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15 High Demands And Fast Selling Products To Sell Online In Nigeria

Fast selling products

Electronic commerce holds a promising future for commercial transactions of goods and services. Despite this bright future, entrepreneurs are still challenged with identifying the fast selling products that sell better online in Nigeria.

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Today, there are billions of products available in the market, but as an entrepreneur, finding the product that sells best has become an enormous task, especially with the increasing competition.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

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However, regardless of the challenges, the demand for some products are higher than others. So, to stay in business, it is important to find the best selling niche and focus more attention on growing in that area.

Therefore, in this article, I have highlighted the top 15 high demand and fast selling products that you can sell online in Nigeria and make a profit.

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Top 15 High Demand And Fast Selling Products in 2020

Electronic Goods

The use of electronics in homes and offices has made electronic goods a high demand and fast-selling product in Nigeria. Electronics are goods that depend on electric currents or electromagnetic fields to work. It can come in the form of household appliances or other forms of equipment that generate power to function.

These days, the latest electronic goods and gadgets are highly sought after by people of different calibers. They look out for quality and durable products, like the best tablets, best television sets, radio speakers, and other goods that meet their needs. So, if you have an interest in electronic devices, you can give this business a try.

Some of the high in demand electronic goods that you can sell include; television, DVD players, fans, ovens, washing machines, printers, radios, etc.

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Fashion Items

The online fashion business is a product of the modern age. This is due to the huge demand for fashion products from billions of people who are always ready to keep up with the latest trend.

It’s a business that involves the design, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, advertising, and promotion of apparel. It is the sales of all styles of clothing and accessories that can be worn by different groups of people.

Fashion is a wide business area. It is a business that can be specifically tailored around men/women, adults/babies, etc. It can even involve the selling of jewelry, belts, watches, underwear, handbags, jewelry, shoes, or simply clothes.

If you are interested in this business area, you can start by selling unique products of specific brands, such as Zara, H&M, Gucci, Versace, Dolce, etc. You can also sell different brands at the same time.

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Cosmetic Product

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

Cosmetic products are substances for enhancing the appearance and odour of the human body. It is used for beautifying and promoting the attractiveness of the body of all age groups.

It comes in different kinds and can include; body, skin or facial care products; anti-aging products, aromatherapy, beauty spa, beauty salon, makeup, etc.

Cosmetic products have become a basic and daily need for people. Similarly, it has become a high demand product, especially from the fashion-conscious middle-class population. It is a popular niche and profitable business venture with several opportunities.

Owning the periodical launching of cosmetic goods by top-notch manufacturing companies, the business has become an evolving business. Also, if you have the skill, you can start manufacturing your own product, brand them, and market it online.

Some of the fast-selling cosmetics products include; fragrances, perfumes, personal care, and toiletries, makeup, skincare cream, hair removal cream, etc.

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Health And Wellness Products

Health products are one of the fast selling products since the advent of the internet. No matter the background, gender, economic status, or culture, everyone wants to be healthy, and are willing to sacrifice every penny to achieve their health goals.

The health industry is a wide business area with each of the products being profitable. Aside from buying from manufacturing companies, you can also create your own products and market to your audience.

For health and wellness, some of the fast selling products include; Vitamins & dietary supplements, herbal remedies, nutritional and overall health products, weight loss products, sexual wellness products, reproductive health products, body pain relievers e.t.c.

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Hair Wig And Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the high in demand and fast selling products that sell both online and offline in Nigeria. From wigs to weaves, to extensions, human and synthetic hair, the market for hair is wide.

Hair is a coveted commodity with widespread usage amongst the young, old, and fashion-conscious class of women. It is a popular business and a very lucrative venture.

Today, there are several kinds of styles and qualities of hair and extensions being sold online; each of them, branded along ethnic or racial lines.

Some of the hair you can invest in include; luxury virgin hair, pure Mongolian hair, finest Remy hair, sleek European weaves, Peruvian hair, etc.

Also, you can sell shampoos, relaxers and hair lotions, detangling brush, and other items that are complementary to wigs and extensions.

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Baby Accessories

Baby essentials are timeless. They are important needs and one of the fast selling products in Nigeria. Whether you are expecting a baby, already has a child, or related to a parent, taking care of children is an essential thing.

The care can include feeding, clothing, shelter, education, safety, and other areas that contribute to the wellbeing and full growth of a child. At each stage of a child’s growth, some needs have to be met.

The focus can be on toys, educational books, clothes, baby food, games, shoes, furniture, etc. All are profitable if you do it well.

If you wish to invest in this business, some of the best selling baby products and accessories include; crib, baby carrier, diapers, feeding bottles, jumpsuits, wipe, breast pump, cloth pegs, water flask, tits, etc.

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Food And Groceries

Food commodities are essential items for human health. They are the basic needs for human survival and helps to boost the immune system. Owing to the stress involved with food and grocery shopping, consumers are now altering their shopping behavior and depending on technology. As a result, the trend has created an opportunity for foodpreneurs who supply packaged food items for immediate consumption.

The business may vary from selling cooked dishes and delivering to clients to creating a package plan where customers contact you with their shopping list for raw materials and have them delivered to them.

Due to the sensitivity of the niche, you must ensure proper hygiene and quick delivery services. Some of the fast selling food products to sell include; rice, cakes, snacks, chicken, egg, beef, potato chips, cookies, pizza, milk, cheese, fruit, etc.

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Phones And Accessories

Cellphones and accessories business is highly competitive but very profitable. It is a business that includes the sales of handsets, sales of phone accessories, and phone repair services.

Recently, the use of phones has become a perfect way to stay connected with others and make money online. Beyond receiving calls, and sending messages, the importance of phone to an average Nigerian is immeasurable. It is one of the high in demand and fast selling products generating billions of revenue.

If you are interested in phones and accessories business, some aspects to focus on include; smart and mobile phones, battery, screen guard, earphones, battery charger, memory card, power banks, headset, phone jacket, modem, USB cable, earpiece, etc.

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Computer And Accessories

Just like phones, having a computer in this modern era provides an opportunity to stay connected to ongoing activities in the world. It is one of the high demand and fast selling products that sell both online and offline. It is a competitive business area that generates much profit.

For instance, you can deal with sales of gadgets or offer repair services. Also, you can do the installation of computer software or sell only hardware. Whatever you decide, you are sure to make your profit.

Some of the fast-selling computer products include; laptops, laptop case, hard drive, USB drive, printer, laptop charger, hard disk, flashcards, mouse, keyboard, monitor, cable, speaker, headset, e.t.c.

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Furniture defines the look in a home. It’s used to complete the aesthetics of a home and make it more habitable. From chairs, tables, beds, doors, sofas, wardrobes, cabinet, etc. Furniture is made in different sizes and designs for different purposes.

Selling furniture online is a rewarding business. You can buy at a cheap price and sell it at a higher price. Or, you can have a physical manufacturing store and supply on demand.

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Basically, it is a logical business to consider because of the higher rewards involved in it. All you need is to build an online presence where you can be easily seen by prospective clients.

Some of the fast selling furniture products include; chairs (home/office), tables, beddings, doors, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, crouches, table desk.  

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Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils are essential needs for the kitchen. Virtually everyone invests in two or more kitchen utensils to make the cooking of a meal easy and quicker. Kitchen utensils can be measuring tools, preservation equipment, cutting and slicing accessories, blending utensils, baking equipment, etc.

Some basic kitchen utensils that are in high demand include; blender, toasters, hot plates, microwave, gas cookers, oven, fruit juicer, deep fryer, knife, cutting board, pots, stove, spoon, cutleries, plates, bowls, etc.

However, you must ensure to invest in quality brands to have returning customers. You can also sell cookbooks or videos to those who are interested in learning how to prepare new dishes, or perhaps serve as an online instructor if you have a passion for cooking.

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Generally, cars are one of the high demands and fast selling products. It is a business that sells both online and offline and has become an essential need for many Nigerians.

These days, automobile makes it easier to travel to and from work, run errands, visit friends, and take vacations. It has given so many people incredible freedom of movement and has influenced where people work, live, and how they spend their time.

There are several people out there in need of good cars, so if you can meet their needs, your profit is sure. All you need is to display different models of cars that appeal to the intending customers.

Some of the best-selling car models include; Ford, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Mazda, Renault, Chrysler, BMW, Chevrolet, Hyundai, etc.

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Books And Magazine

Knowledge is power, and reading books and magazines are special ways to acquire knowledge. Books provide a safe place for an author to share his or her thoughts. It is one of the perfect means of conveying thoughts from one person to another.

These days, books are high in demand and are among the fast selling products to sell online. They can be sold in hard or soft copies. Whether you love books or already involved in e-commerce, bookselling is another way to generate income. Also, it is a great way to gain new connections and build authority in your industry.

As an entrepreneur, you can sell religious books, educational books, do-it-yourself, motivational books, or other resource materials.

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Jewelry is a decorative item for personal adornments and includes necklace, ring, bracelet, brooch, earrings, pendants, cufflinks which can be attached to the body or clothes. It is usually made from a wide range of materials like precious metals, gemstones, amber, coral, beads, shells, enamel, etc.

Whatever the material may be, jewelry is one of the high demands and fast selling products that sell in Nigeria.

Selling jewelry online is big and lucrative business. It is a style-driven industry where some styles can stay around for decades and others may last just for a few months. However, its demand remains high.

If you are interested in this business, some of the trending jewelry products you can invest in include; hip hop jewelry, charm bracelet, solar system bracelet, pendant necklace, engagement rings, and bands, etc.

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Camera And Photo Accessories

A camera is an optical instrument used to capture visuals in the form of photographs, video signals, either on film or digitally. Some cameras can capture down into the depths of the oceans, millions of miles into space, and any creeping thing on earth.  

All of the moments captured by a camera are vital to communication, education, and preservation of history. Hence, in a bid to preserve history, having a photography skill has become a norm, and therefore has given rise to the demand for cameras.

There are several brands of cameras available today so, if you want to sell, you must display the best products that appeal to buyers. Some of the fast selling camera product brands are Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, etc.

Also, you can market drones, tripods, lenses, camera cases, etc. However, you will need to take extra care in handling the camera so they don’t get damaged before reaching the buyer.

Those are our list of high demand and fast selling online products. Add to the list in the comments.

35 Booming Business Ideas


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