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Best Business Tools And Software For Entrepreneurs

Business tools and software

Business tools and software make it easy for entrepreneurs to win. The internet revolution ushered in the age of hyperconnectivity. Business is no longer as usual. Things have to be done differently if you must win in the business environment.

To win in business, you need the right business tools and software. These business tools and software help you start abreast with the massive information trove.

In this article, I will be sharing with you 15 high-productivity business tools and software that will positively transform your entrepreneurial experience from mere performance to super performance.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

15 Best Business Tools And Software For Entrepreneurs

1. Flourish

Flourish makes data visualization an interesting activity for everyone. As an online data visualisation application, Flourish is a powerful and flexible tool that makes it super easy to turn your business spreadsheets into professional responsive visualisations, maps, interactives, and presentations.

The application is user-friendly and gives you that great opportunity to bring your data to life. And this can be in form of stories that you can share across multiple platforms including your social media channels.

Business tools and software

2. LinkedIn

There is a high tendency that as an entrepreneur you may be under-utilising the enormous power of the largest B2B platform – LinkedIn. And if you have, it’s time to get you back on the right track, on the track of improved professional networking.

You can use LinkedIn to highlight your accomplishments, and share your professional thoughts through content. You can also connect with other professionals and influential business thought leaders.

To begin, you need to have a well-written and arranged professional bio highlighting with timelines your professional accomplishments, competencies, academic qualifications and other contributions relevant to your professional life.

Remember, it’s the individual that makes the entrepreneur and not the other way round, so put your professional life in order today on LinkedIn.

Business tools and software

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite occupies a prominent position on the list of best business tools and software for entrepreneurs. It is a great tool that helps you to monitor all your social media platforms in one place in real-time. You can see Hootsuite as the ultimate control dashboard for your business social media accounts.

You can schedule multiple posts to your social media pages days, weeks or months ahead then focus on other pressing issues. In addition, the application provides you with real-time analytics so that you can spot the trends and performance of your content, and also intervein when necessary.

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Business tools and software

4. Coverr

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

I bet you remember that song – “Who run the world? Girls (girls)” by Beyonce. Oh yes, you do, but right now in the content marketing world, videos – good videos run the world and you better believe it. This is because videos cut through the communication noise spectrum faster and captures your attention and engagement more quickly.

Here comes this wonderful tool – Coverr to rescue and revamp your video content strategy. Your mission to reach the whole with your products and services is now back on course.

On Coverr website you can explore a collection of 100% free stock videos for both personal and commercial use with no single attribution required, but will be appreciated if given.

It’s time to take your next creative project to the next level. Head over to Coverr and make that magic happen.

5. AroundMe

Entrepreneurs are always on the move as they have tons of issues competing for their attention. Get more efficient in running your daily schedules with this free smartphone app. AroundMe is an app that you can use for discovering what is near you.

It is a business tool that will help you find out the location of restaurants, ATMs, cafes, parks, and other such attractions around you. And be rest assured that you will accomplish more within your tight schedule going forward. Try it today.

6. Mention

Let’s say you have put in a significant level of effort in building your personal and business brand online, how do you now measure the effectiveness of your efforts? You simply deploy the superior listening capabilities of Mention to provide you with on-the-spot data on how your online brand awareness is fairing.

Mention is a social media tool that acts like “Big Brother” monitoring the web, including the major social media channels. It informs you every time somebody mentions your name, brand, or targeted keywords.

It has a user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to use. And it helps you build relationships, generate leads, and protect your reputation online.

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7. Moz

Are you a digital entrepreneur? Then get close to MOZ. MOZ is a popular all-in-one SEO suite housing tools designed to improve your business’s online platforms’ search engine visibility.

MOZ’s comprehensive features ultimately improve your overall online business strategy beyond just SEO; it fine-tunes your digital content.

8. Blush

Blush is an online tool that houses high-quality and customisable art illustrations from all over the world made by selected artists. You can bring your presentation projects to life with blush and at the same time make the design process simple and fun.

As a standalone web application, blush makes it easier for you to customise the illustrations, download them and add them to your projects. Trust me, you need to try this great application today and watch your presentation projects blush with joy.

9. Lumen 5

Do you want to transform your blog posts into social media videos in an instant? Here comes Lumen5 to your rescue. This great web application uses AI-powered technology to transform your written texts into captivating video content. It achieves this by finding and synchronising the best music and visuals for your project. And the end result? A wonderful output that will enhance and project your message to your audience.

You can also personalise your videos with your business brand colours, custom themes, and fonts with the built-in drag-and-drop functionality. When you are done creating your videos, don’t forget to share them across social media channels. And watch your target audience go wow-wow.

10. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is an AI-powered ingenious copywriter tool that helps you produce original human-like copy ideas instantly. If you are an email marketer, copywriter, or content writer, I am sure you must have encountered writer’s block. The delay it can cause to urgent projects you are working on can be quite expensive.

With Copy.ai, you have nothing to worry about anymore. Just select any copy type that you have run out of fresh ideas with. Provide some keywords and phrases on the content idea, and leave the rest for Copy.ai to do. To put it in another way, tell Copy.ai what you want and watch it create the marketing copy.

11. Hotjar

If you want to know through visualisation how users are engaging with your website, then Hotjar is the real deal. And I mean quite literally. This tool allows you to visualize through users’ interactive heatmaps on your site, what they are using your site for. And how they are using it.

In other words, as a product experience insight tool, Hotjar shows you the behaviour analytics of visitors to your site. This is achieved by using heatmaps, session recordings, feedback widgets, and survey tools. This detailed insight will help you implement data-backed improvement options that will optimise your website for the better.

Business tools and software

12. Loom

Here is one of the best online tools for entrepreneurs in hybrid workplaces. Loom is a one-way and easy-to-use video messaging app. It allows you to record yourself and the contents on your computer screen. And you can send the final video to others via a shareable link.

This is a great tool for content creators, especially course content creators. Try it today and you will be amazed at how effortlessly it works.

13. Lordicon

Lordicon is both powerful and beautiful. It is a large library of carefully crafted ready-to-use animated and non-animated icons for your digital projects, presentations, or videos. This tool has many integration options to choose from. And the icons are delivered in multiple formats – GIF, SVG, EPS, PNG files, etc.

Business tools and software

14.  7-Minute Workout

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new normal in work-life balance. Many businesses are still operating remotely and may continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  The 7-Minute Workout app helps you stay fit and focused with short workouts at intervals. This is especially useful if you are still working from home.

Each workout consists of 12 exercises of 30 seconds, with 10-second breaks. And what do you have to bring to the “workout party”? Just grab a chair and a wall only, funny right? The 7-Minute fitness workout app is both available on iOS and Android. Do try it today.

15.  Clarity.FM

Need expert advice on any topic? Why go in circles looking for solutions when you can connect to an expert directly? It’s time you tune your channel to Clarity.FM.

Clarity.FM is a web platform service that helps you find, schedule, and pay for expert advice over the phone. The platform houses a community of experts. And depending on the type of advice you are looking for, you can search for professionals by name or by their expertise.

Pick up that phone and make that call now. And you can rest assured of getting the much-needed clarity that you so desire.

Do you know you can ask an expert at Entrepreneurs.ng? Ask an expert today.

Business tools and software

Final Thoughts

Dear Entrepreneur and aspiring entrepreneur, the above tools are great and worthy companions for you in your entrepreneurial journey. The list above is by no means exhaustive. I’m sure there are other business tools and software that will increase your productivity and increase the bottom line. I will like you to list them for me in the comments.

We are inspiring, informing and educating entrepreneurs through free content on our platform here, paid content on our shop and through our channel. Our goal is to raise a new wave of entrepreneurs. If you like to join our community, join here.

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