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Yemi Alade – Biography, Net Worth and Songs of Yemi Eberechi Alade


Yemi Alade is a Nigerian female singer and songwriter who has toured several African countries doing what she knows how to do best. She is a member of the famous pop singer list and is best known for her acclaimed 2013 single, “Johnny”.

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Yemi is a brand Ambassador to premium brands like Closeup Toothpaste and The Online Jewellery Store, among others. She is also the first female entertainer to hit over one million youtube subscribers.

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Yemi Alade Background

Yemi Eberechi Alade popularly known as Yemi Alade was born on 13th March, 1989 in Abia State. Her father, James Alade was a police commissioner and a native of Ondo state while her mother Helen Uzoma is from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. She is the fifth of seven children.

Yemi started her educational career at Saviour British Primary School and then proceeded to Victory Grammar School in Lagos. She is also a graduate of Geography from University of Lagos.

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Yemi Alade’s Journey to Fame

Yemi Alade became known when she won the Peak Talent Show in 2009. Afterwards, she released three singles from King of Queens Album: “Johnny”, “Tangerine”, and “Kissing”. Johnny was an international hit in
many countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, Liberia, Uganda and United Kingdom.

In addition, Yemi has worked with several producers including Shady, Bizniz, Beat Nation, Young D, Philkeyz, GospelOnDeBeatz, DIL, Mr Chidoo, Fliptyce, OJB Jezreel and EL Mcee.

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Yemi Alade

King of Queens

On October 2nd, 2014, Yemi Alade released the full album of King of Queens with 17tracks: ‘Why‘, ‘Pose‘, ‘Duro Timi‘ ‘Catch You‘, ‘Money‘ and ‘I like you’, among others. The album was produced by her record label, Effyzzie Music Group.

King of Queens, which was her first studio album featured guest appearances like Bovi, Chidinma, Phyno, DIL, Diamond Platinum of Tanzania as well as R2Bees of Ghana. Yemi Alade promoted the album
in several African countries including Kenya, Ghana and South Africa.

A better version of the ‘King of Queens’ was released in November, 2014. She added the French version of her songs which was initially performed in English. The album sold over 100,000 copies, according to the music platform, A Nation of Billions.

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Mama Africa

On March 25th, 2006, Yemi Alade hit the studio with another album, “Mama Africa” which was released by Effyzzie Music Group. Mama Africa was produced by GospelOnDeBeatz, Selebobo, Coublon, Philkeys, BeatsByEmzo, Mr Chidoo, Mastercraft and Rotimi Keys.

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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

The album was a follow up of her first album. She featured guest like P-Square, Sauti Sol, Flavour N’anabi, Sarkodie, Rotimi Keys, Selebobo and DJ Arafat. The track includes six singles: ‘Na Gode‘, ‘Ferrari‘, ‘Kom Kom‘, ‘Do As I Do‘, ‘Africa’, and ‘Tumbum‘. Mama Africa was available on iTune for pre-order a week before its release.

Just like she did with King of Queens, she also released a deluxe edition of Mama Africa on April, 6, 2016 featuring guest appearances from South Africa: Bucie and AKA.

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Black Magic

On 15th December 2017, she launched another album titled Black Magic released by her record label, Effyzzie Music Group. In this album, Yemi Alade featured previously released songs like, ‘Knack Am‘, ‘Single and Searching‘ and ‘Heart Rubber‘.

Yemi Alade Philanthropy

One of the notable philanthropy of Yemi Alade is the proceeds from Mama Africa album which she announced to be given to Feed a Child Charity Initiative.

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Yemi Alade Net Worth

News has it that Yemi Alade concert fees is about the highest among the ladies. She is one of the top richest female in the music industry worth millions of dollars.

Yemi Alade Singles

Fimisile 2009
Ghen Ghen Love 2013
Johnny 2013
Tangerine 2014
Kissing 2014
Taking Over Me 2015
Temperature 2015
Duro Timi 2015
Na Gode 2015
Do As I Do 2015
Ferrari 2016
Kom Kom 2016
Africa 2016
TumBum 2016
Knack Am 2017
Single and Searching 2017

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Promotional Singles

Classic Girl Freestyle 2015
Koffi Anan 2016
Get Through This 2017
Bum Bum 2018
How I Feel 2018
Oh My Gosh 2018
Yaji (ft Slimcase) 2019

Awards and Nominations

  • YEM Awards nominated her as the Most Promising Female – 2013
  • MOBO Awards nominated her as the Best African Act – 2014
  • City People Entertainment Awards nominated her as the Female Musician of the Year – 2014
  • Nigeria Entertainment Awards nominated her as the female artist of the year – 2014
  • BET Awards nominated her as the Best International Act: Africa – 2015
  • MTV Africa Best Female Award – 2015 & 2016
  • WatsUp TV nominated “Want You” as African Video of the Year, Best African Female Video, Best African Pop Video and Best African Dance Video – 2016
  • WatsUp TV nominated “Ferrari” as Best African Traditional Video – 2016

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Yemi Alade Quotes

“Laugh out loud before old age takes your teeth away.”

“My Africaness is my superpower…it’s all I have”

“Consistency is key, don’t worry they will catch up. Just keep being you.”

“Put in the work, spend your time and resources on your gift and talent.”

“This journey called LIFE, learn to enjoy all your trials and victories.”

“In defeat, we learn more about ourselves and the people around us.”

“Criticism always come from people that haven’t even done half of what you have done while encouragement seems to always come from people that have done more than you have.”

“Life will throw all it can to you. Stay strong, it will pass.”

“To achieve full perfection, you must keep working at your dream.”

“Real life is not a movie, be real.”

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Lessons Entrepreneurs should learn from Yemi Alade

1. Create Your Own Style

Find a unique way of making yourself stand out among several others in your Industry.

Yemi Alade has a unique fashion style that speaks volume. Particularly, her consistent hair style is one that is now gradually being named after her.

2. Dare To Venture Into Unknown Territory

Yemi is one of the most toured female Nigerian artist. She sang a french remix of “Johnny” and collaborated with several artists globally.

In building your brand, you will need to take some bold step that seems crazy. Nevertheless, be daring and take calculated risks.

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3. Age is just a number

Yemi Alade is just 30years and has made name for herself way before now. As an aspiring entrepreneur, never let anyone deter you. Also, never look at yourself as too young to do something extra-ordinary.

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