Mindset Shifts For Entrepreneurs To Make In Order To Achieve Their Goals.

Mindset shifts for entrepreneurs

When you see that glass as half-full or half-empty, it is your mindset influencing your perception. Generally, your mindset is your mental predisposition, the frame of mind, and beliefs that form your overall thinking behavior. This thought behavior affects how you think, translate your feelings, and guides your actions and consequent reactions. In this article, we will discuss the mindset shifts for entrepreneurs to make in order to succeed in business.

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Understanding How Your Mindset Affects You

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Your mindset typically impacts how you make sense of happenings around you, helps you understand attitude and beliefs, and even how you make sense of you. For entrepreneurs, this makes your mindset a huge deal.

Knowing that our mindset is what controls our motivation, it is important to understand the necessary adjustments you need to guide your success. There are certain mindset shifts for entrepreneurs that would help to improve their way of thinking and approaching challenges or mistakes. It focuses on the essential need to improve your skillset and what you need to propel yourself forward. These mindset shifts for entrepreneurs will position them to meet everyday challenges and experience growth.

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Noted psychologist, Carol Dweck suggests two categories of mindset.

  • One is a fixed mindset that defines all your abilities as innate. You are born with all the abilities you will need in life. Those with a fixed mindset often feel like failures happen because something is lacking within them.
  • On the other hand, people with a growth mindset feel that they can learn anything or acquire any ability if they put in enough effort. These people don’t let setbacks stop them.

The good news, however, is that you can change your mindset and choose how to define yours. However, like learning a new skill, you must be willing to embrace the work and time it requires. While there are multiple reasons for the steady rise in entrepreneurship, it is vital to begin your business with the right mindsets as these set the tone of your business. As an entrepreneur, the right mindset would mean choosing growth over stagnancy because, with a fixed mindset, you can be thrown in a pool of negativity and futility.

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The Right Mindset Shifts For entrepreneurs

The Mindset of Growth.

This healthy way of viewing your place in the world keeps you open to new ideas and methods. Being open-minded as an entrepreneur makes you adaptable to change and help you evolve into a better version.

You have a growth mindset if:

  • You see failure as an opportunity to learn and try again.
  • You’re open to innovation and willing to take risks.
  • You are more likely to think outside the box.
  • You see more than one solution to a problem.
  • You’re willing to engage in creativity and critical thinking.
  • You think big but also make room for smaller thoughts.

Ultimately, the growth mindset can be the difference between failure and your struggle with failure. Therefore, by making this mindset shift, you never have to struggle with failure.

Growth opens your heart and teaches you when to let go or when to hold on. As an entrepreneur, being liberal with your knowledge and understanding will help to genuinely develop the trust factor with your customers. A growth mindset shift for the entrepreneur is very important and cannot be overemphasised.

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The Mindset of Positivity.

This mindset helps you focus on the bright side of events and makes you expectant of positive results. It actively boosts your courage and zeal to do the right thing. The power of positivity is real! Research shows that positive thoughts breed action, makes it easier for one to develop the incredibly useful skill of thinking outside of the box which attracts others. These abilities are necessary for entrepreneurs to successfully run their business.

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A positive mindset can also help with skill/capacity building and opening your mind to the potentials in your business. Networking and interacting with those around you will also improve and help your clients feel more relaxed in their dealings with you. As a business, making positivity your watchword would also affect how your employees or partners become productive.

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Remember, a positive mindset:

  • Is filled with optimism and trust in the future.
  • Is grateful for every step of the journey and appreciates every win and learning curve.
  • Accepts the reality of their entrepreneurship, self-regulates, and is self-compassionate.
  • Takes healthy breaks, confident that they’ve earned it.

A move as simple as starting your day in a positive state of mind can make a difference in the kind of day you will have, particularly when it comes to productivity and your relationship-building abilities. The positive mindset is not an absence of negativity, it is hanging on to every silver lining and making the best out of any situation. It’s an important mindset shift for any entrepreneur who has the tendency to dwells in the negative.

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The Mindset Of Confidence.

For an entrepreneur, having a confident mindset is non-negotiable in achieving your goal. People trust others who seem to know what they’re doing in times of a crisis or when in need of solutions. Knowing that the purpose of every business is to create solutions; you must embrace the mindset of believing in yourself and your business. You have to be resilient enough to continue building what may be the next best solution. This includes being passionate about your business and willing to learn how to improve.

Confidence demands some measure of commitment to believe in your abilities and determination not to fail. Entrepreneurial success probably will not happen overnight, and it is important to note that you will unavoidably be faced with challenges and tried with setbacks.

However, continuing your course with commitment and resilience will make all the difference in the end. You should want it enough to work for it. When you shift to a determined and confident mindset, you begin to discover solutions for tasks that you may have believed were out of your control. You become unstoppable.

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The Mindset of Accountability.

The mindset of accountability enables you to take ownership of your thoughts, behaviors, and performance. It builds a sense of accomplishment and trust in one’s abilities to perform better in the future. Even if you have countless resources and a partner who shares responsibility for your growing business, you will have several decisions to make on your own.

The wise thing will be to acknowledge that not all your plans will pan out the way you hoped for and look for consequent learning curves. However, recognizing your mistakes and committing to learn from them moving forward will lead to big wins in the future. The entrepreneur with the accountability mindset does not look to blame others for his mistakes, thus showing integrity in his actions.

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Being accountable limits your distractions and helps you focus on your objectives while staying true to your goals. You can think many steps ahead, become invaluable to your clients and business organization. You won’t let circumstances define who you are or what you do.

In making the accountability mindset shift for entrepreneurs, you must view your accountability as voluntary and not something forced on you even though you may not be excited about it.

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How To Make A Mindset Shift

  • Conduct a self-assessment.
  • If there’s a need to change, put in place clear plans to follow.
  • Remember that you are on a journey to build yourself.
  • Embrace challenges and hold yourself accountable for your progress.
  • Be consistent and intentional about the process.

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Learning how to have the right mindset will affect your success or failure in business. Luckily, your mindset is also the thing you have the most control over, and choosing one of these mindset shifts for entrepreneurs may just be what your journey needs.

As you become more confident and comfortable with a new mindset, move onto the next. Push yourself to be better than you were yesterday and watch your business soar. Developing some or all these mindsets will also give you the resilience and flexibility you need to push through the ups and downs that come with running a business as an entrepreneur.

In all, successful people accept who they are and what they are about. They then set to make the right decisions with this knowledge. If you keep denying yourself, there is no way for you to move forward.

Choose to be successful today, make the right mindset shift.

As you make that mindset shift, remember that your business needs visibility to grow. At Entrepreneurs.ng, we will put your business on the world map which will increase your sales and revenue. Contact us today to get started.



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