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Kate Henshaw: Biography, And Political Escapades Of A Nollywood Thespian

Kate Henshaw

Kate Henshaw Nuttal is an award-winning Nollywood star actress, producer, politician, and fitness expert. She is also a social advocate who is interested in the welfare of her community.

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Kate Henshaw Background

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Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

Kate Henshaw was born on the 19th of July 1971, in Cross River, Calabar, as the first of four children of her parents. After her primary and secondary education, she went for remedial studies at the University of Calabar (UNICAL).

At the end of her remedial studies, she studied Medical Microbiology at the School of Medical Lab Science, LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital). Henshaw was once married to Roderick James Nuttal, and their union was blessed with a daughter – Gabrielle Nuttal.

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Kate Henshaw Career

Kate Henshaw commenced her acting career in 1993 with the movie – When the Sun Sets, where she played the lead role. That was way back when Nollywood movies were referred to as home videos. Her performance in the role opened up doors of opportunities for her in Nollywood.

Thus far, Kate has featured in over 100 movies. Kate Henshaw produced a documentary for the Lagos State tax advert. She also did a documentary for the Akwa Ibom State government.

Kate Henshaw’s Movies

  • Do Good Series
  • Consequences
  • When the Sun Sets – 1993
  • Above Death: In God We Trust – 2003
  • A Million Tears – 2006
  • My Little Secret – 2006
  • Games Men Play – 2006  
  • Stronger Than Pain – 2007
  • Show Me Heaven – 2007
  • Broken Tears – 2008
  • The Meeting – 2012
  • The Assassin’s Practice – 2013
  • A Few Good Men – 2014
  • Fighting for Nothing – 2014
  • Aremu The Principal – 2015
  • Iquo’s Journal – 2015
  • End of Battle – 2015
  • Scars of Womanhood – 2017
  • Roti – 2017
  • Couple’s Award – 2017
  • The Women – 2017
  • Busted – 2017  
  • Broken Ambition – 2018
  • Chief Daddy – 2018
  • New Money – 2018
  • The Ghost and The House of Truth – 2019
  • The Wives (A Stage Play) – 2019
  • 4th Republic – 2019

Kate Henshaw’s Political Escapades

In 2015, Kate Henshaw took interest in politics and decided to represent and serve her people. Her aim was to represent Calabar Municipal/Odukpani Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). Unfortunately, she lost at the primary level. However, later same year, Kate was appointed by the Governor of Cross River State – Benedict Ayade as the Special Adviser, Liaison, Lagos.

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Kate Henshaw’s Endorsements

  • Kate Henshaw has an endorsement deal with Blessings Perfume, the UK as a brand ambassador.
  • She also has an endorsement with the telecommunications company – Globacom Limited as a brand ambassador.
  • Kate Henshaw was once a judge on Nigeria’s Got Talent Reality Show.
  • Onga Seasoning signed an endorsement deal with Kate Henshaw, where she was made a brand ambassador for the Onga brand.
  • Kate Henshaw signed a major endorsement deal with Samsung Mobile Nigeria.
  • The award-winning actress was recently chosen as one of the international judges representing Nigeria at the New CBS Global talent show tagged The World’s Best.
  • Kate Henshaw is the Patron of the Little Saints Orphanage – one of the oldest orphanage homes in Lagos State.
  • She is an ambassador for the Action Aid of Nigeria.
Kate Henshaw

Kate Henshaw Quotes

“The powers that all men possess are temporal, only Almighty God has everlasting power.”

“While there is breath in us, we keep pushing, keep giving our best. The wheels may turn slowly, but they surely turn. Keep your head up.

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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

“…Suit up, protect your space, sanity, and spirit. Be impermeable, smile, and laugh at their feeble attempt to put a chink in your armour.”

“Some people will never give you what you deserve. They will always find ways to cut corners and give excuses for not respecting your craft and your person. It is up to you to show them, and not accept crumbs when you are a full freshly baked baguette.”

“Never ever give your power to another being that came through the same channel as you did! Never ever dim your light…

“You don’t owe anything to anyone, you don’t have to live your life to prove others wrong or for seeking their validation. Live life on your own terms!”

“It’s okay if others don’t understand your path as long as YOU UNDERSTAND YOURSELF…”

“I cannot emphasize enough the need to be you. You have been put on this earth by God to be YOU!!”

Awards And Nominations Of Kate Henshaw

  • THEMA Awards for her role as Omo in When The Sun Sets – 1996
  • Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in Leading Role – 2008
  • City People Movie Award for Face of Nollywood (English) – 2015
  • Best Actress award at ZAFAA for her role in the movie Iquo’s Journal – 2015
  • Nominated for the Late Ambassador Segun Olusola NBMA for Actress of the Year – 2016
  • City People Movie Special Recognition Award – 2016
  • Nominated by the Nigeria Entertainment Award for Best Actress of the Year (TV) – 2016
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the BON Awards – 2017
  • Nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards – 2018.

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Kate Henshaw Net Worth

According to Nigerianfinder.com, Kate Henshaw is worth 67 Million Naira.

Kate Henshaw

Life Lesson From Kate Henshaw

In your pursuit of success, don’t ever let people’s false opinion of you either bother you or cause you to put a stop to your success journey. Kate didn’t let anyone’s slander affect her resolve to be the strong and successful woman that she has grown to be. She didn’t let society get the best of her with its rains of accusations, and she is in a better place today than where she was in time past.

On your entrepreneurial journey, some people will question your ability and skill to lead and bring your dream to reality. You need to be focused and protect your sanity by sieving what you let into your mind and life. Be determined and work hard. Success will surely follow.

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Image Credit: @k8henshaw (Instagram)



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