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Charles Novia: Biography And Career Journey Of A Multi-talented Filmmaker.

Charles Novia

Charles Novia is a multi-talented Nigerian film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, social commentator, essayist, and author. He is the CEO and founder of November Productions Limited.

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The talented filmmaker, just launched the first teen centric TV station, Teen Africa TV (TATV) on DSTv and Gotv. He is also a member of the Oscars Selection Committee (NOSC).

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Charles Novia Background

Charles Osa Igbinovia was born to a polygamous family on the 20th of November 1971, in Benin City, Edo State. His late father, Mr Igbinovia, used to be a talented writer, although none of his writings were published, while his late mother, nee Uwaifor was a singer, and the elder sister of the popular singer, Sir Victor Uwaifor.

Charles Novia grew up in Benin City. In 1993, obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in Dramatic Arts from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is married and blessed with children.

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Charles Novia

Charles Novia Career

The multi-talented filmmaker started writing at the age of six. He is described as a multi-talented person because he has several talents, and knows how to make use of each of them.

In 1998, Charles became the resident Master of Ceremony (MC) and stand-up comedian of Jazzville. After a while, the singer at Jazzville left, so Novia became the professional singer of Jazzville.

Before Charles Novia became a movie director and filmmaker, he used to be an actor and a presenter on national television. He created and featured in a sitcom, One Big Family.

Charles Novia eventually got tired of singing, acting, comedy, e.t.c, and just wanted to be the man making things happen behind the scenes. Thus far, Charles Novia has produced and directed several widely acclaimed movies.

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He has attended several film festivals, including the Nigerian Film Festival in Amsterdam, where his film, For Your Love, was showcased. 

He was also present at the Rotterdam International Film Festival (RIFF), Berlin International Film Festival (BIFF), Manchester Commonwealth Film Festival (MCFF), e.t.c. Also, one of his movies, Battle of Love, won five awards at THEMA 2000.

In 2014, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (organizers of The Oscars) appointed him as a member of the 12-man Selection Committee for the Nigerian entries in the ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ category, now known as the ‘Best International Feature Film’ category.

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Charles Novia
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Filmography (As An Actor, Director, Producer, Scriptwriter)

  • Deep Secrets
  • Love of My Life ((Video) – 2002
  • The Pastor and The Harlot (Video) – 2002
  • Real Love (Video) – 2003
  • You Broke My Heart 1 and 2 (Video) – 2003
  • Husband and Wife (Video) – 2003
  • Adam and Eve (Video) – 2003
  • I Will Die for You (Video) – 2003
  • Real Love (Video) – 2003
  • When Love Dies (Video) – 2003
  • You Broke My Heart 1 and 2 (Video) – 2003
  • Atlanta 1 and 2 (Video) – 2004
  • Missing Angel 1 and 2 (Video) – 2004
  • Cinderella (Video) – 2004
  • The Bridesmaid (Video) – 2005
  • The AIDS Patient (Video) – 2005
  • The Covenant Church (Video) – 2006
  • Welcome to Nollywood (Documentary) – 2007
  • Caught in the Middle (Video) – 2007
  • Atlanta Series (TV Series) – 2011
  • Alan Poza – 2013
  • Put a Ring on It – 2016

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Charles Novia

Charles Novia Awards

  • Nominee at the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Screenplay – 2013
  • Best Indigenous Language Movie/TV Series (Igbo) at the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards – 2016

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Charles Novia Quotes

“Some want to be who they believe they should be. But can’t be who they want to be because they won’t let go of a strand of who they were, which made them who they are and which can’t make them who they should be.”

“…It’s not so much to say I am who I am. It’s everything to say I want to be who I should be. The journey of self-discovery is always a Lifetime Project.”

“When you get to the top, there would be others there who had been enjoying the view before you came and would suddenly want to see if your corner is cooler than theirs.”

“There is no greater recompense for delayed rewards than the joy of fulfilled expectations.”

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“Imbibe the values of integrity, honesty, hard work and loyalty and see what those virtues in your workplace will do for you as you develop your capacity.”

“When storms rage, know when to stay safe, when to rage back and when to just chill.”

“By the way, a smile a day won’t kill you. Find it in your heart to smile. The real deep smile from the heart.”

“Add VALUE. Give VALUE. Groom VALUE. Birth VALUE.”

“At the early stages of my career as a creative, I understood that the essence of my gifts is to impact on society; to add value to lives through my works.”

“Read, people, read. Develop yourselves. Read beyond click-bait headlines. Read.”

“Move your mountains. Ride your storms. Calm the Raging Seas. And wait…see…accept… And Be. Just Be.”

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Charles Novia

Entrepreneurial Lessons


Charles Novia is a multi-talented human who understands that being a Jack of all trades, makes you a master of none, so he decided to focus on film productions and directing. He knew exactly when to step back and focus. If he tried to professionally pursue a career in all his talents, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

As an entrepreneur, even though you have several talents, learn to master and focus on one. As your business grow, employ talents with complimentary skills and trust them to do their work. You become a master at something when you dedicate time to it.

Are you an entrepreneur making leaps in your industry? Entrepreneurs.ng will like to tell your story.

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