The Gratitude Network Fellowship 2021 Cohort For Social Entrepreneurs

Gratitude Network Fellowship

The Gratitude Network Fellowship is recruiting leaders for her 2021 cohort. This is a leadership development program for social entrepreneurs. It aims to accelerate the growth of high impact social entrepreneurs, working to improve the lives of children and youth in education, health, and children’s right.

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The Gratitude Network Fellowship

Start Your Business In 30 Days

The Gratitude Network Fellowship is a 12-month virtual leadership development program designed to help social entrepreneurs hone their leadership skills, work with their teams more effectively, and increase their organization’s impact.

What To Benefit

By participating, all gratitude fellows will enjoy the following benefits;

Coaching; matched and meet at least monthly with a highly-skilled Leadership Coach.

Learning; Regularly scheduled topic-based Webinars.

Advising; Receive support from Expert Advisors to tackle operational and execution issues.

Leadership Summit; Have the opportunity to attend the Gratitude Network’s annual Leadership Summit – multi-day networking, learning, and collaboration event

Network; Remain a valued member of the Gratitude Network Alumni and family for continued support, connection, and collaboration

Connection; Meet regularly with their peer Fellows for networking, problem solving, and partnership.

Visibility; Are given visibility on the Gratitude Network website, social media, newsletter and various virtual and live events

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How It Works

The Gratitude Network program approach will be on the following;

  • Focus on leadership development to grow leaders who in turn grow their organizations
  • Focus on key leadership areas including:
    • Vision, Strategy, and Objectives
    • Organization and Team
    • Execution
    • Personal Leadership Development
  • Offer varied opportunities for Connection
  • Provide multiple avenues into the Network for support and learning

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Application Process

The application will be in three phases;

Start Your Business in 30 Days

Part One:

Submission Deadline: August 14, 2020

A preliminary questionnaire designed to confirm alignment with the Fellowship eligibility standards. Applicants who meet the requirements will be invited to complete Part 2 of the application.

Part Two

Submission Deadline: August 28, 2020

Only for Invited Applicants. Part 2 includes additional questions and requests designed to share more information about the Applicant and organization.

Part Three

Submission Deadline: November 2020

Finalists will be invited to submit additional information on their Applicant and organization. Also, finalists will be invited to an individual or group interview with the Gratitude Network.

Then, all applicants will be notified of their selection status by the end of December 2020.

Please Note: The Gratitude Network strives to be a welcoming community that embraces diversity and works towards social justice for all human beings. Every day, the network stands against racism, prejudice, and intolerance. And, this same commitment extends to its Fellowship Application and Selection process where it embraces transparency and openness. 

Hence, prior to starting your application, it is recommended that you review the Gratitude Network Fellowship Application Preparation Guide.

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The deadline for application for the 2020 Gratitude Network Fellowship is August 14, 2020. Are you a social entrepreneur serving youths and children? Learn more and apply using this link; http://gratitude-network.org/the-gratitude-network-fellowship/

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