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Mercy Macjoe: Biography And Career Of An Actress/Filmmaker

Mercy Macjoe

Mercy Macjoe is an award-winning Nigerian actress, movie producer, and seasoned entrepreneur. She is also the CEO of Beauty by Macjoe.

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Mercy Macjoe Background

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Mercy Ima Macjoe was born in Lagos State, on the 20th of June 1993, as the 6th child of her parents. Although the actress hails from Akwa Ibom, she was raised in Lagos State. Mercy’s father, who was a soldier, died when she was still a child. So her mother practically raised her to adulthood.  

Mercy had her Nursery, Primary, Secondary, and University education in Lagos State. She holds a degree in Mass Communication from the National Open University (NOUN). Mercy recently enrolled at the New York Film Academy to hone her skills as a filmmaker.

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Mercy Macjoe Career

Mercy’s Nollywood career journey commenced in 2011, with the Grace Movie’s Lonely Princess. But it was the movie, Sugar Pot that brought her to limelight in the industry. Mercy is in love with her profession because it allows her to express someone else’s emotions. 

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Her mum had always been in support of her career choice. She usually encouraged Mercy to attend talent competitions and used to give her transport fares to attend auditions.

Mercy doesn’t feature in all movies, because she is building a brand for herself, and she has people who are looking up to her as a role model.

The award-winning actress has featured in Midnight Crew, Zenith of Love, Shame, Magdalene, Bread of Life, Girl Next Door, and Flaws. As a producer, she released her first debut movie Red in 2018. 

Thus far, she has produced several other movies including, 30 and Single, Love in a Puff, and Passion’s Promise, all under the umbrella of her production company, MM Joe Film Productions.

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2016 – 2018

  • Played
  • Bed of Lies – 2016
  • Flaws – 2016  
  • The Event Planner – 2017
  • House of Jon – 2017
  • Slave Dancer – 2017
  • The Successor – 2017
  • Deliver us from Eva – 2018
  • Oliver Twist – 2018
  • Rush Money – 2018
  • Uvbi – 2018
  • Zenith of Love – 2018
  • Magdalene – 2018
  • Midnight Crew – 2018
  • Girl Next Door – 2018

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2019 – 2020

  • When Love Dies – 2019
  • Calabar Kitchen – 2019
  • 30 and Single – 2019
  • Jenna – 2019
  • Passion Promise – 2019
  • Traitor – 2019
  • Class Assembly – 2019
  • Trapped In Between – 2019
  • Midnight Crew (The Accolades) – 2019
  • Maid Servant – 2019
  • Love in a Puff – 2019
  • A Night to my Wedding – 2019
  • A Date with My Husband – 2019
  • Lying Game – 2019
  • The Quest – 2019
  • Broken Soul – 2019
  • Twilight of Dream – 2019
  • My Private Part – 2019
  • Blue Sky – 2019   
  • Strive – 2019
  • Ups and Downs – 2019
  • My Cousin’s Wife – 2019  
  • Abandoned – 2020
  • Torture – 2020
  • Goodbye – 2020
  • My American Dream – 2020
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Mercy Macjoe Awards And Nominations

  • Scream Awards for Film Revelation of the year (Female) – 2016
  • Nominee at the City People Movie Awards for Best New Actress – 2017
  • Named amongst the Top 100 Nollywood Celebrities at the Nollywood Excellence and Leadership Awards (NELAS) – 2017
  • City People Movie Awards for the Best Supporting Actress (Female) – 2018
  • Best Female Actor at the CA Award – 2018
  • The Best Lashes Producing Company of the Year at the Nigeria Iconic Awards – 2018
  • Ibakatv Artiste of the Week – 2019
  • Celebrity Entrepreneur of the Year at the Gmyt African Humanitarian Award – 2019
  • Nominated at the Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards – 2019
  • HAP Awards nominee for Best Independent Film (Love in a Puff) – 2019  
  • Best Actress in an Independent Film at the HAP Awards – 2019
  • Celebrity Entrepreneur of the Year at the Breeze OnTV Humanitarian Award – 2019

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Mercy Macjoe Quotes

“Win in silence, let them think you are losing.”

“Don’t give up! The beginning is always the hardest.”

“I love who I have BEEN, but, I really love who I’m BECOMING.”

“We live in a time where no dream is too big as long as you pursue it.”

“Life begins where fear ends.”

“…Your only real obstacle is yourself.”

“I just want to encourage you to stay strong. Mistakes are proof you’re trying. Everything will be fine.”

“Focus on you until the focus is on you.”

“Where ever life plants you, bloom with grace.”

“Allow yourself to be a beginner, no one starts off being excellent.”

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More Quotes

“Do not give your PAST the power to define your FUTURE.”

“Grow so remarkably that people have to get to know you all over again.”

“Be so POSITIVE that NEGATIVE people do not want to be around you.”

“Let your past make you better, not bitter.”

“Challenge yourself! It’s the only path that leads to growth.”

“Never let your emotions overpower your intelligence.”

“When you build in silence they don’t know what to attack.”

“It’s impossible to beat a person who never gives UP.”

“Set new goals, adopt new habits, get out of your comfort zone, appreciate your progress, stay disciplined and consistent.”

“…A relationship is beyond love and it requires a lot of understanding.”

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Entrepreneurial Lesson

Work Hard

Mercy Macjoe worked hard to attain the height she has achieved today. She didn’t sit there and expect fame to walk down to her. Mercy put in all the necessary work and went further to acquire more training to hone her skills to become a pro filmmaker. She isn’t only an actress, but also an entrepreneur making waves in her industry.

Every entrepreneur should learn to work hard. You can’t have a lackadaisical attitude towards work and expect success. Remember, 1001 other people in your industry are doing serious hard work.

To stand out in life and business, you have to think outside the box. You have to learn to do things differently, that’s how you stand top of mind. Hard work and persistence are the only way to success, there’s no short cut.

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Image Credit: @mercymacjoe – Instagram



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