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URBUNX Basecamp Startup Acceleration Program For Growth For African Changemakers

UrbUNx Basecamp

The UrBUNx Basecamp Startup Acceleration Program for Growth is calling for applications from African changemakers. This is a basecamp for African ChangeMakers containing 4 weeks of intense coaching, mentorship & access to top-notch innovators, technologists & entrepreneurs. The program is slated for Late October 2020.

This program will be a virtual bootcamp, and will begin in late October 2020.

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Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

About The UrBUNx Basecamp Startup Acceleration Program For Growth

URBUNX is a virtual startup and scaleup acceleration platform to enable African entrepreneurs to create sustainable solutions to urban challenges. The initiative supports African founders through its knowledge, network & resources to scale their businesses rapidly & start making a real impact.

To kick-start the Urbunx platform in Africa, the initiative is launching the very first URBUNX Basecamp supported by World Bank & UN-Habitat. This is to give a quick boost to startups looking to scale and/ or raise their next round of funding.  

It is 4 weeks of training on various aspects of building and scaling your business provided by top-notch entrepreneurs and experts who have built global businesses successfully. 

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Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible to join if your startup meet the following criteria;

  1. Startups co-founded by local African entrepreneurs who have a minimum viable product, and are preparing for your next funding round within the next 6 months.
  2. Startups with a focus on urban issues such as; inclusive urban finance, urban manufacturing and industrialization, urban basic services, and urban climate change responses with the potential to scale to other parts of Africa and/ or attract investment/ partnerships from China/ Europe.
  3. Also, startups with at least one co-founder available to join the virtual basecamp. It will be over a period of 4 weeks (late Oct- Nov) with a weekly time commitment of min. 4 hours (workshops + mentorship). 
  4. Startups with traction in their home market. This can mean different things, but it’s typically a strong demonstration of product-market fit and/or some institutional funding for their expansion into new markets.
  5. Startups that are serious about launching their product or service into the Chinese market.
  6. One member of the founding team/one decision-maker needs to be able to commit to the UrbunX Basecamp as well as the potential (fully paid) trip to China.

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The deadline for the UrbUNx Basecamp is September 11, 2020. If your startup meet the eligible requirments, you can apply using this link; https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScq68dlLkWoJ-tLXrfxP1fjMvJIJVQQE0UCmvddw9QoujDRFA/viewform

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