To Start For Decorators

Furniture Re-upholsterer

This is one of the home décor business ideas that involve bringing restoration to old furnishing items. It involves padding, springing, covering with fabric and leather, and replacing webbings.

Furniture upholstery can be done to chairs, car seats, bar stools, restaurant seating, office chairs, hospital clinic beds, and all kinds of items that have fabric and leather coverings. It is a business idea that is high in demand today and as such very profitable.

Furniture re-upholsterer may work with offices, hotels, churches, fitness centers, catering outlets, and many more. They can re-upholster to suit new paintings or give the chair an entirely new design as demanded by the client.

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Online e-Design Services

This is one of the home décor business ideas done online. It is a business that offers electronic design services of how items including furniture and accessories should be placed in a home. It offers a full design board including a floor plan, paint selections, colour scheme, and details for accessory placement.

In an online e-design, items are placed in image forms together with the price list and the store address of where the decorating items can be purchased. These designs are usually provided based on the client’s request, taste, and personality.

First, clients make a request for a design, make a payment, give a description of the building, etc. Then, an e-design website operator who understands how the house looks will create a design to suit the description.

Baby Nursery Décor

This is a home décor business that exclusively designs nurseries for parents or expecting parents. They simply work with parents who are not able to put together their child’s nursery to bring to life aesthetics of what a child’s room should look like. They set up the wardrobe, cot, toys, and every item that makes the room inviting for a child.

Nursery designers may be hired to plan how a baby shower set should be, hired by schools to set up creche and nursery classes or to design recreational centers for children. Besides, they can also own children’s retail stores where they sell items like baby clothes, blanket, cot, toys, rug, etc.

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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

Design Throw Pillows

This is a business that designs and makes throw pillows for the purpose of home decoration. It involves making throw pillows from items like textiles, cotton, velvet, chenille, leather, silk, suede, linen, and microfibre.

Throw pillows are seen as essentials in making a home more beautiful and inviting. They are used to tie in color accents within a room, to match the rug, walls, or curtain. Also, to provide back, neck, and head support for people. It is often used on a couch, bed, and in all kinds of sitting or sleeping arrangements. So, if you have the skill, it is one of the most profitable home décor business ideas you can start.

Direct Sales Of Fashionable Design Items

This has to do with selling items that enhance the aesthetics of a home. It is a wide business area that involves selling all decorative materials that make a home beautiful and more appealing.

Direct sales of fashionable items can include; lightning, rugs, flowers, candles, baskets, wall frames, paintings, wall mirrors, furniture, decorative stickers, and many more. You can decide to niche down or sell a wide range of products. Also, you can self-produce or get the items from the manufacturer.

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Faux Painting Business

This is one of the oldest forms of home décor business ideas. It often replicates the appearance of materials like marble, wood, or stone. It involves decorative finishings for walls and furniture to stimulate recognizable textures and surfaces.

Faux painters apply decorative finishes to floors, ceilings, walls, furniture, and accessories. They use paint, fresco, color wash, glazes, etc. to apply them with the right touch. It is a very technical décor business but pays well.

House Painting

This is the most common of the home décor business ideas. It is done to improve the appearance of a building and to give it a more attractive outlook. It considers the settings, furniture, layout of a home to know the exact paint that will match it.

House painters can suggest colours, ask the client to choose their preferred color, or perhaps do colour mixture to get the perfect match for the building.  

Home Cleaning

Home cleaning is one of the most valuable home décor business ideas. It involves rendering cleaning services to families, or busy personalities.

A home cleaner may do a deep cleaning of the entire house or specialize in a section of the building. They may be hired specifically for cleaning the kitchen, compound, window, clothes, bathroom, etc. All they do is clean up the dirty environment and make it more habitable for clients.

Home Accessories Decorator

Home accessories decoration specializes in high-end residential design. It customizes an existing residence and adds finishing touches to houses. It may also involve offering furnishing design services to assist customers with their home interiors like adding finishing details to fabrics, window dressing, rugs, kitchenware, furnishings, art, and accessories. Basically, a home accessories decorator turns a space into a home for clients.

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How To Start Home Décor Business Ideas

Now you understand some of the home décor business ideas and by now, I’m sure you can’t wait to start. The following steps will help you successfully start your business.

Step 1: Get Trained

If you want to start a decor business, you need to be trained so you can turn your passion into a business. It can be training earned as a formal college degree, from a design school, by working as an apprentice with a practicing decorator or simply taking online related courses.

The essence of the training is to learn the best practice in the business, charges, color theory, space planning, and decorating styles. Also, you will learn how to build the business, get clients, and offer the best service.

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Step 2: Decide On Your Target Market

As listed, the home décor business covers many sub-sectors of the design business. So, it is important to find out who your clients are and how to target them.

In deciding your niche, research your potential client’s background and interest. Find out the designs that appeal to them and the best way to drive their attention to your business. This way, you will have a clear vision of your ideal client and know what exactly you have to offer.

Step 3: Write A Business Plan

This is an essential step in every business, it will give insight into the basic steps to take. To write a business plan, you can hire the service of an expert or follow this step by step guide to write yours. Ensure to factor in your business vision, organisational structure, competition, marketing strategy, financial plans, SWOT analysis, and everything that makes a business plan well detailed.

With a detailed business plan, you can access funding from investors or apply for loans from financial institutions if you cannot finance your business yourself.

Step 4: Business Name Registration

The first step to structuring your business is registering it with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. A registered business is a trusted business and you can open a corporate account with any bank of your choice. Besides, only registered businesses enjoy the benefits that are available for entrepreneurs like grants.

You can employ the services of firms like ReDahlia to carry out your business registration and get your certificate after a few days.

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Step 5: Promote Your Business

You must be prepared to sell yourself at every opportunity you get. Your marketing strategy must be tight. Use the following strategies to market and promote your business:

Create A Unique Logo And Flyers

The significance of a logo for building a brand identity cannot be over-emphasised. The more people see a logo repeatedly in advertisements, products, or services, and on other marketing materials, the more they identify the company it represents. So, all home décor businesses should have a business logo.

Also, use flyers and business cards to reach customers. Use the card as a tool to network and the flyers as an advertising piece. Create content in a way that its design immediately draws people’s attention to the features of your business.

Market Your Business On Social Channels

We can’t say enough how important social media is to businesses. You can use social media to gain more customers, drive traffic to your website and business.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn are great platforms for all kinds of business promotion. You can post engaging and interacting content on your business pages, post beautiful photos of your work, and remember to always add your contact address so people can reach you easily.

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Have An Online Presence

No matter the size of your business or the industry, having an online presence makes it easier for potential customers to access you. And this means building a website that gives adequate information about your service offering and contact details.

These days, it is easier to build a website with platforms WordPress, Wix, etc. After building your website, ensure that the website is optimised for SEO so that you can easily be found when people search for your industry on Google.

Another way to build an online presence and establish your authority is to have an active blog where you discuss happenings within your industry. Use your blog to talk about the importance of decorating a home and ways to go about it. This will position you as an expert in the field and widen your reach.

Explore Email Marketing

Email marketing is another way to build a customer base for your décor business. Through your website, you can gather the email contacts of your visitors. Then, periodically send them newsletters, educating them on the importance of having a good home design.

By using this channel, you are saving costs and building a customer base. Because as time goes on, your audience will grow and you can sell to them from time to time.

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Create A Good Visual Identity

Beyond creatively designing the home, you need to build a good visual identity for your decorations in order to make a memorable impression on your clients. Get a good camera to take the before, during, and after pictures of your work. Then, upload the images across all your platforms.

Attend Events And Network

By attending public gatherings you can give your business more exposure and meet with potential clients. You should be strategic with the events you attend. Attend events where you can meet your target audience and where you can meet with leaders in your industry.

Looking for the right business to start today? Get 35 Booming business ideas with step-by-step guides to starting them. A strategic and financial breakdown of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

As you begin your decorating business, remember that your business needs visibility to grow. Contact Entrepreneurs.ng to help increase your sales, revenue, and put your brand on the world map.

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