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Swiss Re Foundation 2021 Entrepreneurs For Resilience Award

2021 Entrepreneurs For Resilience Award

The Swiss Re Foundation is now calling for applications for the 2021 Entrepreneurs for Resilience Award. This is an annual program that recognises entrepreneurs who are making health care financially accessible to low-income people.

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About The 2021 Entrepreneurs For Resilience Award

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The Swiss Re Foundation Entrepreneurs for Resilience Award recognizes entrepreneurial initiatives that take innovative approaches to building resilient societies and realizing the UN SDGs. While resilience is the core theme of the 2021 programme, its specific focus changes from year to year.

Despite real progress in improving global health and reducing mortality, according to the World Bank, across 400 million people still lack access to essential healthcare services.

In 2017, the Geneva Association estimated the health protection gap in emerging markets – defined as the sum of financially stressful out-of-pocket expenses and the estimated cost of medical non-treatment due to unaffordability – at USD 2.9 trillion. The Swiss Re Foundation aims to improve access to health, especially to life-saving healthcare in low-income and low-middle-income countries. Also, to make basic healthcare more accessible to 1 million people by 2021.

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How It Works

Basically, the 2021 Resilience Award focuses on innovative solutions that increase financial access to healthcare in low-income communities. More specifically, it is looking for innovative, market-based solutions that increase the household resources available for healthcare and/or reduce health shocks that lead to poverty or economic vulnerability following a disease or an accident.

For ventures where the financial solution is part of a more comprehensive approach, you are in scope for this award if the financial solution is both;

  1. At the core of the broader approach used and,
  2. Innovative or distinctive in some ways.

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The 2021 Entrepreneurs For Resilience Award program involves a grant (paid in several installments over one to three years) from the Swiss Re Foundation. And, depending on the nature, scope, and needs of the enterprise non-financial contributions from Swiss Re employees; such as coaching and technical advice.

First, three finalists will be invited to pitch their ventures face-to-face to an award jury. This jury will consist of senior Swiss Re experts, academic representatives, and selected Swiss Re clients. The total prize money of USD 700 000 is divided amongst the winner (each USD 350 000) and two runners-up.

The award program also offers Swiss Re employees across the world a chance to select their favorite enterprise from the three finalists. The finalist with the most votes receives the “Employee Award” and a special prize. Also, the same enterprise may win both the Employee Award and the Resilience Award in a given year.

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So, to apply for the 2021 Entrepreneurs For Resilience Award, you will need to complete a questionnaire in English and submit by 8 November 2020, 23:59 CET. To do that, you can use this link; https://application.swissrefoundation.org/en/

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