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Frequently Asked Questions About Business Registration in Nigeria

Questions about business registration

People often ask us questions about business registration in Nigeria because we provide business registration and tax compliance services at ReDahlia.

In this article, we’ve gathered various questions on business registration in Nigeria to help you find the answers you need. If you want expert advice, reach out to us on WhatsApp at 08038874148.

We’ll explore different areas of the registration process, such as business names, company formation, NGOs, what to do after you incorporate, foreign investment, filing annual returns, taxes, and dealing with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Let’s get started

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

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Frequently Asked Questions about Business Registration in Nigeria

Here are the frequently asked questions about business registration in Nigeria:

What is the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and its role in business registration in Nigeria?

The CAC is a federal government agency responsible for the registration and regulation of the formation and management of companies in Nigeria. It oversees the incorporation of companies, registration of business names, and incorporation of trustees, among other duties.

Why is it important to register a business in Nigeria?

Registering a business in Nigeria provides legal recognition, enhances credibility, allows for legal benefits, and is essential for opening business bank accounts, applying for loans, and conducting business transactions legally.

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How do I register a business name in Nigeria?

To register a business name, you must check for the availability of the name on the CAC website, complete the necessary forms, submit the required documents, and pay the prescribed fee.

What are the steps to register a company in Nigeria?

Company registration involves name reservation, completion of incorporation forms, submission of relevant documents (like the memorandum and articles of association), and payment of fees. The process can be done online via the CAC portal or you contact ReDahlia at 08188122223 or 08038874148.

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Can I register an NGO in Nigeria, and what are the steps?

Yes, NGOs are registered as incorporated trustees. The process includes name availability check, newspaper publication, submission of application with the constitution and trustees’ bio-data, and payment of fees.

What are post-incorporation requirements for businesses in Nigeria?

After incorporation, businesses must file annual returns, maintain proper accounting records, hold annual general meetings (AGMs), and comply with tax obligations.

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

How do I file annual returns for a company in Nigeria?

Annual returns are filed with the CAC, detailing the company’s financial and operational status. This can be submitted online through the CAC portal or you contact ReDahlia at 08188122223 or 08038874148.

Can foreigners register a company in Nigeria?

Yes, foreigners can register a company in Nigeria. They must follow the same registration process as Nigerian citizens but also obtain a business permit and expatriate quota from the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) if they intend to reside in Nigeria.

What are the requirements for foreigners to start a business in Nigeria?

In addition to the standard company registration process, foreigners must obtain a business permit, expatriate quota, and possibly a residence permit, depending on their involvement in the business’s day-to-day operations.

What tax obligations do registered businesses have in Nigeria?

Registered businesses must register with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and the State Internal Revenue Service for taxes like Company Income Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), Withholding Tax, and Pay As You Earn (PAYE) for employees. Contact ReDahlia at 08188122223 or 08038874148 for your business registration and tax compliance services.

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How does VAT registration work for Nigerian businesses?

Businesses must register for VAT with the FIRS, charge VAT on applicable goods and services, and remit it monthly. VAT registration is compulsory for businesses with an annual turnover above a specified threshold.

Are there any special considerations for registering a tech startup in Nigeria?

While the general registration process applies, tech startups should consider intellectual property protection, possible incentives from the government, and compliance with specific regulations affecting the tech industry.

What are the consequences of not registering a business in Nigeria?

Operating an unregistered business can lead to legal penalties, inability to access financial services, lack of legal protection, and potential loss of business credibility.

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How can I check the status of my business registration in Nigeria?

You can check the status of your business registration through the CAC online portal using the company’s name or registration number.

What are the annual compliance requirements for a registered NGO in Nigeria?

Registered NGOs must file annual returns with the CAC, including financial statements and reports on their activities, to maintain their status and comply with legal obligations.

What documents must you submit to register a business name in Nigeria?

You must submit the application form, a valid identification for the proprietors, and proof of address. Occasionally, you may need to provide additional documents to support your application.

How quickly can you register a company in Nigeria?

Generally, you can complete company registration within 2-4 weeks, assuming the type of company and submitted documents are in order and without issues. ReDahlia makes the process seamless and timely for you. Contact us at 08188122223 or 08038874148.

Is it possible to reserve a company name before completing the registration, and what is the process?

Indeed, you can reserve a company name by applying via the CAC’s online portal. Once approved, you have 60 days to finalize the registration process.

What is the minimum share capital for starting a limited liability company in Nigeria?

For a private limited company, the minimum share capital stands at N10,000, and for a public limited company, it’s N500,000. Significantly, the required minimum may be higher in certain business sectors.

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Do you need to complete any industry-specific registrations in addition to registering with the CAC?

Absolutely, based on your business type, you might need to register with specific regulatory bodies. For instance, financial institutions have to register with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and healthcare facilities with the Ministry of Health.

What is the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) and its role for foreign investors?

The NIPC is a government agency responsible for promoting and facilitating foreign investment in Nigeria. It provides services such as granting business permits and incentives to foreign investors.

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Can foreign companies operate in Nigeria without a local subsidiary?

Certainly, foreign companies can operate without a local subsidiary under certain conditions. They may run a representative office or work as a contractor, yet they must register with the CAC for a lasting presence in Nigeria.

What penalties do businesses face for not filing annual returns?

Neglecting to file annual returns will attract penalties. These include fines and potentially, the removal of the company from the register.

How do tax incentives in Nigeria benefit businesses?

Eligible businesses, especially those in certain sectors or regions, can enjoy tax incentives like pioneer status, tax holidays, and import duty exemptions. These incentives aim to boost investment in targeted areas.

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What steps should you take to change your business’s registered address in Nigeria?

Firstly, you must submit a change of address notice to the CAC, including all necessary documents and the prescribed fee.

How do you update the company’s directors or shareholders?

You must file the correct CAC forms, provide minutes from the meeting approving the changes, and attach any supporting documentation.

What action can you take if your business registration faces delays?

Should you encounter unexpected delays, contact the CAC customer service directly or consult a legal expert to assist you.

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Where can you find legal help for business registration in Nigeria?

You can find legal support from corporate law firms or consulting firms that offer business registration services. ReDahlia is equipped to help with your business registration and tax compliance needs. Contact us at 08188122223 or 08038874148.

Are virtual offices recognized for business registration in Nigeria?

Yes, virtual offices are valid for business registration if they meet the CAC’s criteria for a registered business address.

How do you update the object clauses in your company’s memorandum of association?

Update your object clauses by submitting a special resolution from the shareholders with your application to the CAC.

What should you do if there is a mistake in your business’s registered name?

For corrections, file the appropriate form with the CAC, detailing the mistake and the proposed correct name, along with supportive documents.


This comprehensive frequently asked questions about business registration guide aims to address the most common questions regarding business registration in Nigeria.

It’s important for entrepreneurs and business owners to understand these processes to ensure their ventures comply with Nigerian laws and regulations.

Always consult with legal and professional services to ReDahlia – 08038874148 or 08188122223 to help navigate the complexities of business registration and compliance effectively.

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How We Can Help You Register Your Business And Comply With Taxes Monthly

Send us a message on WhatsApp- 08188122223 or 08038874148 to help you with your business registration and tax compliance.

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  • Monthly VAT: Computation of VAT payable, remittance of VAT, and filing of monthly returns, taking cognizance of applicable tax laws.
  • Annual Business Premises and Development Levy Renewal

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