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HR Resources For Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Businesses

HR Resources For Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Businesses

There are many HR resources for entrepreneurs like you to grow their businesses. Resources like these are not just for human resources professionals. Businesspersons can also utilise them. Entrepreneurs will particularly find these HR resources beneficial as it helps them to efficiently manage their business.

This article talks about various HR resources that will help your business operations. These operations cut across processes and project management, talent acquisition and employee engagement, and payroll management.

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Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

HR Resources For Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Businesses

1. Recruitment

People are the most important asset of any organization. The ability to attract the right people to your organization is key. Recruitment tools highlighted below will help to get your job opportunities in front of the best candidates and attract them to apply for the positions.

The first step to getting ahead in recruitment is crafting a job description that captures the essence of the role that you are recruiting for. At the end of the job description, there should be a call to action. Call to action should state how candidates can apply to the job opening, which could be by sending CVs via email or a link to a form.

Recruitment resources that can be explored include:


Nairaland is an online community promoting conversations around a broad range of subjects. Subject areas include job vacancies, latest news, brands and lots more. It is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria. Thus, making the website a very useful platform for attracting potential candidates. It also means more eyeballs for whatever job vacancy you post on the platform.

To post a job vacancy, put up your job brief on the job vacancy section of the site. You will then get many applications from job seekers in your email. The downside of recruiting through Nairaland though is the likelihood of getting many applications from unqualified applicants. This makes it a time-consuming experience but could also pay off if you have the time.


Hotnigerianjobs.com publishes the latest job vacancies in Nigeria, career opportunities for Nigerians, and other useful career information to the Nigerian or expatriate job seeker. The platform posts jobs in Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, Telecom & ICT, Engineering, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Public Sector, and Real Estate

One exciting thing about the platform is that you can post a job for free. Just locate the “post a job for free” button on the website, click on it, and fill the form with accurate information. Your vacancy will be published once it is approved by the admin. You will then get applications in your mail by job applicants.


LinkedIn is by far the most effective platform for strategic candidate sourcing. This is because it is the largest platform for professionals in the world. To hire candidates using LinkedIn, simply click on the search button and enter your search criteria, which should be the role that you are recruiting for. Then filter your search to indicate the location and other relevant details. Search will return details of all the candidates that fit your search. Thereafter, you send these candidates direct messages about your opportunity. LinkedIn search could save you time and allow you to access quality candidates if done right.

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2. Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

Human resources information systems are very essential HR resources for entrepreneurs. The tools are used to automate the entire human resources operations of the organization. Most of these platforms are robust enough with features to enable you to effectively manage your business operations. Some features that these tools have are payroll, employee records, workflow management, performance management framework, and appraisal.

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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

HRIS tools that can be explored are:

Bamboo HR

BambooHR provides human resources software as a service.  It is also a leading HR solution for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform services include an applicant tracking system with centralized employee database, automated reporting, and an employee benefits tracker.

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Sum HR

SumHR’s platform provides solutions for employee management and payroll processing. The payment plan is also scalable. As you can pay per employee per month.


Talentbase is an affordable and easy-to-use HRM platform solution enabling HR managers and growing businesses to simplify and organise their HR processes. The platform simplifies critical HR functions such as employee data management, payroll processing, performance management, and time management.

3. Payroll And Accounting

Tracking revenue, invoicing, ensuring that employees get paid and tracking expenses are very important aspects of any business. Good thing is that you do not have to be grounded in accounting to be able to use these software.

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Payroll and accounting tool that you can explore:

Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting is a cloud-based platform designed specifically for companies. The app has features needed to process accounting, invoicing, and payroll from one central location.

4. Legal

Legal is directly linked to human resources. Hence, meeting the legal needs of human resources is essential. You should not extend an offer letter or other relevant corporate documents without having a lawyer either draft the documents or review them.

The legal tool that can be explored include:

Legal Forms

Legal forms give you access to lawyers on-demand in Nigeria. You simply have to post a description of what you need legal services for. After, which you will be linked to vetted lawyers that are experienced in that particular area.

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5. Documentation

Documentation tools are also useful HR resources for entrepreneurs that are often overlooked. For start-ups that are confused about how to draft important company documents, there are a couple of tools that make this documentation easier.

Documentation tool that can be explored include:

HR Webforms

HR Webforms provides all the templates of paper that you need to run your HR department, from appraisals and reviews to terminations and more. The templates are sold in easy-to-use bundles and can be easily edited.

6. Employee Pulse Check

There are tools that enable you to easily send assessments and receive feedback from employees.

Tool that can be used for these assessments include:

Halogen TalentSpace

Halogen TalentSpace is a platform that provides computerized evaluations and reviews for use at your company. There are numerous assessments, 360 feedback, and learning tools which aim to help you succeed at staff development.

7. HR blogs

When it comes to everyday HR advice, there are platforms that offer a wealth of knowledge on industry blogs.

A couple of HR blogs that you can read up are:

Ask a Manager

Ask a Manager is a fun blog that shares reader stories, answers questions, and offers other helpful information for HR new entrants. These information will help you to see that the challenges your organization has are not unique. It also helps you understand how to deal with these challenges.

Evil HR Lady

Evil HR Lady is another blog where there are loads of information and advice about the HR situations most entrepreneurs are faced with. The editor also receives and answers reader questions regularly. You should write to the blog if you encounter a situation you can’t navigate on your own. 

The HR resources that are available to you are inexhaustible. Have you used any of these tools before? What’s the best HR resource you can recommend for entrepreneurs? Share your recommendations in the comments section below!

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