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The Lagos State Government Ban On Okada And Keke Napep – Effect And Way Forward

Lagos State

After much speculations about motorcycles (Okada) and Tricycles (Keke NAPEP), the Lagos State Government has finally banned its operations in some LGAs. This was announced by the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Gbenga Omotoso at the State House in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos on Monday. 

According to him, the measure was taken in response to the “scary figures” of fatal accidents recorded from operations of Okada and Tricycles within the State between 2016 and 2019. 

Omotoso said the lack of regard for the Lagos Traffic Laws by Okada and Tricycle riders had resulted in preventable loss of lives. In his words, “their impermissible movements on restricted highways have contributed to traffic jams.”

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Reason For The Ban By The Lagos State Government

In the health statistics, over 10,000 cases of accidents have been recorded at the Lagos state General hospital from 2015 till date.

Moving further, in Omotoso words, “the ban is the first stage of the state government’s plan to sanitize its roads and protect Lagosians from the negative effects of these illegal mode of transportation. The Law is very clear: motorcycles (Okada) and tricycles (Keke) are banned on all highways, bridges and the listed roads.”

In respect to this, the Lagos State Government has directed security operatives to ensure the enforcement of the State’s Transport Sector Reform Law of 2018. This will in turn address the chaos and disorderliness created by illegal operations of Okada and Tricycle riders in restricted areas.

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Affected Areas In Lagos State

Operations of motorcycles and Napep have been proscribed in six Local Government Areas (LGAs), nine Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) and 10 Major highways across the state with effect from February 1, 2020. Also is the ban in 40 bridges and flyovers across the state.

According to the Omotoso, the LGAs and LCDAs, Highways and Bridges include;


  • Apapa LGA
  • Apapa Iganmu LCDA 
  • Lagos Mainland LGA 
  • Yaba LCDA 
  • Surulere LGA 
  • Itire-Ikate LCDA
  • Coker-Aguda LCDA. 
  • Ikeja LGA
  • Onigbongbo LCDA
  • Ojodu LCDA
  • Eti-Osa LGA
  • Ikoyi-Obalende LCDA 
  • Iru Victoria Island LCDA
  • Lagos Island LGA
  • Lagos Island East LCDA 

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Major Highways

  • Lagos-Ibadan Expressway
  • Apapa-Oshodi Expressway
  • Oworonshoki- Oshodi Expressway
  • Lagos-Ikorodu Expressway
  • Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway
  • Eti-Osa/Lekki-Epe Expressway
  • Lagos-Badagry Expressway
  • Funsho Williams Avenue
  • Agege Motor Road
  • Eti-Osa Lekki Coastal Road

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  • Iyana-Ipaja Bridge Agege
  • Dopemu Bridge Agege
  • Airport/Ikeja Bridge
  • Agege Motor road/Oshodi Loop, Oshodi
  • Mushin/Isolo Link Bridge
  • Dorman Long Bridge
  • Ojuelegba Bridge
  • National Stadium Flyover
  • Apapa-Iganmu Bridge
  • Apapa-Ijora Link Bridge
  • Liverpool Bridge, Apapa
  • Mile 2 Bridge-Loop, Amuwo-Odofin
  • Okota (cele)/Ijesha Link Bridge
  • Apakun/Apapa-Oshodi Bridge Network
  • Ikorodu Road/Anthony Clover Leaf Bridge
  • Trade Fair Flyover Bridge
  • Festac/Amuwo-Odofin Link Bridge
  • 2 Flyover Bridges along Alhaji Masha Road
  • Ojota Clover Leaf Bridge
  • Ogudu Bridge
  • 3rd Mainland Bridge
  • Maryland Flyover
  • Ikeja General Hospital Flyover Bridge
  • Kodesoh Bridge, Oba Akran, Ikeja
  • Opebi Link Bridge
  • Sheraton-Opebi Bridge
  • Jibowu/Yaba Flyover Bridge
  • Carter Bridge, Lagos
  • Bariga-Ifako Bridge
  • Apapa-Oshodi Expressway/Alapere Bridge
  • Bariga/Oworonsoki Bridge
  • Apapa-Oshodi Expressway/Gbagada U-Turn
  • Apapa-Oshodi Expressway
  • 3rd Mainland/Oworonsoki Bridge
  • Eko Bridge
  • Apongbon Flyover Bridge
  • Cowry Bridge (Officers Mess)
  • Mcwen Bridge (Bonny Camp)
  • Marina/Ikoyi Bridge
  • Ikoyi/Obalende Bridge
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Omotoso said the enforcement would be total, warning that the Government will deal with violators according to the Law. He added that there would be zero tolerance for the movement of the banned bike and Napep on the listed highways and bridges. 

This is of importance to us because the new development has a great impact on business especially directly affecting the motorbike hailing operators. We will share our thought and insights gathered from stakeholders in the ecosystem.

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Motorbike Hailing Operators – GoKada, Oride, MaxNg

Since the announcement of the ban, there have been an outrage of the impact on these multi million Naira companies. What will be of these companies? Do they have strategies in place to mitigate against deadly blows as these? What happens to the investors, how will they exit?

It’s even saddening when we learnt that this is not a new law. So, out of curiosity, we want to ask, did these companies know about this law and choose to ignore them. Will it be right to infer that the investors who put their money knew about this, since this is not a new law.

These companies have raised millions of dollars and each aim to change the game in the business. For instance, the pioneer hailing operator, GoKada announced the raise of $5.3m Series A round in May, 2019. Shortly after, MAX.ng raised $7 million, and Opay, recently raised $120million.

Even though these companies took security measures by providing helmets, etc, but the issue is with the Okada drivers. Here is a thought by a respected figure in the tech ecosystem “The first thought by any layman is that these companies will do better, because it is believed that they trained their drivers and as such they will be better behaved and can be held accountable. But, as evident, they are not necessarily better than the regular Okada man on the street.”

Evidence (videos) shows that they have not yielded better result than the ordinary Okada man. When you consider it, bear in mind that these aggregation platforms probably own more than a thousand Okada each. It was expected that these companies which are raising money internationally should have better practices”.

However, the government in this ban enforcement took into consideration the logistics and e-commerce industries. The government ensured they’re protected as much as possible. Also, the government considered that there is still not enough public means of transportation in rural areas and gated communities and have excluded those areas in its ban.

Some Insights And Public Opinion

Some of the insights we got “We believe that this is the best way to address the insecurity, the risk to life and property in Lagos. The decision has not been taken lightly, and it’s imperative that the lives of Nigerians are saved.”

“When Fashola first made this ban 12 years ago, there was an average of 27-28 death by Okada reported in public hospitals (who knows what happens in private hospitals). When the ban was implemented, only one death per month was reported”.

“The ban is long due. The accident and commotion created by motorcycles and tricycles on the highway is becoming unbearable. They have no regard for traffic lights, are unruly and majority of its drivers are likely not even Nigerians.”

Government Engagement

Before the ban, security town hall meetings was held by the government to engage with stakeholders. The ban is not a new ban but a re-enforcement of a law that was enacted over 12 years ago.

This is the government communicating afresh. It is actually the law and everyone know that Okadas are not suppose to ply on the major high ways.

In terms of the government engaging with its stakeholders, we believe that government can always do better. Communicating better, will remove tension. The onus is on the government to reach out to people and provide alternate solutions before enforcing any law.

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As a business owner, before you venture or invest in any business, make sure you do your due diligence, understand government laws and policies in your intending industry. Don’t be a victim of ignorance.

Are you an entrepreneur, making a leap in your industry, reach out to us to tell your story.

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2 thoughts on “The Lagos State Government Ban On Okada And Keke Napep – Effect And Way Forward”

  1. Afolayanka Johnson oriyomi

    Seriously is a good decision, okada and maruwa have been causing traffic in so many areas, I’m a driver in Lagos so I know what we face on the road with them everyday, if they can be banned totally on major roads they should work inside streets. For instance they are forming garages on all the major roads they are lawless, there are so many reasons why they are to be ban on major roads; if they are not available anymore people will be able to walk freely on the pedestrians, motors will move freely and if there is any issues motors are easy to control, they don’t obey traffic laws even police and lasman don’t have control over them. The issues of danfo’s is still there but let’s deal with okada and maruwa first then we can know way forward. There are various jobs youths can engaged with rather than rushing to drive okada or maruwa let us be creative and start doing research.

    1. Very good insight Afolayanka. We believe it’s in the best interest of Nigeria as our safety is very important. And we agree that youths should be creative in looking for means of livelihood.

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