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Adesua Etomi – Biography And Story Of A Talented Nigerian Actress

Adesua Etomi

Tolulope Adesua Etomi-Wellignton is a Nigerian actress, producer and singer. She debuted in the film Knocking on Heaven’s Door in 2014, and since then, she has continued to stand tall in the Nigerian movie industry.

In April 2019, Vogue’s magazine featured her as one of the 14 global star. That same year, she received the AMVCA after starring in a romantic film titled falling. Today, Etomi is a renowned actress who interpret her roles passionately.

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Adesua Etomi Background

Adesua Etomi was born on February 22, 1986 in Owerri, Imo State, as the youngest of three siblings. Her father is a soldier from the Esan descent, and her mother, an Engineer from the Yoruba origin. She attended Corona School, Victoria Island, Lagos. Subsequently, she attended Queen’s College, Lagos, and then moved to the United Kingdom at 13 for physical theatre, musical theatre and performing arts studies in City college Coventry. In 2006, She graduated with distinction in all the courses and proceeded to study drama and performance at the University of Wolverhampton. Finally in 2009, she graduated with a first class honours.

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Adesua Etomi Early Career

Adesua began her acting career at age 7 when she joined the drama club in her primary school, Corona Schools. Then in 2004, she began to feature in some theatrical works like The Crucible (2004) in City College Coventry. Subsequently, she starred in The Grim tales (2009), Saro (2013) and many others. Then, in 2014, the big show came.

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Knocking On Heavens Door Movie

She rose to stardom after starring in the film, Knocking on Heaven’s Door released on April 14, 2014. Knocking on Heaven’s Door is a Nigerian drama written by Vivian Chiji. It was directed by Desmond Elliot, and produced by Ini Edo and Emem Isong. In the film, Adesua Etomi starred as Debbi, Blossom Chukwujekwu as Moses, Majid Michel as Thomas Dacosta, Ini Edo as Brenda, Robert Peters as Pastor, e.t.c  

The story centered on Debbi and her marriage with Moses; how she suffered domestic violence from her husband, and kept it a secret for fear of what the society will say since they were gospel musicians. The situation continued until she met Thomas Dacosta who was interested in turning her from a gospel singer to a secular musician. Thomas invited her to join a record label, and after much pleas, she signed the deal. Many incident happened there after, Moses died and then, she followed Thomas.

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Adesua Etomi Personal Life

Adesua Etomi is married to Banky Wellington. They got engaged in February, 2017 and got married in November. She loves to sing, dance, swim and play guitar.

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Adesua Etomi Movies

Adesua has featured in several television series like Gidi Up (Season 2) (2014), Las Gidi Cops (2015), Shuga (2015), and Shuga: Down Town (2017). She also presented – Smooth Promotions in 2012. Similarly, she did voice over for fanta drink and solo phones in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Adesua Etomi has featured in several films, below are some of it.

  • Brave, 2014
  • Knocking on Heaven’s Door, 2014
  • Falling, 2015
  • A Soldier’s Story, 2015
  • Out of Luck, 2015
  • Couple of Days, 2016
  • And the Spirit Slowly Dies, 2016
  • The Arbitration, 2016
  • Something Wicked, 2016
  • Ayamma: Music in The Desert, 2016
  • The Wedding Party 1&2, 2016 &2017
  • 10 Days in Sun City, 2017
  • Date Night, 2018
  • King of Boys, 2018
  • Memoirs of 4, 2018
  • Up North, 2018
  • Muna, 2019
  • Malaika: Warrior Queen, 2019
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Adesua Etomi Net Worth

On March 16, 2019, notion.ng estimated her net worth at $500,000. She is one of the most influential actresses in Nigeria.

Adesua Etomi Awards

  • Best Performance in a Devised Piece of Work, Foresight Theater Awards, 2009
  • Best New Actress, Nollywood Reinvented Awards, 2014
  • Discovery of the Year, Golden Movie Awards, 2015
  • Actress of the Year – Big Screen, ELOY Awards, 2015
  • Best Actress in a Drama (Movie/TV Series), Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA), 2016
Adesua Etomi

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Adesua Etomi Quotes

 “Musicals have just the right amount of cheese.”

“You’re not in competition with anyone. Stay in your lane. Enjoy your unique journey.”

“As children of God, we should always be on the side of truth or on the side that seeks truth. No matter what.”

“Your words and actions will live way longer than you.”

“If you don’t have a conviction to do something, then don’t do it.”

“To inspire, you must be willing to give of yourself more than the average person would.”

“The law is in place for a reason…”

 “Give each other a chance, get to know people.”

 “I don’t want to be a local champion, I want to put Nigeria on the map, so I still have so much to do in the movie industry.”

“I was scared is not a valid answer on not using your talent.”

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Entrepreneurial Lesson From The Life Of Adesua Etomi

Create an aura around your business and yourself: locally and internationally. Adesua Etomi is known for her distinctiveness and this has attracted a lot of people to her. She is known for elegance in the movie industry, and so Nigerians keep anticipating her films.

As entrepreneurs, you need to know that the aura you bring to your business each day will make your customers stay or leave. So, you must always strive to be the best in your field by bringing elegance to whatever you do.

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Photo Credit: Naijalife magazine, Red Cheetah news, Pinterest.com, Vibz.com, Irokotv.com, PM News and Connect Nigeria.



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  1. Israel Okon David

    I really love Edesua Etomi movies, she is my favorite Actress. I like the way she always conducts herself and the way she plays her part in movies, it is very nice. I love watching her movies especially Knocking on Heaven Door and the Arbitration. I learn a lot from her, her attitude always inspired me. I wish her more grace, and favour from God to enable her to accomplish her goal in life.

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