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Muyiwa Ademola: Biography, Career, And Movies Of MUY Authentic.

Muyiwa Ademola

Muyiwa Ademola is an award-winning Nollywood Yoruba actor, filmmaker, producer, and director. Popularly known by his fans as MUY Authentic, Muyiwa Ademola is also the brand ambassador of several companies. He is the CEO of the Authentic School of Drama and Film Production.

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Muyiwa Ademola Background

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Muyiwa Ademola was born on the 26th of January 1971, to the family of Rebecca and Isaiah Ademola in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. He had his primary and secondary education at St. David’s High School, Molete, Ibadan. His tertiary education was at the University of Ibadan where he obtained a diploma certificate in Adult Education and Community Development.

Muyiwa Ademola is married to Omolara Ademola, and they are blessed with five children.

Muyiwa Ademola Career

Although Muyiwa was a science student in secondary school, he had always been arts-inclined, because he only thought of ways to be creative. Then, he used to sketch and draw flawlessly without supervision, and he always wanted to write stories for the Nigerian movie industry.

In 1988, he went to meet Shola Ogunshola, also known as Isho pepper with his stories, but Shola rejected him, with claims that he was too young for the job.

After his secondary education, he continued giving his stories to different people, until he met Charles Olumo, also, known as Agbako, who eventually gave him his first major contract.

After a while, he met a movie director, S.I Ola, who taught him all he needed to know about acting and movie production. Following this meeting, he commenced his acting career officially in 1991. Meanwhile, he produced his first written script into a movie,  Asise, meaning BLUNDER in 1995. 

Since then, Muyiwa Ademola has produced, directed, and featured in several Yoruba Nollywood movies. The movie, Ogo Osupa propelled him to the limelight in 1997. Some of the other movies he produced in his early career, include Aderonke, Akinkanju, Iyonu Olorun, Etutu Emi, e.t.c.

Muyiwa Ademola


As A Director, Actor, And Producer

1995 – 2017

  • Ile
  • Ami Ayo
  • Fimidara Ire
  • Iranse Aje
  • Asise – 1995
  • Fadeyi Oloro – 2001
  • Orí (Fate) – 2004  
  • Indomie Lomo – 2004
  • Apesin – 2006
  • Igi owo – 2007
  • Owo Okuta (The Law of Karma) – 2008
  • Omo Elemosho – 2013
  • Eyinju Eledumare – 2014
  • Tewe Tegbo – 2014
  • Eni Owo – 2017


  • Bipolar (Amodi) – 2018
  • Connection – 2018
  • Dairy of Hamzat – 2018
  • Oga Okunrin (Male Chameleon) – 2018
  • Dalemo – 2018
  • The Golden Seed (Irugbin Wura) – 2018
  • Aimo Ni (Ignorance) – 2018
  • Gbeje Oloko – 2018
  • Ewatomi – 2018
  • Adaba – 2018
  • Eyitayo – 2018
  • Aro Meta Clinic – 2018
  • Ji Masun – 2018
  • Oko mi Ore mi – 2018
  • Eyitayo – 2018
  • Ayederu – 2018
  • Mod’ Orisa (The Epic) – 2018
  • Satan’s Bride – 2018
  • Ajolaye – 2018
  • Zombie – 2018
  • Aarinola – 2018
  • Ori Olori – 2018
  • Wahala – 2018
  • Abawo Mi – 2018
  • Sunday Igboho – 2018
  • Alagata (Third Party) – 2018
  • Ewatomi – 2018
  • Twisted – 2018
  • Autism – 2018
  • Sekunola – 2018
  • Ayo Olopon – 2018
  • Arugbo Ojo – 2018
  • Ege – 2018
  • Osun Wande – 2018
  • Addict (Baraku) – 2018
  • Eebo bu – 2018
  • Amunisin 2 – 2018
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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

2019 – 2020

  • Omoniyun – 2019  
  • Gbarada – 2019
  • Itelorun – 2019
  • Gale Gale – 2019
  • Ekisa – 2019
  • Ija Ekun – 2019
  • Secrets Asiri – 2019
  • Ere Aye – 2019
  • Oro Olori – 2019
  • Eleda Opo – 2019
  • Aforji (Forgiveness) – 2019
  • Agbaje Omo Onile – 2019
  • Amope Ajabiiji – 2019
  • Intent (Igbati) – 2019
  • Cold Hearted – 2019
  • Survival of Jelili – 2019
  • Omo Anibiire, Part 2 – 2019
  • Majele – 2019
  • Hook Up – 2019
  • Ajebi’Dan – 2019
  • Ololufe – 2019
  • Alumooni – 2019
  • Amope Ajabiiji – 2019
  • Asiri Aje – 2019
  • Childe Internationale – 2019
  • Yonusimi – 2019
  • Say It – 2019
  • Shame – 2019
  • Ajanaku – 2019
  • Barrister Seilat – 2019
  • Depression – 2019
  • Omo Ologo – 2019  
  • Paradox – 2019
  • Oko Bange – 2019
  • Aje Oja – 2019
  • The Twins – Ejiworo (Yet to be shot) – 2020

Awards And Nominations

  • At the 1st Africa Movie Academy Awards, he won the Best Indigenous Film Award – 2005.
  • Nominee at the 4th Africa Movie Academy Awards for Most Outstanding Indigenous Actor – 2008.  
  • Best Actor of the year at the Odua Image Awards – 2015
  • BON Awards named him the Best Yoruba Actor of the Year – 2015
  • Nominee at the City People Movie Awards in the Best Yoruba Actor Category – 2017
  • Pacesetters Entertainment and Recognition Awards (PERA) Winner – 2017
  • He received the Best Director Award from Boblia – 2018
  • Best Versatile Actor at the Greenview Awards – 2018
  • Glam Male Best Actor of the Year nominee at the Nigerian Glam Awards – 2018
  • Award of Excellence at the Nigerian Canadian Celebrities Entertainment Award – 2018
  • Inspirational Award at the Symbol of Hope Foundation 5th Leadership Conference and Humanitarian Service Award – 2018
  • Recognition Award for his Contribution to Development of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry – 2018
  • Slate 1 Entertainment Award for Evergreen Director – 2018
  • Most Creative Actor at the 1st Yoruba Movie Gists Award – 2018
  • Enyaa Awards recipient – 2019
  • Golden Ticket at the Blingz Events Awards – 2019
  • Nominee for Best Producer at the African Film Awards – 2019
  • Gbarada was nominated for the Best Yoruba Movie at the African Film Awards – 2019
  • Actor of the Year at the Prominent Oyo People’s Award – 2019
  • Indigenous Movie of the Year (GBÀRÀDÁ) at the Prominent Oyo People’s Award – 2019
  • Special Recognition Award at the Emperor Award – 2019
  • Best Actor in a Movie at the Yoruba Movie Gist – 2019
  • Recognition Award at the 60 Most Influential Brands and Personality in Ibadan Award – 2019  

Muyiwa Ademola Quotes

“Most times, disappointments could be huge blessings. Don’t be let down when the one in whom you put so much hope comes short of your expectations.”

“Let’s live like tomorrow will never come. Let’s work like we want to feed the world. Love like you are loving yourself.”

“Sometimes, we are punished for offences we never committed!”

“Live and let live, shine and allow others to shine as well. No man born of woman will have the power to obstruct your greatness.”

“Stay on your lane and stay focused. Be consistent and be optimistic. You are envious of other people’s achievements, who says yours which is on the way isn’t bigger? Many achieved nothing because they left certainty.”

“Don’t let success get to your head or failure get to your heart.”

“Road to greatness is never smooth. The path to success is always rough. The journey isn’t always attractive but refusal to embark on it amounts to failure.”

Entrepreneurial Lesson Of Muyiwa Ademola

Be Persistent And Never Give Up

Muyiwa Ademola didn’t get the audience he needed to grow when he started submitting his stories, but he didn’t let that stop him from writing. He continued till the day he met Charles Olumo, who eventually helped him with his first major contract that kick-started his career.

As an entrepreneur, one ‘No‘ shouldn’t mark the end of your journey. Keep trying until you meet the right person or hit your breakthrough.

Are you doing something amazing in the entrepreneurial space and you want the world to hear about it? Reach out to us to tell your story

Image Credit: @authenticmuy – Instagram



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