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Swedish Institute Management Programme Africa Application Is Ongoing

Swedish Institute

The Swedish Institute Management Programme Africa is open to application from those who intend to build sustainable businesses. This offer is open to citizens of Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

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At Entrepreneurs.ng, our goal is to curate insights, experiences and information that inspire, inform and educate. This particular opportunity will help you become a successful entrepreneur. Therefore, if you are a change maker or you want to join a network of progressive business leaders, this is for you.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

The Swedish Institute Management Programme is a platform that leads change for responsible leadership and sustainable business practices. It is a program that challenges traditional approaches of doing business. It also explores how businesses can become more people and planet focused in the global economy. 

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Benefits Of Attending Swedish Institute Management Programme

Attending SIMP will provide you with:

  • Network of leaders who are focused on sustainable business and responsible leadership. 
  • Increased knowledge about environmental, social and financial aspects of sustainable business.
  • Increased leadership competence.
  • Insights into business cases in Sweden (one of the leading countries in sustainable business practice).
  • Exchange of experience with prominent practitioners in business and in the public sector.  

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Eligibility Status

You are the right candidate if; 

  • You wish to make sustainability an integral part of your business strategy
  • If you are in a leading position within trade, industry or the public sector
  • If you have mandate to influence the business strategy for your organisation
  • You are between 25-45 years old (born 1975 – 1995)
  • You have a good working knowledge of both written and spoken English
  • A citizen and resident of Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda or Zambia

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How It Works At The Swedish Institute Management Programme

The Institute covers training and content. It provides accommodation, food and domestic transport during the course of the program. Also, the institute will cover your flights tickets to and from Sweden and provide insurance that covers illness and accidents in the country. 

However, you will have to cover the flights tickets to and from during module 1 and module 3. Also, you will take care of visa cost (when necessary), to all programme modules. Then, you will be responsible for your occasional meals, airport transfers and insurance when modules holds outside of Sweden.

How To Apply

The window for application is currently open, and will close on February, 20, 2020

To apply, go to the application portal online and apply. This process can take about 60 minutes or more. In the registration, you will need your CV, headshot photo, and recommendation letter from the CEO or management team of your current organisation. 

Thereafter, evaluation will start from 21 Feb. to 8 March 2020. Subsequently, interview will follow from 8 March, 2020 to 27 March 2020. Finally, Admission will hold from 28 March – 9 May 2020

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

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Swedish Institute Management Programme Africa 2020

In SIMP, collaborative methods are used to maximize your learning experience, creative thinking and how to lead value-driven change. During the course of the program, experts will facilitate topics on business impact on the environment. Also, they will speak on diversity and inclusion in the workplace as well as financial strategies for sustainable development. 

In addition, complex business cases will be explored and you’ll receive tools to apply in your day-to-day work. Throughout the programme, you will be expected to develop your own initiative and apply learnings from the programme to continuously develop skills on how to make a positive business impact.

Then, by the end of the programme you will be a part of a long-lasting network of business leaders working for a sustainable future in Asia, Africa and Europe.

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The Programme Has Been Divided Into Three Modules;

Module 1 is a 3 days programme. Here, you will be introduced to the programme curriculum and topics of focus. And regional business cases will create the framework for your learning. This will take place from June 3 – 5, 2020 in one of the selected countries. 

Module 2 is a study into how sustainable business contributes to innovation, production and increased trust in business on the global market. You will also engage on leadership, stake-holder engagement, climate change and company visits. Also, you will have the opportunity to initiate your own business case and receive coaching and peer-feedback. It will be a 2 weeks module in Sweden, from 12 – 24 October, 2020

The Module 3, is a one week programme in one of the selected African countries in February 2021. The programme will focus on reconnection with the network and harvesting learnings from module 1. You have the opportunity to visit and analyse a real business case. 

Please note that all module is mandatory, intense and includes evening activities. To find out more and apply, click here.

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