Online Seedstars World Competition 2020/2021 For Startups

Seedstars World Competition

The Seedstars world competition 2020/21 is calling for application for most promising early-stage startups. This opportunity is for startups looking to learn from industry experts, network with the local ecosystem, achieve product/market fit, and accelerate growth in their existing market.

From June to November each year, the Seedstars team looks for the most promising early-stage startups from 90+ emerging markets that will receive intensive training on how to be investment-ready. They will take part in local, regional, and global stage competitions, but only one startup will be crowned as the Global Winner and receive a prize of up to USD 500,000 in equity investment.

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Start Your Business In 30 Days

How It Works

The competition will be in three stages, Local, Regional and Global (Online Seedstars Summit);

Local Stage

Step 1: June – August 2020

Fully online. As a startup, you can apply from any part of your country to the nearest competition in your ecosystem. One winner per country will participate in the Regional Stage.

All accepted startups will receive:

Regional Stage

Step 2: November – December 2020

Local stage winners will compete on a regional level in a broadcasted pitch competition on Seedstars Life. Finalists will be selected based on their startup strength and scalability and will move on to the Grand finale.

Regional Stage Benefits:

  • Investment Readiness Training
  • 1.1 Mentor and investor meetings
  • Regional networking and visibility

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Grand Finale

Step 3: April 2021

This stage will bring together the winners of all five regional stages for in-depth entrepreneurial training and the opportunity to compete for the title of Global Winner and the prize of up to $500,000 USD in equity investment.

The Grand Finale benefits include:

Start Your Business in 30 Days
  • 2-Day Growth Bootcamp
  • 1.1 Mentor and investor meetings
  • Global networking and visibility

Selection Criteria For The Seedstars World Competition

To be selected for the Seedstars World Competition, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and initial traction
  • Received less than USD 1,000,000 in funding
  • And have operations or be incorporated in the country/city you are applying from.

The deadline for the Seedstars World Competition 2020/2021 application is 31 July 2020. So, if you are a startup looking to grow, this opportunity is for you. To read more and apply, use this link https://www.seedstarsworld.com/

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