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CGEED Digital Transformation Grant for African Women-led enterprises – Apply Now

CGEED Digital Transformation Grant

The Center for Global Entrepreneurship and Economic Development – CGEED Digital Transformation Grant is currently receiving applications from women-led enterprises. This is with the aim to bridge the digital divide gap and provide digital transformation training grants for women in business.

The grant is designed to facilitate the acquisition of digital skills, tools, and technology to support their business process. So, if you want to speed your digital transform, you should apply for this grant.

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Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

About The CGEED Digital Transformation Grant Program

In developing countries, women have less access to technology when compared to men, and women have less access to technology to help them run companies. Nearly 25 percent fewer women than men have access to the internet.

The United Nations reports that 3.6 billion people are unconnected; digital exclusion is a huge barrier to social and economic development. Therefore, CGEED will provide digital literacy and skills, with access to technological tools, and resources that are essential to thrive in the increasingly digitized global economy.

The project is going to provide coaching and training, focused on giving women a chance to participate in the digital economy and bridge the digital divide by supporting them in utilizing digitally centered business models to connect to customers, which they could not reach.

Other challenges include but are not limited to digital marketing, resource accessibility, compliance, and healthy competitions to help women excel in their income-generating efforts and increase access to resources.  

Goal: Using technology as a driving force to engage women in digital economy. 

What: Improve the lack of digital accessibility for women entrepreneurs.

The project aims at empowering women to use technology to access information sources, engage and improve their business processes, and achieve their socioeconomic opportunities. Advancing women’s digital connectivity will bring new business opportunities; enable them to have access to personal digital technology, which is essential in today’s digital economy.

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Reason For The CGEED Digital Transformation Grant

The aim of the program is to empower women with digital literacy.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, it has been challenging businesses to ensure continuity of operations due to the lack of adequate resources required to accommodate the new workforce process presented by the pandemic. Most women lack ICT skills training and education programs that can help them effectively manage their business in the digital economy.

Work has moved from physical environments into digital and cloud environments. Organizations that were ready before the pandemic continued to deliver services and quickly adjusted their workflows to the new normal. Many small businesses had to close or drastically curtail business reach due to a lack of resources.

The money for CGEED is a service credit to help SMEs so these businesses can stay in touch with their customer base and also be able to transact their business fully online.

And the duration for the program is 6 weeks

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Who Should Apply For CGEED Digital Transformation Grant

Participants should be women entrepreneurs, community members, school administrators, teachers, women and youth organizations, women startups companies, and other private and informal sector leaders. They should;

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
  • Come from West Africa, or members of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).
  • Be between 18 to 70 years of age
  • Have access to a phone or computer and a knowledge of English.
  • Have a business or plans to open one.
  • Has a social media account on Facebook and WhatsApp

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The CGEED Digital Transformation Grant is a resource grant that will train women in digital literacy to help them manage their businesses during and after the pandemic. The project will enable the economic potential of technology for SMEs by increasing their competitiveness; by streamlining their business and administrative processes; and facilitating their access to both capital and economic opportunities.

The aim is;

  • To promote digital skills and entrepreneurship
  • Business management  and development skills
  • Collaboration with other peers globally
  • Access to information, communication, and technology  (ICT) tools
  • Consulting services

Available Training Grants

The funding opportunities are in two phases;

Digital Transformation Training Grant– (Worth  $ 4,000 in value)

It is now very crucial for businesses to digitize their processes. This grant will provide practical applications for digital transformation to boost your business productivity. 

It supports businesses, SMEs, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs with the skills and resources needed for the digital transformation of their businesses.

With these skills and proper digital platforms in place, the funding will help you to meet the demands of your customers and clients. Also, it will help you increase your business revenue. 

Digital Integration Startup Training Grant -(worth  $ 3,000 in value)

This grant is to support SMEs who have not started implementing digital solutions and tools to enable their business processes. It introduces tools, mentorship, and general support services.

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The CGEED Digital Transformation Grant is currently open to applications, and the deadline is August 14, 2020. So, if you are a woman entrepreneur with the need for a digital resource to speed up your business, use this link to apply; https://www.cgeed.org/apply-for-grant/

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  1. Ololo Felicia Ayebaseleiekiprete

    I filled the application for Grant for agriculture but all of a sudden it went off so I want to know if I successfully applied.Thank you

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