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Young Professional Development Program (YPDP) Of OPEC Fund For International Development 2020

Young Professional Development Program

The OPEC Fund For International Development is calling for application for the Young Professional Development Program (YPDP). This is an opportunity for young professionals who are passionate about international development.

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About The Young Professional Development Program (YPDP)

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The OPEC Fund’s Young Professional Development Program (YPDP) is a structured two-year program. It’s designed to prepare young professionals from the OPEC Fund’s member countries for a career in global development.

Therefore, it is currently seeking applicants with a passion for and commitment to international development who demonstrate academic excellence and relevant professional experience. It wants to hear from those with the drive and ambition to help developing countries address their most pressing challenges in the quest for social, environmental, and economic progress.  

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What YPDP Offers

YPDP offers training, coaching and mentoring, the opportunity to experience different departments and access to professional networks. It equips young professionals with the skills and knowledge to meet the minimum requirements for an entry-level position with the OPEC Fund.

Also, it enables young professionals to develop an appreciation of how different departments/units contribute to the OPEC Fund’s overall strategic and operational goals. Under the structured talent management program, participants will have the opportunity to contribute to achieving the OPEC Fund’s vision of a world where sustainable development is a reality for all.

YPDP participants spend at least 50 percent of the program in a ‘home’ department/unit and rotate to other departments for the remainder of their time. This enables participants to broaden their experience and benefit from differing coaching and mentoring styles while building their professional network.

After participants have successfully completed the two-year program, they may be offered a job at the OPEC Fund, based on their performance and the business need. 

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Eligibility Criteria

To be selected for the YPDP program, as an applicant, you must:

  • Be an OPEC Fund member country national;
  • 30 years of age, or younger;
  • Hold a Master’s degree;
  • Be able to demonstrate outstanding academic credentials;
  • Fluent in English and proficient in at least one other language; 
  • Specialize in development, engineering, economics, finance, business administration, law, information technology, human resources or any other discipline relevant to the OPEC Fund’s operations;
  • Be able to work in an international, multicultural and diverse environment;
  • Understand the OPEC Fund’s mandate; and
  • Be willing to work with the OPEC Fund in Vienna for a minimum of two years upon completion of the YPDP, if offered a position.

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Application process For Young Professional Development Program 2020

Successful applicants will be chosen following a rigorous selection process after which those offered a place on the YPDP will be expected to respond within two weeks.

To apply, you must submit: 

  • A YPDP online application form
  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • An application essay (in Word or PDF format)
  • Academic certificates and transcripts.
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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

 Important considerations 

  • Ensure you meet the minimum eligibility criteria, outlined above;
  • Submit the application essay and transcripts under the ‘Additional Documents’ section in the application form;
  • Submit a valid and current email address. And you can email ypdp@ofid.org with new contact details should they change during the application process;
  • Answer all the questions in the application form; and
  • Ensure that your application essay adheres to the below guidelines.

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Application essay

The OPEC Fund works in cooperation with developing country partners and the international donor community to stimulate economic growth and alleviate poverty in all disadvantaged regions of the world. It does this by providing financing to build essential infrastructure, strengthen social services, and promote productivity, competitiveness, and trade.

The OPEC Fund’s work is people-centered, focusing on projects that meet basic needs – such as food, energy, infrastructure, employment (particularly relating to MSMEs), clean water and sanitation, healthcare, and education.

In fewer than 1,000 words, please write an original essay addressing (i) the potential of development actors such as the OPEC Fund to help developing countries overcome obstacles to social, environmental and economic progress, and (ii) about how you hope to contribute to development if you were selected to work for the OPEC Fund. You may focus on a region or set of countries and/or your area of expertise to formulate your essay.

Please note: OPEC Fund will only consider applications that meet the above criteria and submitted before the deadline. After, they will reach out to short-listed candidates.

The deadline for application submission is September 21, 2020. So, if you are a young professional in the OPEC Fund member countries, follow the link to apply: https://careers.opecfund.org/job/Young-Professional-Development-Program-Job/519366502/

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