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Regenerate New York Forestry Cost Share Grant

Regenerate New York Forestry

Applications for the Regenerate New York Forestry Cost Share Grant is currently open.

This funding initiative aims to help forests regenerate to continue to provide essential services, including climate change mitigation, air and water quality protection, and economic assistance.

Moreover, young forests encounter several difficulties that did not exist a century ago, the most serious being substantial damage from growing white-tailed deer populations and alien species competition.

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Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

Active land management is critical to ensuring the survival of young trees and allowing forests to develop or replenish themselves, yet it may be a daunting and costly undertaking.

Landowners can apply for financial help through Regenerate NY for initiatives on their properties that encourage the development and regeneration of healthy forests. Because this is a cost-share reimbursement program, the landowner or fiscal sponsor must bear all costs before being paid.

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Eligibility For The Regenerate New York Forestry Cost Share Grant

Eligible applicants include:

  1. An individual or partnership, for-profit or non-profit organization that owns (in fee) between 10 and 1,000 acres of land that is forested or has the potential to be forested through planting.
  2. The fiscal sponsor should be a non-profit organization that files an application on behalf of a qualifying candidate.
  3. Applicants must collaborate with a forester to create their proposal. Each applicant is allowed to submit up to two distinct applications for different properties.

Projects Eligible For The Regenerate New York Grant

Projects must be finished within three years and cannot be used for orchard, ornamental, nursery, or Christmas tree production. They must also incorporate at least one of the four forestry techniques listed below to promote regeneration. A single application can contain many techniques.

Areas Of Focus


This means to develop or sustain a forested environment, engage in practices that support the establishment or regeneration of commercial tree species. The objectives of wood or fiber production and carbon sequestration may entail site preparation, tree planting, or the installation of tree shelters. Native trees or non-invasive non-native species must be used in planting initiatives.

Forest Stand Regeneration

Treatments that promote or encourage the regeneration of forest stands that are currently degraded or otherwise unproductive are applied to an area. Coppicing, the use of seed trees, shelter wood cutting, overstory removal, strip or patch clear-cuts, uniform clear-cuts, and group selection are all approved treatments or a combination of them. Clear-cuts of more than 39 acres of continuous forest is prohibited.

Controlling Competing Vegetation

Use mechanical removal or chemical management to combat aggressive native or invasive plant species that obstruct forest establishment or regeneration. On more than 39 acres of continuous property, chemical control is not permitted.

Deer Exclosures

Install fencing around an area to protect young trees from deer browse. Fencing may also be used to remove deer from an area with no established trees to allow natural regeneration. Construction of natural slash walls is a novel technique for excluding deer and is an acceptable practice in a project.

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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

See also Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Funds.

What You Stand To Gain

This grant round offers a total of $450,000. The minimum award is $3,000, while the maximum award is $50,000.

Grants will be given out on a rolling basis. Applicants awarded a grant must sign a Master Contract for Grants or a Letter of Agreement within 60-90 days of receiving notification of their award. A grantee’s grant award may be withdrawn if the appropriate paperwork is not submitted on time.


Applications will be accepted until Friday, October 8, 2021

How To Apply

Click here to visit the website and apply.

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