The Unemployable Generation: Six Signs That Show You Are Becoming Unemployable


Most graduates today are unemployable and I have felt the plight of recruiters having been involved in the exercise myself. Have you ever considered the reason behind your finding people lurking around on the streets? What about neighborhoods “gisting” on a weekday in broad daylight when they are supposedly meant to be at work? The simple answer to your curiosity is unemployment.

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Nigeria and quite frankly the world at large has been earnestly working towards alleviating unemployment. It becomes even sadder when we realize that unemployment has broken through the barriers of education. This is because getting a degree no longer guarantees a job. Which begs the question: to what end was the time, effort, and resources committed towards education? The resulting effect is that youths become bored and restless from their state of unemployment and then engage in anti-social behaviors such as prostitution, armed robbery, thuggery, and terrorism.

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Another area that has undoubtedly been affected by unemployment is the dearth of talents in organizations. The needed skills and knowledge needed for optimum organizational productivity and subsequently, national development is wanting due to the high rate of unemployment.

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There is a growing consensus among many employers that the youths churned out into the workforce are unemployable. I will also say here that students who are in various tertiary institutions are not motivated to study hard. The reason being that their contemporaries who graduated before them are still unemployed.

Therefore, in an era where knowledge has become key and a major foundation for growth in every country, what then are the skills employers are looking for or why do they perceive today’s youths as unemployed?

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Three Reasons Of Unemployment

Unrealistic Salary Expectations

Many graduates expect to get a job today and become millionaires tomorrow. This is not realistic. Dues must be paid, and one of such dues is to earn a lower salary for a while to gain experience and actually be worthy of being paid at all.

Unrealistic Duty Expectations

Youths have a hard time realizing that their ‘dream’ job is not always going to be fun, it would sometimes involve doing the “grunt work” too. If you’re not willing to start pretty close to the bottom of the career ladder, expect to be unemployed for a long time.

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Entitlement Attitude

Employers perceive many young individuals as possessing a feeling of entitlement. They want to be treated “special,” and to be appreciated for doing their job. A job they are paid to do. In the real world of work, you have to be accomplished in your work and show a great sense of accountability before you are entitled to anything.

The big picture however is not to focus on unemployment and its many ills, but to guard against it, starting from ourselves. If we take the words of employers, the crux is then on graduates or potential employees and even currently employed individuals who are looking to change jobs sooner or later, to keep abreast of their environment and the happenings within. They have to ensure that they remain valuable to their society.

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Six Signs That Say You Are/Becoming Unemployable

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Focusing on what you want from a job, rather than what you can bring to an employer

Employers are more inclined to hear you talk about what you can offer them and their organization, and not simply what’s in the deal for you. Employability is about finding a role where you can make a difference or a need you can satisfy.

You haven’t learned anything new for years

The greatest mistake any individual can make is allowing him/herself to become obsolete. There is never an end to learning, and in order to stay relevant, you have to keep learning. The longer you stay without learning anything new, the less employable you get. Personal growth even when you have a good-paying job is important to remain relevant.

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You’re blaming all sorts of things 

There is a danger in getting stuck in the phase of always blaming the government, your socioeconomic status, the economy, your age, or anything else in general for your condition. It hinders you from moving forward.

 Lack of Confidence

In our economy today, the need to exude self-confidence cannot be overemphasized. Recruiters are always reluctant to hire those who fail to exude confidence. They want leaders and innovators, with a high level of self-assurance.

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You send your resume for any and every job

When you become less concerned about the kind of job you are best suited for, and become more particular about finding just any kind of job, then you are heading for trouble.

 Insensitivity to your environment

Being unaligned with the changes of events in your environment is one clear sign you are becoming unemployable. Get acquainted with the current technological trends, social media, and recruiting strategies.

Being unemployed shouldn’t necessarily mean being unemployable. The onus is therefore on every youth to adequately equip themselves with the needed skills and requirements, in addition to their basic qualifications. Whatever you do, watch out for these signs and make sure you do not become unemployable (even if you currently have a job).

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