Pursuit Incubator Spring 2020 Cohort – Business Accelerator For Entrepreneurs

Pursuit Incubator Spring 2020 Cohort

Because International is now calling for applications for the Pursuit Incubator Spring 2020 Cohort for entrepreneurs with socially innovative products. This is an opportunity for anyone with an idea for a product that can make a difference in the lives of those around them.

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Basically, Because International believes that innovative products are part of the solution to poverty. As such, the Pursuit Incubator is a business accelerator designed to help entrepreneurs take their innovative products to the next level.

So, if you have an idea for a product that will improve lives, this is for you.

About The Pursuit Incubator Spring 2020 Cohort

Generally, each of the cohorts lasts 8 weeks. And, each week consists of a curriculum designed to deepen and challenge your thinking around your product and business. In it, you will interact with other entrepreneurs in your cohort and have a one on one call with your coach every week.

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Available Pursuit Trainings

There will be a Product Launch training designed for an entrepreneur who has an idea for a product but needs help making it a reality. This training will be beneficial for both entrepreneurs who are launching their first product, or those who are looking to add something to an existing line.

The eight sessions will cover the following concepts:

  1. Laying a foundation that lasts
  2. Generating an idea that works
  3. Creating a product that sells
  4. Building a system that delivers
  5. Cultivating a cause that scales

After the lesson, you will learn how to go all the way from a back-of-the-napkin idea to product launch.


The features of the entire cohort involves;

  1. 8 sessions training in each
  2. Completely digital platform
  3. Fits with your schedule
  4. Mentor support throughout
  5. 60 days to finish
  6. Cohort Model

Who Should Apply?

The Pursuit Incubator is for early-stage entrepreneurs that have product related ideas. Although they’ve helped entrepreneurs with a range of ideas and at different stages, it’s best positioned to work with those who have ideas for physical products and are just getting their idea off the ground.

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The deadline for application for the Pursuit Incubator Spring 2020 Cohort is 6 March 2021. If you are an early-stage entrepreneur with product-related ideas, apply using this link; https://becauseinternational.org/pursuit

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