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Monjolaoluwa Oyelakin Timilehin, Senior Project Manager At Index Realty And Resources Ltd

Mojolaoluwa Oyelakin Timilehin

Monjolaoluwa Oyelakin Timilehin, known as MOTInx by a few at the moment but known by many as Agent Jay, Sir Jay, Emcee Jay, J-man, Motivator, Reporter Jay, Jola Manto to mention but a few is a fast-rising Nigerian entrepreneur, public speaker, and Real Estate Developer. He has an impeccable and fleshy track record in the real estate sector as a Real Estate Broker, Real Asset Developer, Project Manager, Sales Consultant, Strategic Negotiator, etc.

MOTINX has an undying passion for impactful public speaking and intends to build a reputation in corporate events compering. Also, he has a strong influence in the real estate industry. Monjolaoluwa Oyelakin Timilehin has diverse experience in several sectors including e-commerce, investigative reporting, on-air personality, franchising, sales & Procurement of Landed Properties, Real estate consultancy, and real estate brokering.

Background Of Monjolaoluwa Oyelakin Timilehin

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

MOTInx was born on the 23rd of September over two decades ago in the ancient City of Ibadan Nigeria, to the family of Pastor and Mrs. Oyelakin as the first child of four. 

He had his primary and secondary education at the God’s Blessing Group of Schools, Ibadan, Oyo state. At primary/high school levels, he was the senior prefect boy. MOTInx was also the first male student in the history of God’s Blessing Group of Schools to be made a prefect right from the senior secondary class one. A status he retained until he became the senior prefect boy in his final year.

Upon senior secondary school graduation, Monjolaoluwa Oyelakin Timilehin (MOTInx) proceeded to the Federal University of Technology, Akure, where he attempted to obtain an advanced level diploma but couldn’t complete due to financial challenges. Subsequently, he moved to the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB). There, he bagged a bachelor’s degree in Plant Physiology and Crop Production.

Today, Monjolaoluwa Oyelakin Timilehin (MOTInx) holds a Project Management Professional Certificate (PMP) with an ACCPM certification and other relevant certifications in view.

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Career Of Monjolaoluwa Oyelakin Timilehin

Being a product of a humble background, he was inspired by the need to relieve his parents of their many obligations, MOTInx took responsibilities for himself by founding and heading the operations of TrendsVine resources in 2016, a defunct E-commerce firm based in Lagos. In the space of two months, Monjolaoluwa Oyelakin Timilehin (MOTInx) built a profitable e-commerce business that served celebrities like Nollywood actor, Saheed Balogun and foremost lawyer Kunle Kalejaiye (SAN). He was able to achieve all of these from the comfort of his hostel room, computer, and mobile phone. Unfortunately, TrendsVine did not survive as a business and became bankrupt barely two years after launch.

Notwithstanding, he gathered valuable lessons from that failure. In his own words, “TrendsVine’s destined crash taught me the importance of sustainability structure and accountability in the growth and longevity of any business”

Though broke and depressed, Monjolaoluwa Oyelakin Timilehin (MOTInx) was not deterred. He proceeded to intern as a radio personality at Funaab radio, 89.5fm where out of over 100 people that auditioned at the time he emerged as the top 11 that were selected, an opportunity he diligently poured his heart and soul into, little wonder he was part of the top standing 3 interns that aired when the radio went terrestrial. He grew fast and became the chief field reporter. That role brought out the investigative prowess in him, as he even transitioned into a mentor and was responsible for training new intakes. Noteworthily, he hosted a program titled GET INSPIRED/INSPIRATION CAFÉ WITH JOLAOLUWA, an On-Air program that was aimed at inspiring the masses and giving them a reason to keep living. After a while, Monjolaoluwa resigned from his position to focus on his academics. In his words;

“Amongst many other personal reasons, I ‘shamefully stepped aside’’ because it dawned on me I was born to do more than just “talk to inspire’ so I figured I could lead and work for a life that would inspire millions even without uttering a word and if I did have to talk, then billions must be brought to the understanding of the mystery of getting and staying inspired as they are two worlds apart.

Venture Into Real Estate

Meanwhile, Monjolaoluwa Oyelakin Timilehin (MOTInx) a few months before the ‘giving in’ gave in to his interest in the real estate sector. First, He started out as a sales intern/Consultant with Unified Estate Management (UEM) where he learned the basics of real estate brokerage and facility management.

The job came with many challenges but in his resolve to never give up, he met and actively learned from experienced sales managers. Shortly after, he was able to make his first sale and continually evolved.

Today, Monjolaoluwa Oyelakin Timilehin (MOTInx) is the fastest rising Corporate Event Compere and the Lead developer/Project Director at INDEX REALTY & RESOURCES LTD.

INDEX REALTY & RESOURCES LTD(InxRealty), established in 2018 but later incorporated in November 2019, is a company focused on the development of properties/infrastructure and management of facilities across Africa.

In a recent interview, he stated that with the help and favor of God coupled the right team in the world, he would do his best within his ability to execute one of INXREALTY’s MISSION:

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days


It important to note that amongst his long list of clienteles, He has also worked on the co-development of notable high profile projects for Mobil and DWholidngs Limited.

He believes he is now rightly positioned to be the youngest real estate developer in Africa!

Booming Business Ideas
35 Booming Business Ideas And Step-by-step Guides To Start Them

MOT As A brand

The MOTInx brand is a corporate event compering and public speaking brand lead by Monjolaoluwa Oyelakin Timilehin. It has the singular mission of providing corporate expertise and passionate engagement at befitting events and a vision of influencing more “MOTicians” in the real estate industry.                                         

M.O.T. Quotes

“Man is a product of his relationships, a wise man will always pick valuable relationships over a billion dollars any day”.

“God no dey shame hin own children”

Among others.

Be like MOT. Put yourself and your business on the world map today by telling your story. Contact us today to make your brand the preferred choice for our audience of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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