Harrysong: Biography, Success Story And Net Worth Of The Kingmaker


Harrison Tare Okiri, popularly known as Harrysong, aka Mr Songz, is an award-winning Nigerian singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist. He plays the piano, drums, conga, and guitar. Harrysong is also the CEO of Alter Plate Music Company.

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Harrysong Background

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Harrysong was born on the 30th of March 1981 to Ijaw parents in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. He had his primary and secondary education in Warri. Harrysong lost his mother early. After the death of his mother, his relationship with his step mother was galling which made him drop out of school. Harrysong is blessed with a set of twin; a baby boy and girl.

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Harrysong’s Cars and Houses

Harrysong has a flourishing musical career which is evident in his numerous awards, and the acclaims he receives from fans. He received a duplex, and a 2013 Toyota Camry from Five Star Music as part of the benefits of being an artist under the record label. The multi-talented artist acquired a Hummer H2 worth over 15million, a black 2013 BMW X6, a white 2013 supercharge Range Rover, and a Bentley GT Continental.

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Harrysong Career

If you are regular on Entrepreneurs.ng, you will notice that most of the artiste we have profiled have family members who inspired them to choose their career paths. So, we can say that some of these talents run in the ‘blood’. Like most, Harrysong started music at a young age as a chorister in his mother’s church.

While he sang, his mother played the piano for the church. At 14, he wrote his first song. The song was for his mother who wanted to release a gospel music album. As he grew up, his passion for music grew as well. He had to devote time to learning music. As a result of his vast musical knowledge, he became a vocalist in his church. Harrysong also became the choir director of the Church of God Mission (CGM).

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Harrysong’s music career commenced fully in 2003, after the Question Mark record label employed him to coach their upcoming artists. He was eventually signed by the label and did an album with them. Harrysong left Question Mark at the expiration of his contract and joined Five Star music. He was propelled to limelight in 2017, with the hit single – Better Pikin.

After a few years, Harrysong left Five Star Music and established his own record label – Alter Plate Music. Thus far, Harrysong has been doing tremendously well with Alter Plate. He is now known as the Kingmaker, because he gives back to the society through his music.  


Harrysong’s Albums

  • Testify – 2012
  • Urban Heartbeat, Vol 100 – 2017 
  • Kingmaker – 2017
  • Urban Heartbeat, Vol 25 – 2017
  • Tribal Sonic Sound blast, Vol 12 – 2017
  • Urban Heartbeat, Vol 64 – 2017
  • Afro Pop, Vol 12 – 2017
  • Urban Pulse, Vol 12 – 2017  
  • Urban Heartbeat, Vol 58 – 2017
  • Best of Harrysong – 2019

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Harrysong Songs

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2012 – 2017

  • I Want You (Gyptian cover)
  • Obu Ego (Hustle)
  • Taiye and Kehinde
  • Am in Love – 2012
  • I’m in Love – 2012
  • When She Loves – 2012
  • Journey – 2012  
  • Shine Shine Baby – 2015
  • I’m in Love Remix (featuring Olamide) – 2015
  • Baba for the girls (featuring Kcee) – 2016
  • Better Pikin – 2017
  • Pikin – 2017  
  • Kolombo – 2017
  • Ofeshe – 2017
  • Reggae Blues (featuring Olamide, Iyanya, Kcee, Orezi) – 2017

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2017 – 2019

  • Arabanko – 2017
  • Comsa – 2017
  • Donatus – 2017 
  • Under The Duvet – 2017
  • Bacana – 2017
  • It’s Not a Lie – 2017
  • Samankwe – 2017
  • Record of Life – 2017
  • Ele – 2017 
  • Happiness – 2018
  • Selense – 2018
  • Tekero – 2018
  • Selense II – 2018 
  • Report Card – 2018
  • Chacha (Remix featuring Zlatan ibile) – 2019
  • RNB’ – 2019
  • Believe – 2019

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Harrysong’s Quotes

“Marriage is not just what you want to get into because it is time, or that you are getting old, or because people are looking at you to must-have settled down.”

“I was advised to seize the opportunity and sing the tribute song for Mandela because I was inspired by his story, and he was not only loved in South Africa but in the whole world.”

“If you have listened to some of my songs, you would notice that they have stories. I use my songs to tell stories.”

“…Today, I can see in your midst stars who would change the world, stars who would reshape our country, stars who would further rebrand the image of our dear country, Nigeria. Stay positive, work hard, and pray hard.”

“I think so far, the deepest song I have sung is reggae blues. The truth is that reggae blues was meant to be the kind of song that would make you just sit down and think about your life. But we turned it into a song that would make you dance, and forget about your sorrows.”

“I cannot rap to save my life. The few times I tried it in the privacy of my house, my friends told me to shut my mouth because I was just doing rubbish. I can handle all other genres of music except rap.”

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Awards And Nominations Of Harrysong

  • Nigeria Music Video Awards nominee for Best Pop Extra Video – 2013
  • Nominated at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards for Best Pop/R&B Artist of the Year – 2014
  • Nigeria Music Video Awards for Best Contemporary Afro Video – 2014
  • Best Pop Extra Video at the Nigeria Music Video Awards – 2014
  • The Headies Award for Most Downloaded Callertune – 2015
  • The Sun Awards for Creative Person of the Year – 2015   
  • Nominated at the Ghana Music Awards for African Artiste of the Year – 2016
  • Nigeria Entertainment Awards nominee for Best Collabo – 2016  
  • The Headies Awards for Best Pop Single – 2017

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Harrysong Net Worth

According to buzznigeria.com, Harrysong is worth $1.6million.

Life Lesson From Harrysong

Harrysong knows his worth, so he does not settle for less. He works hard to ensure that his music stands out. It is by working hard and developing himself that he has increased his self worth. Today, he has his own record label and is one of the recognised artist in Africa.

As an entrepreneur, know your worth and ensure you are treated and paid accordingly. Remember, to get to the point where you are worth a lot, you must have put in the work. Your work must speak for itself.

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Also, the lack of formal education shouldn’t be a hindrance to any one’s success. If you are passionate about something, go ahead and pursue it. Do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. Learn that skill, take that professional course and continue learning. Harrysong dropped out of school, but he didn’t give up on his dreams. He went on to learn music until he became a pro.

You shouldn’t give up on your dream.

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Image Credit: @iamharrysong (Instagram), thenet.ng



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