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Cameraman – The Easiest And Safest Way To Find Your Photographer


Cameraman is one of the lucky businesses that Entrepreneurs.ng is profiling from Silicon Africa. We cut up with the founder of Cameraman, Adeola Abdulkhabeer and had a fulfilling conversation about his entrepreneurial journey. Adeola is making it easy for people to have access to photographers and videographers.

Cameraman is one of the first Photography marketplace in Nigeria where clients find and book talented professional photographers/videographers.

The entrepreneur’s journey is indeed a challenging one. Showcasing entrepreneurs who are making leaps in different industries is at the heart of what we do at Entrepreneurs.ng. It’s important because aspiring entrepreneurs need to know that it can be done.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

So, seat tight while we go on a journey with Adeola of Cameraman.

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Background of Adeola Abdulkhabeer

Adeola Abdulkhabeer is an aspiring full-stack web developer, photographer and the founder of Cameraman.ng. 

His educational background includes Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design at Yaba College Of Technology 2015.

Before devoting his time fully to Cameraman.ng, Adeola has worked as graphic designer at Fitted Ideas, Printivo, MyAds, MUD Nigeria etc. He did this for a couple of years until 2017, when he decided to stop and focus fully on Cameraman.ng. Adeola has a passion for photography.

He is also an alumnus of Kelechi Amadi Obi Studios where he worked for several months.

Adeola successfully organized a give back to the economy program titled – “Photography and Web Design Workshop at Yaba College Of Technology with “El Posé Concept and Artwithinme Media”.

Cameraman.ng won the 2017 NextEconomy Acceleration program organized by Cchubnigeria. It also made it to the first Google Launchpad in Lagos.

Adeola recently organized another meet-up for photographers and videographers, titled “The Market and Evolution of Photography”,

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Family Influence

Well, my most appreciation goes to my mum who never relent in praying for my success

Why Photography?

Do you ever look back through the eyes of a photograph and say to yourself, “wow see me when I was small looking so innocent and beautiful?”.

I love to document memories in either still or moving pictures, and this has led me into the photography industry.

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

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Do You Have Any Mentors?

I do have couple of mentors not only in my profession but also in other areas of life.

Tell Us About Cameraman

Cameraman is fast becoming the go-to digital photography portal for anyone who simply wants to capture his happiest moments (weddings) or companies organizing one event or another.

Cameraman.ng is an on-demand platform for photography services, which connects users/customers to talented professional photographer and videographers in real-time around their locality thereby creating jobs for photographers/videographers.

We are a registered company with CAC.

Company Structure Of Cameraman

The business of photography has since grown over the years with a lot of people in the industry, and this gives clients a hard time finding and deciding on who is the best man for the job. 

We have created an online platform that takes away the stress by making finding and booking photography services easy and convenient. 

The beauty of our product is, you don’t have to book photography services in advance. You just have to take out your phone, find and book photographers in real-time, around you at a great price.

Cameraman In 5 years

In one word, SUCCESS. And as long as technology still exist, the company will remain.

We plan to expand our solutions across the continent, as we are all about capturing irreplaceable moments; and of course, everyone has a day in their life they want to capture forever. So, we want to capture it for them.

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Tell Us How You Have Leveraged Technology In Your Business.

Cameraman instantly matches you with professional photographers or videographers with just few clicks around your locality.

We have made the platform easy and affordable to users who are willing to capture and record every beautiful moment of their events with these few steps:

  1. You reach out to our Platform and Book a Cameraman 
  2. We get your booking and Instantly Match you with a Cameraman
  3. You make Payment and we have it secured by our escrow system
  4. We send the cameraman to Shoot and capture your beautiful moment
  5. Your work is fully ready and we are set to Deliver

For the photographers/videographers, we have created a form that allows us to vet them and know who is fit for the platform, because we pledge to give our users/clients the very best. We also invite them to a physical meeting to get a better knowledge of who they are and their personalities.

Challenges In Running Cameraman And How You Have Managed It

  • Starting wasn’t so cool, but we scale through our first stage by moving from point 0 to 1.
  • Financing the business is another challenge. My colleague and I use every penny at our disposal to ensure we’re afloat.
  • Getting the right team is another challenge we are facing, but I keep my mind open and heads high up till the right team is formed.

Any Decisions You Took That You Wished You Did Differently?

In choosing a co-founder, I made a mistake that I don’t want to ever repeat again. If I were to choose a co-founder now, I would be sure everything is documented and roles understood.

How do you give back to the society? Any CSR projects?

By supporting some organisations with photography and videography services

Other Business Interests Asides Cameraman

Apart from Cameraman, I have interest in fashion, and this is the reason for staring up Hijjabr (finished head wraps for modest woman with principle and freedom of choice).

I’m also an aspiring full-stack web developer.

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Advice For Someone Starting Out A Business In Your Field

Your mind is a soil, what you plant grows. Push yourself to the limit and you would realise you can still push further.

Connect, network and grow.

Keep on keeping on.

Greatest Achievement So Far

My greatest achievements so far is having to start a company now.

Tell us what your typical day looks like

After my morning prayers, the rest of the day is for making money and connecting with great minds, either physical, through books or via the media platforms.

How Do You unwind?


Romantic Relationship Status.

Before marriage, I would say “I rocked the sweet boys association” smiles.

Are you an entrepreneur doing exploits in your industry? Entrepreneurs.ng will like to tell your story.



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