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Top 12 Places You Should visit In Nigeria Before You Die

Places to Visit

Oftentimes, we lie to ourselves about being adventurous, yet we haven’t visited 3/10 of the tourist centers in the world. Also, as a Nigerian you would say that your country is rich in culture and heritage but you still don’t know that there are places you should visit before death calls.

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Certainly, life is an adventure and only those who can explore it exhumes the beauty it brings. Think about the hills, valleys, springs, animals and plants. They were created by God in different locations to make the world complete.

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Are you looking for tourist attractions in Nigeria, I have compiled top 12 places you should visit in Nigeria before you die. They are arranged in no particular order.

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Top 12 Places To Visit In Nigeria

Obudu Mountain Resort

The Obudu Mountain Resort is a magnificent tourist site largely visited by Nigerians and people across the universe. It was first called a cattle ranch but later changed to mountain resort. It is located in Cross River, Nigeria and first discovered by McCaughley, a Scottish in 1949. McCaughley told his fellow ranchers; Mr Hugh Jones and Dr Crawfield, and the trio developed the resort in 1951.

Basically, the resort is one of the most beautiful places you should visit in Nigeria because of the endearing natural composition that makes it more entertaining. The features include a cable car that climbs 870 metres (2,850 ft) from the base to top of the plateau, with the sky in just a view.

Also, there is a canopy walk of 100metres long wire bridge with a good view into the forest. It also has sporting facilities designed for swimming, gym, horse riding, golf course and hiking.

In addition, Obudu Mountain Resort houses modern and African huts designed for accommodation. There are delicious meals and a mini water fall. The weather and climate condition is peculiar. I can assure you that visiting the Obudu Mountain Resort will leave you astonished with the aura life brings.

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Lekki Conservation Centre

Located in the Centre of Excellence, Lagos, the Lekki Conservation Centre is one of the beautiful places you should visit. The centre was established in 1990 by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation. It was built in order to save the wildlife and mangrove forests of Nigeria’s South-West coastline from the threat of urban development.

Today, it serves as a reserve for endangered wildlife and plants in Lagos, thereby making it a centre of attraction of fauna, flora and natural scenery lovers.

At the site, you can experience a swell time by walking the skyway bridge. You can also sight-see crocodile lake, tilapia ponds, trees, ostriches, peacock, duikers, mona monkey e.t.c. With its location in Lekki Peninsula, Lagos state, it offers a beautiful and romantic scene to lovers/partners.

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Places you should visit
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Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is a beautiful edifice located in the suburb of Lagos as the largest West African gallery. It is one of the places you should visit with your family as it embodies creativity. The essence of its creation is to preserve the Yoruba and Nigerian culture which seems to be going into extinction.

At the art gallery, you will see paintings, carvings, stone works, bead work, weaving, embroidery, tye-and-dye. You will also witness performances from talented singers, drummers and dancers. Thus, you will not only have a great view, but you will also enjoy sumptuous local delicacies.

The gallery which is located in Elegushi Beach Road, Lekki Lagos is a great place to visit.

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Places you should visit

Ikogosi Warm Springs

Ikogosi Warm Springs is yet another magnificent creation within the African giant country. It is located in Ikogosi, a town in Ekiti State as a natural wonder where warm and cold spring flows side by side. The two springs flow with each maintaining its thermal properties.

No doubt it a place to visit as it gives a perfect scenery of romance. It has a modern and African recreational facility like swimming pool, chalets, herbal farms, souvenir shops, e.t.c. Research recorded it as one of the eight warm springs in the world with a temperature of 70oC at the source and 37oC at the confluence.

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Places you should visit

The National Children’s Park And Zoo

The National Children’s Park and Zoo is a site that preserves wildlife and domestic animals. It is home to lions, monkeys, cheetahs, zebras, camels, peacocks and all other animals that are not easily seen on the street.

The park is one of the best parks in the Federal Capital Territory with great services that will make the experience and visit memorable. It can be located at the base of Aso Rock, Asokoro, Abuja.

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Places you should visit

Yankari National Park

The Yankari Game reserve was changed to a National Park in 1991 by decree 36 of the National Government. Firstly, it was originally created as a game reserve in 1956 and officially opened in 1962.

Then, it was created as a place where wild animals and plants can be protected in their natural habitat. Today, the Yankari National Park promotes and preserves biological diversity of natural warm water springs including flora and fauna.

When it was first created, it was managed by the Bauchi state government, before the federal government took over in 1991. Then in 2006, it was handed back to the state government. In 2014, the Widlife Conservation Society began to partner with the state government after the animals went through some life threat as a result of neglect.

Apart from different species of animals in the park, there are other attractions. Some of these attractions are: wikki camp, marshall cave systems, wikki River, wikki warm spring, museum, sporting facilities, various designs of furnished chalets, and safari trips, restaurants and bars e.t.c

Yankari National Park is situated in Bauchi State and it covers about 2,244 km2 of the area. The park is one of the most popular eco-destinations in Nigeria and West Africa and definitely one of the places you should visit.

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Olumo Rock, Abeokuta

Obviously, Nigeria is blessed and the Olumo Rock is one of its inheritance. The Rock in earliest times provided shield and protection to the Egba People during the inter-tribal war. It protected them and they in return worship it. Now, it has become a destination held in high esteem in Nigeria by the people of the region.

It is one of the most popular mountains in Nigeria, and it is located in Abeokuta, Ogun State. It is annually celebrated and during celebration, the mountain is usually flooded by local and international visitors.

Visiting Olumo Rock is really going to be a decision you will never regret. Some of the things to see is the aged Iya Orisa who lived most of her life in the cave. Also, ancient buildings, water fountain, museum, broad view of the ancient city from the top of the cave that is 137 meters high above the sea level.

You will also have great view of the Ogun river, cave, and engage the Itoku market women. I can say that the attractive things to see are endless.

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Places you should visit

Tarkwa Bay

Tarkwa Bay is a serene and beautiful tourism site. It is the cleanest and recently one of the safest places to spend time with your friends and family.

It is an artificial sheltered beach located in Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Eti Osa, Lagos right opposite the Eko Atlantic Harbour. As a result of its location, it can only be accessed by boat or ferry from specific areas on Victoria Island. With less than a 20 minutes boat ride, you can begin to have a swell time.

Tarkwa Bay is a good place for swimmers and water-sports enthusiast because it offers safe swimming conditions. You will be amazed that you can spend the night, enjoy the bon fire and experience the sun rise at the ocean.  Basically, the beach is an oasis of peace.

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places you should visit

Osun Osogbo Groove

Osun Osogbo Grove is a sacred forest located along the Osun river banks on the outskirt of Osogbo, capital city of Osun state. The groove was transformed by Susan Wenger (Adunni Olorisa). On her arrival, she prohibited tree cutting and fish hunting that took over the groove in the 1950s after the shrine was abandoned. She made some pieces of art work and beautified it for the gods to situate.

This Sacred Grove has now become a tourist site and most importantly a place where the annual Osun festival takes place. The annual August festival experience visitors trooping in from every part of Nigeria and the world at large. At this festival, there will be a female Arugba, 16-eyed lamp, and assembling of crowns of the past rulers and kings of the town i.e Ataoja e.t.c

The place is regarded as a home to the goddess of fertility, and it is the last of its kind in the Yoruba culture. In 2005, in recognition of its global significance and cultural value, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Additionally, some of the things to find there is the creative art work, shrines and monkeys (ejimere). Also, note that every sacred object on the site has meaning and importance attached to it.

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places you should visit

Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library

As a bonafide citizen of Nigeria, the OOPL is one of the most beautiful places you should visit in Nigeria before you pass on. You may ask why?

OOPL houses numerous tourist attractions that is a must see. And depending on your age, there are educative and peaceful fun centres that can make the visit eventful.

Firstly, it has a family Amusement Centre that stands out. A museum that also houses interactive games for children that can inspire them to be good ambassadors of the country. Also, there is a rounders children funspot that creates a long lasting impression.

In the library is a Wildlife Park filled with fauna like lions, hyenas and all other species of animals living in their natural habitat with professionals as tour guide. The bamboo groove is also a relaxation area with bars created with natural bamboo patch.

Summarily, the entire complex is worth visiting because of the magnificent structures.

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Places you should visit

Okomu National Park

Basically, I can say that the Okomu National Park is one of the places you should visit in Nigeria. It was formerly called Okomu Widlife Sanctuary situated within the Okomu Forest Reserve in Edo State, Nigeria.

The national park is filled with endangered species of flora and fauna that you can see before it finally goes into extinction. Although, the park itself is faced with threat posed to it by the villagers’ plantation. It is now lesser than 1/3 of its original size but nevertheless, it is worth visiting.

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Idanre Hill

Finally, on the list is the Idanre Hill. The hill top is over 600 steps from the ground and it is 3000ft above sea level. Just like the Yankari park, Idanre Hill is also home to some biological ecosystems in their natural habitat.

In the hill is a particular specie of toad called Sclerophrys Perreti. Overtime, the perreti toad is discovered to be endemic to the Idanre Hills, as it can only be found there.

Some of the things to look out for in Idanre Hill is the ancient palace, thunder water (Omi Apaara), old court, belfry, agboogun footprint, aghagha hill that emit smoke e.t.c.  

The Idanre Hill is located in the ancient idanre town in Ondo State Nigeria with beautiful natural landscapes for a view. Just like the osun-osogbo groove, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List Cultural category in 2007.

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