TechEmerge Temperature-Controlled Logistics For Innovators Around the World

TechEmerge Temperature-Controlled Logistics

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Kobo 360 is calling for application for the TechEmerge Temperature-Controlled Logistics from innovators around the world. The aim is to accelerate sustainable cooling solutions for temperature-controlled logistics that can help emerging markets across Africa reduce food waste, support the health sector, and reduce energy consumption.

The program matches innovators around the world with top companies in Nigeria to pilot and scale sustainable cooling tech for temperature-controlled logistics.

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About TechEmerge Temperature-Controlled Logistics

TechEmerge Sustainable Cooling Innovation is on a mission to demonstrate that state-of-the-art technologies and new business models can make temperature-controlled logistics (TCL) efficient, effective, and economical in Nigeria.

In collaboration with Kobo360, an e-logistics platform operating across Africa that connects truckers to customers; TechEmerge will match innovators across the world with leading companies in Nigeria. The aim will be to pilot sustainable cooling solutions that reduce losses in supply chains, strengthen access to TCL-dependent products and markets, and build commercial partnerships.

This development is because TCL is crucial for both producers and consumers to participate in the $10+ billion global markets for perishable products. Although now, Nigeria accounts for a very small slice of that market, it offers long –term opportunities for those who enter at the nascent stage.

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Who Can Apply?

IFC is seeking innovations, including homegrown Nigerian solutions that are clean, sustainable, resource-efficient, and scalable. These innovations must be applicable to leading local companies. This includes;

  1. Transport/Logistics companies
  2. Truck Owners
  3. Insulated Container/Refrigeration Unit providers
  4. Innovations for TCL Buyers

More so TechEmerge innovators are selected through a competitive process. Hence, shortlisted applicants will be invited for matchmaking with local adopters to pilot their technology, product, or service and commercialize it in Nigeria, and Africa more broadly.

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Why You Should Apply?

By applying, some of the benefits include;

  1. Access a nascent African TCL market of potential users/buyers of cooling technology, products, and services.
  2. Work with leading adopters operating cold chains across different sectors, such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and food distribution.
  3. Access a pool of up to USD 1 million in funding to support pilot projects
  4. Technical assistance from the TechEmerge team and the global network of advisors to develop pilot implementation and market entry strategies.
  5. Potential IFC investment for successful innovators with scalable solutions.

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Selection Criteria?

  1. Priority will be given to proven products installed in at least one commercial setting, but innovations at the product development stage will also be considered.
  2. Innovators must be privately-owned companies, typically with less than 50 employees and less than US$100M in venture capital funding (with some exceptions).
  3. Your innovations must respond to the cooling needs and challenges of Nigerian adopters.
  4. It must be clean, sustainable, resource-efficient solutions; and demonstrating value for money and scalable potential in the Nigerian market.
  5. Ability to allocate time and resources to participate in the project, including virtual meetings and events, and implementation of field testing/pilot projects on the ground in Nigeria.

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How It Works?

The innovation process is in the following stages;

  • Access: The initiative identifies challenges and gaps in Nigeria’s TCL market, talking in person with adopters to understand which technologies would best meet the Nigerian needs.
  • Source: TechEmege launch an open call for innovators from around the world who have market-relevant solutions to apply to join.
  • Select: Selection of high-performing innovators with proven technologies that can meet the needs of participating adopters.
  • Match: Arranging events and meetings for the shortlisted innovators to meet local organizations, demo your products, and discuss working together in pilot projects.
  • Pilot: With full support, selected innovators and participating organizations partner to test technologies in a local setting.
  • Commercialize: If the pilot is successful, the local organization and innovator may decide to enter into a commercial contract.

TechEmerge Temperature-Controlled Logistics Timeline

  • Applications Open – December 7
  • Applications Close – January 31, 2021
  • Finalists Announced – Early March 2021
  • Matchmaking with Nigerian Adopters – End March 2021
  • Pilots Begin – April 2021

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The deadline for application for the TechEmerge Temperature-Controlled Logistics is January 31, 2021. Do you have innovations in this area? Apply now using this link; https://www.techemerge.org/country/techemerge-cooling-nigeria

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