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Startup Wise Guys

Startup Wise Guys is one of Europe’s oldest and most experienced startup accelerators, born in tech-savvy Estonia back in 2012.

Software as a Service is their flagship vertical, which they have been investing in and accelerating since the beginning. SaaS is also, without a doubt, one of the largest industries in the world. Startup Wise Guys have invested in more than 220 companies, and their portfolio has a success and survival rate above 77%.

So if you have a B2B SaaS company with initial traction, a passionate and solid team, and most of all – a great ambition to go global, join the Startup Wise Guys program in Tallinn, 2021.

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Eligibility For The Startup Wise Guys Business Accelerator

  • Your team is ready to disrupt a market usually no smaller than 1 Billion USD, so reaching a 10% market share will allow your team to be a 100 Million USD company
  • Your product has the capability and vision to keep growing as customers leverage your product functionalities and it has been designed and built in a way that it can scale
  • Commitment is more than words; it is not waiting for that monthly salary out of investors. You and your team have already been working full time and committed to making this happen, and already have an MVP in place.
  • A full time dedicated team, with a vision in mind, the passion to survive the hard entrepreneurship life, and a balanced skill-set among co-founders. The program avoid taking single-founder teams in an accelerator with very few exceptions
  • There are way too many solutions out there looking for a problem. There is no better proof of product-market fit than your solution having customers (pilots, free, paid) and providing your team with valuable feedback
  • The program believes no early investor should own more than 10% of the company. Not only that but they believe this is the only way for future investors to invest in your company. Unfortunately, they see many teams with non-investable cap tables and have provided help to many managing that upon entering the accelerator.

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Benefits Of The The Startup Wise Guys Business Accelerator

  1. 55k € investment (30k € cash + 25k € program) for 9% equity.
  2. Dedicated highly rated coaches for key focus areas (value proposition, pitching, sales, pricing) and access to 250+ world-class business mentors.
  3. Cash investment of up to 30,000 EUR for equity, upon selection in the programs.
  4. Intense sales curriculum for each step in the sales funnel – all the way from target customer identification to deal closing.
  5. Free co-working office space for the course of the program.
  6. Preparation for fundraising, exposure to business angels and VCs during the program and at prime conferences happening during the program and beyond.
  7. Connections to a strong alumni community of 145+ startups in more than 35 countries. Yearly SWG Getaway, p2p learning and after-care program.

How To Apply

Visit their website to apply.

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