US Mission To Nigeria: FY 2021 Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program ($10,000 Grant)

2021 Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program

U.S Embassy Abuja is now receiving applications from organisations for the 2021 Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program. This is an open competition for Nigerian organisations to submit applications to carry out projects through the Small Grants Program.

Do you need Economic Support Fund? Apply now and win award of up to $10,000 to carry out your project.

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About Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program

ASSH program is a grassroots assistance program that funds grants for small development activities that generate public awareness of U.S. foreign assistance efforts which fall outside the structure of other established U.S. assistance projects.

Basically, the program is intended to be flexible and allow the Ambassador to respond directly to requests from local communities for assistance with projects that have an immediate impact and further the US mission priorities. In addition, the Special Self-Help program is structured to encourage communities to be self-reliant and undertake similar activities on their own in the future.

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Do you have a project you want to carry out? Acceptable project objectives include, but are not limited to the following;

  1. Economic diversification, including small business creation and income generation
    • Generate sustainable income and employment opportunities in local communities.
    • Advance economic diversification at the grassroots level;
    • Encourage the use of local natural resources for income generation
    • Promote a culture of entrepreneurship
    • Improve basic economic or living conditions of a community
    • Purchase of income generating-equipment such as weaving looms, threshing machines, oil presses, beehives, etc.
  2. Social services
    • Assist populations that may be disadvantaged or at-risk on a temporary or chronic basis, including people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, the elderly, and female heads of household;
    • Construction of health clinics or workshops
    • Water and sanitation-related projects
  3. Youth and child development
    • Assist youth to gain knowledge and tools to live positively, set life goals, and enhance their own health, safety and security;
    • Create opportunities for youth, including employment;
    • Construction of school rooms or community centers
    • Purchase of school equipment, furnishings, and books.
  4. Community-based natural resource management
    • Expand effective community ownership and management of natural resources
    • Developing sustainable community-based tourism
    • Promoting the conservation of natural resources

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Award Information

  1. Length of performance period: Six to twelve months
  2. Award amounts: Average amount per award is $10,000
  3. Anticipated project start date: October 1, 2021

2021 Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program Eligibility Criteria

This is a program for;

  1. Not-for-profit organisations (NPOs), including civil society/non-governmental organisations (NGOs), registered on the federal or state level in Nigeria.
  2. Established, registered grassroots Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) and Faith-Based Organisations (FBOs) registered on the federal or state level in Nigeria.

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The deadline for application for the 2021 Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program is March 15, 2021. Is your organisation eligible? Apply now using this link; https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/search-grants.html?keywords=ambassaor%27s%20special%20self-help%20program

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