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Nomba POS – How To Become A POS Agent With Nomba

Nomba POS - How To Become A POS Agent With Nomba

Nomba (formerly Kudi) is Improving the payment experience for individuals and businesses, primarily through the Nomba POS business opportunity.

Welcome, entrepreneurs. In this article, I will share with you all you need to know about Nomba – a Fintech brand driven by its passion for increasing financial inclusion among the underserved communities in Nigeria.

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Nomba’s story is better told in their own words – “We are building an ecosystem that simplifies how businesses accept payments, make payments and manage operations. This journey started in 2016 with simplifying access to financial services using “Kudi.ai”, a chatbot integration that responds to financial requests on social apps.

It then morphed into powering a community of independent businesses we call Agents. They act as neighbourhood banks offering basic financial services such as cash withdrawal, transfer and bill payments to all Nigerians, especially those in underserved communities.

We believe this technology and innovative solution can power all kinds of businesses, whether accepting payments for goods and services or helping others access cash or send money. So, we created easy-to-use tools with flexible options for all kinds of businesses to accept, process and manage payments online and offline”.

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Interestingly, Nomba has continued its mission of making financial services accessible and affordable to Nigerians. This they do through their omnichannel payment platforms that accept, process and manage payments online and offline.

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Nomba Core Values


Nomba cares about the needs of its customers, hence its commitment to creating tools to ease how everyone spends, manages, and saves money.


Everything Nomba does for its customers is from the depth of their hearts.


Nomba scales impact by creating excellent tools and encouraging businesses to take charge of their finances.


Nomba always finds the best ways to make people manage its numbers.

Open Communication

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

The Company is open-minded, respectful, and honest in its customer communication.

Is Nomba POS Business Licensed By CBN?

Nomba is licensed as a mobile money operator by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Transactions You Can Perform With Nomba POS

  • Connect your terminal to a Nomba business account.
  • Conveniently accept card payments wherever you are.
  • Easily take payments with any bank card.
  • Print a receipt.
  • TV subscriptions.
  • Electricity bill payments.
  • Data purchase.
  • Airtime purchase.
  • Manage daily business financial transactions.
  • Track payments across your business outlets.

How To Register As A Nomba POS Business Agent

  • Download the Nomba App on Google Playstore.
  • Create an account by registering your Name, Phone Number, Business Name, and other required details.
  • Your registered phone number becomes your unique Nomba wallet identifier and your Nomba PIN; it gives you access to log in securely on Nomba.
  • Fund your wallet and start transacting business.

Requirements To Get Nomba POS Machine

  • A verified Identity card (international passport, national Id card, voters card, etc.).
  • Utility bill.
  • Valid BVN.

How To Get Nomba POS Machine

  • Having downloaded your Nomba app earlier, log in to your account on the app and go to the “Accept payments” section on your app dashboard.
  • Click on “Terminals”.
  • Then click “Request a new terminal”.
  • ” Select “Request for a new outlet” if you are a new user or “Request for an existing outlet” if you’ve had a Nomba POS.
  • Choose a terminal type and quantity.
  • Then confirm your request.

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Steps To Activating Your New Nomba POS Machine

  • Sign in and go to “Accept payments”.
  • Click “Terminals” to check the status of your delivered terminal(s).
  • Click “Activate Now”.
  • To activate, input the serial number of your terminal(s), which can be found behind the terminal machine.
  • Click “Confirm” to activate a terminal.

How Much Does Nomba POS Cost?

Nomba POS terminals are free of charge for Nomba account holders. However, a deposit/caution fee of N20,000 applies. You also need to provide a daily transaction report or account statement to prove that you can meet the transaction target on the POS terminal.

Nomba POS Charges And Commission Structure

NOMBA charges the following on withdrawals:

  • 100 – 4,500 (N25).
  • 4,501 – 25,000 (0.6%).
  • 25,001 – 500,000 (N150).

 And N20 flat rate on cash deposits of any amount.

Nomba POS Merchants Commission Structure For Airtime and Data Top Up

  • MTN: 2% fee.
  • Glo: 2% fee.
  • 9mobile: 2% fee.
  • Airtel: 2% fee.

Nomba POS Merchant Commission Structure For Utility Bills

  • DStv 2% commission.
  • GOtv 2% commission.
  • PHCN 2% commission.
  • Startime 2% commission.

Benefits Of Being A Nomba POS Business Agent

  • Enhanced security: Using Nomba guarantees peace of mind and no loss of revenue.
  • 24/7 customer support: Nomba doesn’t leave its agents hanging. The company is always available to render support.
  • Nomba-packed merch: You will receive a fully-packed merch item to rock as a Nomba agent
  • Access to business tools: Every agent enjoys full access to payments and operational tools to keep a business running.
  • Reduce the Cost of Starting as an Agent: Use the loan feature on your Nomba account to access funds.

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Types of Nomba POS Terminals

Nomba Lite (Current Device)

  •  Accept all Bank Cards.
  • Connects to WiFi.

Nomba Pro (New Device)

  • Accept all bank cards.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Light and sleeky.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Connects to 4G/3G/2G WiFi.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nomba POS Business.

What Is Terminal ID?

This is a unique identification number that is allocated to a POS terminal. And it can be found on the merchant copy receipt of a POS transaction.

How Do I Get My POS Mapped?

Once you receive your POS terminal, please confirm if it has been mapped by a Nomba Field Representative who deployed the POS to you. If it has not been mapped, the Nomba Representative will do that ASAP!

What Do I Do If My POS Is Showing Routing Error?

If your POS shows a routing error, kindly send your terminal ID and wallet to Customer Support for an onward resolution.

How Do I Know My Terminal Manufacturer?

Kindly check the body of the terminal close to the screen for the POS manufacturer.

What Do I Do When I Receive Routing Error Message?

The Terminal has not been configured with the correct routing group; ISW or NIBSS did not process the transaction. Therefore, Nomba will need to send the Terminal ID to the Bank for reactivation (This might take up to 48 hours).

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What Happens When I Receive A Warning App Exception Error?

This may occur due to poor network reception at the agent location. Kindly change the SIM (Network) on the POS.

What Do I Do If I Receive An Empty Response?

This may occur due to an error in network communication, or the service provider of the POS terminal is down.
“Kindly initiate a key exchange on the POS terminal with this process:

  • On the home screen, press the “Enter button”.
  • Select admin and input password (000000).
  • Press 1(Log on).
  • Press 1 (Trans log on).
  • User ID (01).
  • Password (0000).
  • Watch it download all keys and setups till it shows (LOG ON SUCCESS).


This may occur due to mishandling or using bad debit cards on the POS terminal. The terminal needs to be retrieved for physical repair; kindly contact the Nomba official who deployed the POS to you.

Pos Tampered! Please Input PWD

This may occur due to mishandling of the POS TERMINAL. Therefore, the terminal needs to be retrieved for a physical repair, and you need to contact the Nomba official who deployed the POS to you.

Issuer or Switch Inoperative

This error could be coming from the card issuer’s bank host, or the switch (NIBSS or ISW) is unavailable. Please tell the cardholder to contact the card issuer.

Function Not supported

Terminal has not been configured with correct routing group ISW or NIBSS did not process transaction; kindly contact support. Resolution may take 72 hours.

Error Unpacking

  • Turn on your terminal. While booting, when it shows preparing network, hold down the function button and press the clear button twice (the clear button is under zero). Immediately while holding down the function button, a message will pop up requesting the admin password.
  • Please type – 145522.
  • Press enter, and scroll down till you find the delete keys.
  • Press 3 for delete keys. If it prompts, Kindly reboot the terminal.
  • You will be prompted to reboot the app again and after rebooting it, try a transaction.

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5 thoughts on “Nomba POS – How To Become A POS Agent With Nomba”

  1. Ajagbawa Stella

    Good day,
    I was sent money (#20,000) through nomba POS machine since on the 9th of September, 2022 and up until this very moment I’ve still not gotten my money although I was sent the approved and successful POS slip.
    So I went to my bank to lay complaints and I was told to get a session ID number for that particular transaction from the POS agent which I contacted the POS agent for. But the POS agent said that they’re not seeing anything like session ID and that they’ve checked that it’s only RRN that they can see which they forwarded to me.
    Please I want a detailed explanation to how the agent can check for the session ID because it’s really urgent please.

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