Apply for the MEST Africa Challenge 2022

Apply for the MEST Africa Challenge 2022

Apply now for the MEST Africa Challenge 2022. Founded in 2008 by Meltwater Founder & CEO Jorn Lyseggen, the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) is a Pan-African training programme, seed fund, incubator and tech hub for technology entrepreneurs.

Since its inception, MEST has invested over $20 million in training 350+ individual entrepreneurs, and over 40 tech companies have been launched via seed funding and mentorship. In addition, every year, aspiring entrepreneurs with a strong interest in technology and entrepreneurship from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Cote d’Ivoire apply for 60 open spots at our fully sponsored, intensive 1-year training program taught by experienced global fellows.

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MEST Africa Challenge 2022 Overview

MEST Africa Challenge (MAC), is a Pan-African start-up pitch competition, launched with the aim of providing a stage for technology startups to raise funding, build industry networks and gain global visibility.

In its fourth year, MAC 2022 is calling for technology startups in 5 African markets – Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal and South Africa to compete on a global stage for up to $50,000 in equity investment and a lifetime of support from MEST Africa’s global community.

Finalists will gain exclusive access to the MEST Community including expert business coaches and mentors, global investors and a wide selection of perk prizes and packages contributed by MEST partners across the continent.

Finalists from each country will attend the MEST Africa Demo Day in Accra, Ghana on December 1st 2022.

Application Eligibility

  • Pre-seed or seed-stage (have raised $100k total or less cumulatively since inception).
    1. Currently generating revenue.
    2. Can demonstrate traction in one or more of the five MEST Africa Challenge Markets (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Senegal).
  • Has been in operation for 2 years or less.
  • Tech-enabled (software company).
  • Industry agnostic.
  • Any business model (B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2G etc.).
  • Francophone applicants must pitch in English.


  • $50,000 in equity investment
  • Access to MEST Portfolio resources and strategic partnerships
  • 1 year professional business coaching in addition to other benefits and prizes for main winner and Regional finalists.

Application closes on 30th August 2023. Hurry now and apply here or visit the official web page of the programme for more details.

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