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How To Start A Private Security Company In Nigeria

Private Security Company

A private security company is an organisation set up to protect lives and properties. It is a business corporation that provides armed and unarmed security services to private and public clients.

Basically, they offer advanced security services such as prevention of unauthorized/illegal activity or entry, access control, fire and theft prevention, and other kinds of services as demanded by clients.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

Owing to the increasing security challenges today, private security companies are more preferred by individuals/organisations especially as government security services have continued to fail.

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Beyond being proactive, they use technologically advanced equipment like CCTV to monitor day to day activities within clients’ premises. Also, they provide guard and patrol services such as bodyguards, car parking, and security guard services.

Are you interested in setting up a private security company? This article contains all the information you need to set up a successful security outfit.

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Security Company In Nigeria

Security involves using different kinds of protective measures to safeguard lives and properties. It can be provided by government or private companies. While the government ensures the safety of every Nigerian and make the country habitable, a private security company safeguard individuals, events, and organisations.

Security companies operate in different areas and provide services to a wide range of people from business to events to homes and communities e.t.c. They work to protect their clients from fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and prevent other illegal/criminal activities.

Besides, they complement the security services provided by the Nigerian police, Department of State Security (DSS), the Nigerian Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and other government security bodies in Nigeria

Their services can be tailored to high net worth individuals, politicians, religious leaders, or organisations.

Let’s look at the steps you need to take to start a private security company in Nigeria.

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Private security business

Step By Step Plan On How To Start A Private Security Company

In this article I have highlighted a step by step plan on how to start a private security company in Nigeria and how to become successful in the business.

Step 1: Create A Business Plan

The first step in any business is to state the aims and objectives of your idea in a business plan. This step will give you insights on everything that a business entails.

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

A business plan is like a road map to any business. It involves doing due diligence on the target market, competitors, pricing, and finance. Also, a business plan will help you have access to investors for financial support and also help you access loans from banks.

The business plan is a document that can be constantly updated as you continue to run your business.

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Step 2: Get Certified

Operating a standard private security company requires that the business is registered and that you have insurance and all the licenses needed. It’s not the kind of business that you dabble into, you need to ensure that you and the company are covered legally.

To start, you need to register as a limited liability company with certain share capital as stipulated by the government. Business registration is done with the Corporate Affairs Commission. You can do this yourself or hire the services of ReDahlia to help you with the process. Registering with CAC is the first registration before processing to other registrations.

Secondly, proceed to the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) for a license. NSCDC is responsible for licensing, supervising, and regulating every Private Security Company in Nigeria. This is in line with the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps Act No. 2 of 2003 and the Amendment Act of 2007.

To register with NSCDC, log on to their official website to verify the documents needed and start the registration process.

Some of the documents you need to register with NSCDC are:

  • Statement of Account
  • Letter of attestation
  • Letter from a legal adviser
  • Proposed salary structure
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Photocopies of certificates of incorporation
  • Proposed training programme
  • Salary structure
  • Certificate of incorporation from CAC
  • Memorandum and article of association of the company
  • Payment of N500,000
  • Letter from bankers
  • Personal history of directors e.t.c

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Step 3: Acquire Training

The quality of service rendered by a security company largely depends on the technical knowledge and efficiency of the security personnel. This type of business is a service-based business and not product-based. Therefore, service delivery depends on the personnel you hire. Their conduct will determine how long and far the business will survive.

For that reason, you need to have a training strategy for your personnel. You can organise the training yourself or attend ones orgnised by the government.

By participating in security training, you will have the basic knowledge of how to protect clients and handle security items such as guns, batons,etc. Also, you will learn self-defense tactics and other strategies involved in the business.

More so, you can hire professional certified and licensed security consultants or security management companies to organise specialised training for your personnel. Because they are professionals, they will enlighten you on the different up to date tech gadgets that you need. Also, they will help you structure your company by providing standard documents, forms, policies, procedures, manuals, etc.

it’s advisable to work with a standard security company for at least six months before you start your own company. This way, you will gain hands-on experience on what the business is all about.

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How to start a private security business

Step 4: Carve A Niche

Security companies offer wide range of services. During your research, you will know the area of the business with potential. Your vision and passion should also guide you in choosing a niche. Also, you can start with one areas and expand into other segments as your business grows.

The various niches you can choose from are:

  • Business Security
  • Events Security
  • Patrol Services
  • Vehicle Security
  • Private Investigator
  • Forensic Experts
  • Body Guard Services
  • Surveillance Video-monitoring Center
  • Family Security.
  • CCTV Operator
  • Door Supervisors (Bouncer)
  • Body Guards
  • Usher
  • Traffic Operatives.

All of the services depend on the capital and the size of your company.

Step 5: Location

For a security company to be accessible to clients and personnel, you need to be strategically located. The location is a place where administrative duties are carried out. Also, in case of signing new contracts with clients, interviews/recruitment, your office must be accessible at all times as this is one of the ways to look credible.

More so, you need to have a website to have access to a global market. As you grow, you can create branches in other major cities and towns where you operate.

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Step 6: Hire

A security outfit cannot be singlehandedly operated. You need to hire and train individuals who are fit in body, soul, and mind. These personnel in private security companies are called Security Guards. Due to the sensitivity of the business, they must not have any criminal background and must be of age in case they need to carry firearms.

To hire, employ the services of an HR company or conduct it yourself. You need to establish their credibility by conducting background checks before signing anyone on. Remember, they are the face of your business.

After hiring, train, and ensure they are equipped to work. Remuneration should be industry standard and will help boost their morale to better discharge their duties.

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Step 7: Get Equipment

Your niche determines the kind of equipment you will procure. However, the basic needs for any security outfit are;

Walkie Talkie: This will serve as a means of communicating with other security operatives in the environment. Apart from walkie talkies, you can use a mobile phone, microphones, earpiece, e.t.c.

Writing Material: A notebook and pen to record activities relating to the office, in case of visitors, accident, or theft.

Digital Camera: In the absence of CCTV, a portable digital camera can be a good option for documenting activities.

Tool Belt: This will enable the officer to store every item so the hands are free and can swiftly operate.

Other equipment include; guns, digital display systems, vehicle tracking, CCTV surveillance, guard dogs, baton, pepper spray, hand gloves, tear gas e.t.c.

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Step 8: Branding

For a security company in Nigeria and anywhere in the world, branding is essential, and this cut across all areas of the business. Starting from the name of the company, logo, social media pages, uniform, and color; everything must send a message. For instance, your brand name should be simple, short, and unique but must depict your business service and appeal to the public.

According to the NSCDC guideline, the uniform of a private security company must be unique and original in design and must not bear any resemblance to any uniform of the armed forces or any existing security company.

So, your uniform should be unique and professional. The guards should have a pair of boots, customized shirts, and trousers, face cap e.tc.

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Step 9: Get Comprehensive Insurance

Running a security company is a very sensitive business because it involves lives and properties. Therefore, to avert the weight of accident or impact of unplanned loss, it is important to get a comprehensive insurance plan. The insurance should cover commercial general liability, personal and bodily injury, fire damage, legal liability, medical liabilities, e.t.c.

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Step 10: Reach Out To Clients

Getting clients can be challenging in the security business owing to the number of private security companies out there. Hence, you need to show yourself credible in all areas, especially with your services.

You need to create brand awareness through different channels. Start by designing flyers, business cards, social media pages, and creating catchy content.

Also, invest in billboards, television, and newspaper advertisements. They will go a long way in creating awareness for your brand. Additionally, do not ignore word of mouth; tell family and friends about your business and encourage them to tell others too.

Continue to improve your service and put structures in place to ensure that everything is going as it should.

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When you follow all the steps discussed in this article, you will build a successful security company. In the words of Florence Chikezie “In business, there’s no guaranteed success manual. But, success can be attained with consistency and hard work. If anyone told you otherwise, they lied”. So, work hard and be determined to succeed.

Do you have a passion for safeguarding lives and properties and considering starting a security service company? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments. Also, if you need to consult with us about your business, we are a call away.

Part of our services is creating visibility for businesses so they can increase sales and revenue. Contact us today to put your business on the world map.

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Best of luck!

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    I am glad to come across this wonderful write-up. I hope to continue hearing and discussing how I can get started. I have a passion for this field since all my life I have been a security personnel with different organisations and individuals. So I hope and believe I can set up my own security outfit. Thanks so much.

    1. Hello Ferdinard,

      From your explanation, it seems you have the experience to succeed in this field. Get the comprehensive guide on how to start the Private Security Company from our shop: https://www.entrepreneurs.ng/shop/. It contains the cost of starting the private security business.

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    This must be the most comprehensive content on starting up a security company.

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    Thank you for answering all my questions in this guides.

        1. Hello Daniel,

          The paid content contains the financial breakdown of starting the business. A business plan is a map for starting and expanding the business. They are different. We can help write your business plan. Reach us now on WhatsApp- 08038874148 for your business plan.

  4. Thank you for a very comprehensive and informative write up.
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    1. Hello Akinleye,

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    Thank you so much for the information. How do I get more advice and guidance from you sir. Am interested in opening a security outfit.

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