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Yinka Ayefele – Biography And Albums Of A Sensational Singer And Entertainer

Yinka Ayefele

Yinka Ayefele is a Nigerian gospel singer, producer, on-air personality and entrepreneur. He began his music career in 1997 after surviving a motor accident that affected his spinal cord. Afterwards, in 1998, he dropped his debut studio album titled, Bitter Experience. 

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Yinka sings a fusion of gospel with high percussion beat called Gospel Tungba and has released several studio albums. Also, he is the CEO of Fresh FM105.9MHz, a commercial entertainment radio station. 

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Yinka Ayefele Background

Olayinka Joel Ayefele was born on February 1, 1968 in Ipoti- Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria to the family of Chief Joshua Taiwo Ayefele. He started his education at Our Saviours Anglican Primary School, Ipoti- Ekiti. Then, he proceeded to Ondo State College of Arts and Science, Ikare- Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria.

After school, he searched for a banking job to no avail. So, he joined the Federal Radio Corporation Nigeria, where he worked as a presenter. He was also producing jingles while honing his radio presenting skills.

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Yinka Ayefele

Yinka Ayefele Early Career

Yinka got involved in a motor accident that affected his spinal cord in December 1997. In a bid to raise funds for treatment overseas, he ventured into music on the advice of friends who recognised that he was a talented singer. Prior to that, Yinka had been the leader of his church choir, and knew how to play several musical instruments. 

As a result, he released Bitter Experience (1998), subsequently, he released Sweet Experience (1999). He has since gone ahead to release other albums.

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Yinka Ayefele Personal Life

Yinka is married to Temitope Titilope. He met Temitope before the accident that resulted in the spinal cord injury, and they tied the knot in 2000. On January 18, 2019, the couples welcomed a set of triplets.

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The following are the albums released by Yinka Ayefele;

  • Bitter Experience, 1998
  • Sweet Experience, 1999
  • Something Else, 2000
  • Divine Intervention, 2001
  • Fun Fair, 2002
  • Life After Death, 2003
  • Aspiration, 2003
  • Fulfillment, 2004
  • New Dawn, 2005
  • Next Level, 2006
  • Gratitude, 2007
  • Absolute Praise, 2008
  • Transformation, 2009
  • Everlasting Grace, 2010
  • Prayer Point, 2011
  • Goodness of God, 2012
  • Comforter, 2013
  • Overcomer, 2014
  • Upliftment, 2015
  • Fresh Glory, 2016
  • Living Testimony, 2017
  • Favour, 2018
  • Beyond the Limits, 2019

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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Yinka Ayefele

Fresh Fm 105.9MHz

Yinka is the Chief Executive Officer of Fresh FM 105.9MHz, established and fully licensed in April 2015. It began as an internet radio before becoming a terrestrial broadcasting station in Ibadan, Oyo State. The station also operate in Abeokuta, Ogun State and Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, with plans to spread its wings globally.

Fresh FM promotes, complement and revamp the entertainment and lifestyle sphere of her audience. It is one of the radio stations with heavy emphasis on lifestyle and entertainment. Fresh FM has won several awards including the Best Station in Nigeria in the 2019 Nigeria Media Nite-Out Awards. According to our findings, it’s the first time, a radio station outside Lagos will be winning such an award. 

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Awards And Recognition

Yinka Ayefele is a multi-award winner. He has been recognised both locally and internationally. Some of his awards includes; 

  • Member of the Order of the Niger, by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, 2011
  • Ekiti Cultural Ambassador Award
  • Special Recognition Awards, Inspiration Awards of Excellence, 2015
  • Heritage Awards, 2019

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Yinka Ayefele Quotes

“Nothing but grace makes a man so humble and, at the same time, so glad.”

“I believe challenges are part of the steps on the ladder of success and every successful person must climb it.”

“I would say Fresh FM is the most technologically advanced radio station in the country today.”

“When you are scarce, you remain more relevant and valuable.”

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Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Life Of Yinka Ayefele


Yinka Ayefele is an incurable optimist. He believes nothing is impossible. Despite being on the wheel chair since 1997, he believes he will still walk again.

Our minds and thoughts are powerful. We must always be optimistic. In business, you need to believe in yourself and your offering, even when others can’s see your vision.

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Stand Up For Yourself

There are people who despite their challenges, have done enough for themselves and family. They give hope to people around them. Ayefele is one of such people. Despite being on the wheel chair, he has made so much out of life.

At the inception of his musical career, a lot of people felt, he was widely received due to the accident, but with his second album, Sweet Experience, it became clear that Yinka is a talented musician who knows his onions.

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Yinka Ayefele sings Gospel Tungba, a fusion of gospel with high percussion beat. The music style is unique and attracts diverse audience; Christians, Muslims and Pagans alike.

Life may not always to be fair. What is important is how you deal with what life throws at you. When you have lemons, do you make lemonade? When you are faced with challenges, what do you see? Do you see problems or do you see opportunities. We always have a choice on how we interpret events of life.

Are you doing something amazing in the entrepreneurial space and you want the world to hear about it? Reach out to us to tell your story.

Image Credit: (@yinkaayefele) Instagram 



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