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Teni: Biography, Songs And Net Worth Of Teni Apata


Teni is a multitalented, and free-spirited award-winning Nigerian singer, songwriter, and entertainer. Teni swiftly rose to fame and stardom in the Nigerian music industry because people could relate to her lyrics.

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Teni Background

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Teni’s birth name is Teniola Apata, and she hails from Ekiti State. She was born in Lagos to Mr. and Mrs. Apata, as the 9th of 10 children. Her father was a retired Brigadier General before he was assassinated in 1995 when Teni was just 2years old.

Teni attended Apata Memorial High School – a school owned by her late father in Lagos. After secondary school, Teni went to the United States of America (USA) to get a degree in Business Administration at the American Intercontinental University. She is the younger sister, to the popular singer – Niniola.

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Her music is versatile, as anything around her inspires her. She loves Wasiu Ayinde’s songs, and this reflects in her songs as well. Music is spiritual to Teni, as she believes she can change people’s narratives with her music.

As a child, she was in the school band, where she played the drums. Also, as a child, she and her siblings weren’t allowed to go out, so they always stayed in the corridor singing on top of their voices.

Teniola loves playing basketball, so, if she wasn’t a singer, she most likely would have been a basketballer. She is also interested in business, charity, and tech. Teni attributes her high level of confidence to her parents, especially her mum.

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Teni Career

Teni released her debut single Amen under the Shizzi Magic Fingers Record Label. In 2017, Teni left Shizzi magic fingers, and signed with Dr Dolor Entertainment, where she released a single: Fargin in September 2017. Teni experienced her breakthrough in the Nigerian music industry after she released Askamaya, Case and Uyo Meyo.

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Teni’s Selected Singles

  • Amen – 2016
  • Fargin – 2017
  • Wait – 2018
  • Pareke – 2018
  • Lagos – 2018
  • Askamaya – 2018
  • Fake Jersey – 2018
  • Shake Am – 2018
  • Case – 2018
  • Pray – 2018
  • Uyo Meyo – 2018
  • Party Next Door – 2019
  • Sugar Mummy – 2019
  • Power Rangers – 2019

Teni’s Featured Singles

  • Rambo (Dr Dolor featuring Teni) – 2018
  • Pray (Dr Dolor featuring Teni and Phyno) – 2018
  • Aye Kan (Shizzi featuring Teni and Mayorkun) – 2018
  • Murder (King Perry featuring Teni) – 2018

Teni As A Songwriter

  • Like That by Davido – 2017
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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

Teni’s Endorsements

  • On the 12th of July 2019, Wema Bank Nigeria endorsed Teniola as the brand ambassador of its alat_ng scheme.
  • Budweiser beer endorsed Teniola as one of its numerous celebrity ambassadors.
  • Teniola signed an endorsement deal with TomTom on the 26th of March 2019.
  • Pepsi Naija signed an endorsement deal with Teniola on the 30th of June 2019.
  • Tecno Mobile signed an endorsement deal with Teniola in 2019.

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Quotes Of Teni

“Everybody here has something to offer, but people don’t know because in Nigeria, being special depends on how much money you have, so people don’t know that their worth is in their skill.”

“Get your bags ladies and gentlemen! Don’t let procrastination stop you.”

“Embrace your struggles! We’re all just working to be better. It’s okay to have struggles, it’s a part of life, it will all get better…”

“If you strive hard, you can be just what you want.”

“If you know who you are, you won’t let what anyone say to you affect you.”

“When you have positive energy, everyone wants to be around you.”

“I pray you to reach a certain level of happiness! The one in which you need no validation. Just casually living your life, knowing tomorrow isn’t promised.”

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Awards And Recognitions Of Teni

  • Rookie of the year at the Headies – 2018
  • Most Promising Act to Watch at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards – 2018
  • Best New Artist at the Soundcity MVP Awards Festival – 2018
  • NotJustOk ranked her eighth on their list of the 10 Hottest Artists in Nigeria – 2018
  • Premium Times newspaper named her as one of the six Nigerian breakout stars, viral sensations – 2018
  • Teni was featured on YouTube Music’s Trending Artist on the Rise – 2019
  • Nominee for the Best New International Act at the BET Awards – 2019
  • Artiste of the Year award at the Top Naija Music Award – 2019

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Net Worth Of Teni

According to austinemedia.com, Teniola Apata is worth $300,000.

Lesson Learnt From Teni

  • Stay true to yourself, stay true to your passion, and you would soar.
  • Don’t ever let people’s opinions of you deter you from being who you’re supposed to be or stop you from attaining the heights you’re supposed to attain.
  • Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes better, keep practicing, and keep getting better.
  • Make proper use of social media to sell yourself and gain exposure.

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Image Credit: @tenientertainer (Instagram)



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