How To Succeed In Business: The Business Clinic

how to succeed in business

If you are an entrepreneur or about to start a business, then you are probably surfing the internet to learn how to succeed in business. Guess what? You hit the jackpot on this one because the business clinic, by entrepreneurs.ng is what your business needs to succeed.

How To Succeed In Business

To succeed in business, you have to put in the work and it would reflect on these;

Start Your Business In 30 Days
  • A mindset to start and finish
  • Actually leading rather than playing boss
  • Assigning the right task to the team
  • Do not wait for a perfect plan
  • Noting that mistakes do not make you a failure
  • Seek out allies
  • Get training and improve your skills

And that last point is what we’ll capitalise on. To succeed in business, you must possess certain skills.

Skills You Need In Business

We understand that these skills are important in the journey to learning how to succeed in business. That is why we brought about the business clinic. Let me tell you the story about the last business clinic held by entrepreneurs.ng.

The Business Clinic

It was a great time at the Business Clinic! Our online and in-house participants were scribbling away in their sheets and tabs as business wisdom was being served ‘as e dey hot’!

The first day was epic! Even though we had two classes planned, we had an extra dessert to keep our entrepreneurs wanting more.

Day 1

On Day 1, Florence Chikezie, founder of ReDahlia Groups, opened the floor with Business Strategy and Modelling using BMC. She emphasized that when you implement a strategy that competitors are unable to implement or find too costly to imitate, that is when you have a competitive advantage.

Viviane Mike-Eze, the Chief Consultant of Eloge Consulting, was the added bonus. Too good to pass off, she jumped on the idea of teaching as well as learning from our qualified facilitators.

She talked about how to communicate your brand to generate business, hammering on ways to effectively communicate your brand to your customers. You want the gist, don’t you? Follow our business clinic updates so that you can be a part of the next edition.

Next, we had Biodun Folawiyo talk about operations management. One could tell this man did not like slides…Lol. It was quite scanty. But the content he came with, loaded in the words he spoke got every participant scribbling away in their notes.

Biodun, the founder of Shoespeed, who likes to call himself, a shoemaker, was very practical in his teachings, citing real-life examples. He taught the class to genuinely care about their customers’ businesses, their likes, interests, and values. Sincerity and quality are what make a successful business.

Day 2

On Day 2, the class opened up with Ayodeji Agboola, CEO of FlyMyAds Digital Services. The certified digital marketer wiped the floor with the discussion on driving daily sales for your business. Your content is the king and queen of your business. What kind of content are you creating?

Starting a business in Nigeria without taking into consideration the necessary laws, legalities and guidelines is like driving a car, blindfolded. The law will come knocking hard on your door. This is why we took our time to ensure that the next facilitator Fabunmi Folusho ESQ, a well-seasoned lawyer, educated our entrepreneurs on Business Law. That was one class with information overload. 

Start Your Business in 30 Days

Day 3

On Day 3…the grand finale, we began with a Chartered Accountant, the CEO of AgileQore Consulting, Ibrahim Odufisan who grilled us on the right ways to prepare accounts for your business. We had a practical example, using ReDahlia as a case study. There were balance sheets, trial balances, income statements…whew! That was one great class.

Our last but not least class was taught by a remarkable woman, Bukola Owosina ICSN(SEM). She taught customer service as a growth strategy. We had a task describing poor customer service and excellent customer service, using as many words as possible.

Under ‘poor’, we had words like rude, unfriendly, degrading, absent-minded, and so on.

Under ‘excellent’, we had words like trustworthy, reliable, competent, respectful, etc. By the time the class was done with the exercise, the rhetorical question for every entrepreneur present had become… Do these words describe your business?

With the classes over and our benefactors giddy with excitement, we then kicked off with our promised one-month mentorship and hand-holding program. Some businesses are already transformed for the better!

We hope you will be a part of the next edition of the Business Clinic and recommend other prospective entrepreneurs. Follow updates on the Business Clinic, meet our facilitators and alumni, and get a feel of what we are currently experiencing! To register, sign up here!



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