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Creative Business Ideas For Fresh Graduates In Nigeria

Business ideas

Business is no longer for the high and mighty. There are some creative business ideas that graduates with the right skills can invest in.

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Our universities churn out graduates every year and it is no longer news that there is a high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. It is no longer wise to just go to school and just study without acquiring a skill. Times have changed!

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

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The competition gets stiffer daily.  According to the National Bureau of statistics last year, about 1.8 million graduates enter the labour market every year, of which only about 55% get employed. This means that the remaining 45% will join the about 2 million graduates that will enter the market the next year.

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What are the options left?  Wait and compete with new entrants or invest in one of the business ideas we will be discussing if you are entrepreneurial.

While we have accidental and intentional entrepreneurs, it does not change the numerous benefits inherent in setting up one’s own business.

Most people venture into a business to solve their unemployment problems while others are simply interested in providing a solution to an existing problem. The journey of entrepreneurship demands a lot of sacrifice and determination. Here are some creative business ideas that graduates can start immediately

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Creative Business Ideas For Graduates.

1) Tutorial Centres/Private Lessons 

For those who paid attention to their study, I am sure you will be good at a particular subject. You could start a private lesson/ tutorial centre in your neighbourhood by teaching students who are about to write exams like WAEC, JAMB or GCE.

These A level exams can be tasking and students usually require help in preparing for these exams and also, parents need their children to be occupied during the long holidays. Holiday time is a thriving period for private tutors.

You can market your tutorial or training center through:

Social Media

He who underestimates the relevance of social media to marketing is still living in a cave.  Write a short post like ‘Do you need a private tutor for your child? Then call this number or send a message to me.’ Post this on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account.  Ask your followers to share on their wall.  Use chat platforms and also create a broadcast of your business.

Placard Display

Buy a cardboard and marker, write the service you offer, your contact details and put outside your compound or a busy street.

Personal Advertising

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

This probably is the easiest means of putting yourself out. You can start by telling parents and friends who attend the same church/mosque with you. Tell parents within your neighbourhood as well and also ask for referral from them when you start.

This is one of the business ideas that can be taken up by every graduate who can defend what he studied.

2) Graphic Designing

With designing platforms like Corel draw, Photoshop, and Canva you can help startups create content and manage their websites, blogs and get paid for doing so.  You can also train people on how to use these platforms if you are good and that will be another means of income.

Create An Online Portfolio

Put up all the jobs you have done with your contact details on your website and social media platforms. Share your website link on all your social media platforms.

Distribute contact card

As a designer, your card should be simple and easy to read. This shows people what you can do. Always carry your contact cards with you especially when going for cooperate events for networking. You never can tell who gets to see them.

3) Fashion Designing

People love to look good. Nigerians will not pass any opportunity to look good!

There are many business opportunities in the fashion industry; you almost cannot exhaust the business ideas from this industry. Let’s say you want to learn how to make a dress, it will take about 3 months if you are determined. Start with your relatives and friends and also stay relevant by keeping up with happenings in the industry.

You can create awareness for your business through social media; creating a business page and uploading pictures of works done by you. If your designs are good and your sewing neat, word of mouth and referrals will boost your business.

4) Recharge Card Business

Millions of Naira is spent on recharge card daily in Nigeria. You can serve as a distributor for major network providers and sell wholesale.

The best way of letting people know about your recharge card business is through word of mouth or getting a stand in a good location where everyone can see you.

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5) Viewing Centre Business

Of all the business ideas discussed here, this is one of the business ideas that is not affected by season. Sports lovers want to see their teams in action every weekend. Some people are not just sports lovers, but gamblers who want to see the actions that would determine the fate of their bets.

If you get the location right, which is one of the challenges usually experienced in this kind of business, then you are in business. It is also not capital intensive as the major investment will be rent, furniture, television and decoder.

A viewing centre cannot run in isolation. It is a business that gives you the opportunity to do other things. For instance, the venue can be converted to an event center when there are no matches and you can sell drinks, snacks, and barbecue on the side.

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6) Photography

Keep your imagination at work all the time. Be fit and ready to go to work where and when necessary. Taking birthday pictures or offering to take the pictures of some couple on a fun trip or vacation is a good beginning. You can be a nature photographer as well. Don’t just pass beautiful environments without having an account of them.

The internet is a good platform to advertise. You would be surprised how many calls you will get if you can dedicate yourself to taking good pictures.

7) Hair Styling

Hair styling is one of the most rewarding creative business ideas that you can execute on. An average male visits the saloon once a week; the female folk has schedules depending on their style. With such frequency, this is sure a good business. This, you can even start while in school. I know some friends who paid their school fees from money made from hair making.

As always, this is a skill you can learn and charity they say begins at home. You can start with friend, family and neighbours before you start looking for your own outlet.

8) Car Wash Service                                     

The demands of work do not leave working-class people enough time for domestic duties which is why they are outsourced.

The car wash business is a profitable one. You can wash as many as 50 cars or more in a day. Good market research and strategic location will do the magic.

9) Online Based Business

There are a few business ideas that can qualify as creative business ideas, but online businesses are as creative as they come. Businesses are migrating online. Everyone is online, getting entertained and doing business as well. The online space makes it easy to transact businesses and connect with people.

You just have to understand what your target audience wants and sell the service to them. If you are selling information (blogging), research your target audience, and be consistent with feeding them the right type of content.

Vlogging is gradually taken over the way information is sent and it is something you can start with your smartphone. Do a good video recording for your target audience; it could be talks on recent issues or comics. Creativity is key.

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10) Agro Business

Food is a basic need and being a basic need, we cannot survive for a long time without food. Fortunately, we have young people venturing into agriculture now and the government is giving support for agro-based business ideas.

It is time to put on the overalls and boots, take up our hoes and go back to our roots. Oil and quick money are yet to lead us anywhere.

The solution to starvation or inadequacy of food is to make provision for more food. There are many business ideas in the agric sector. We must not all be in the farm. You can be the middle man getting the food produce from the farm to the market or exporting it outside the country.

11) Dry Cleaning Services                                        

Just like the car wash service, this is another business that thrives well in a society of busy people. To get started, you need a washing machine and electricity.

Your service takes the burden off busy people and saves their time but like every business, integrity is key. I know someone who wore the clothes he was meant to dry clean to an occasion and the occasion had in attendance the owner of the cloth. You can imagine the rest of the story.

If you add pick-up and delivery to your service, it will stand you out. You can also incorporate house services for the very rich. Someone I know has someone come in once a week, do the laundry and iron clothes for the family.  Your dry cleaning business can grow to a state where you will receive calls for such services and you can send one of your employees.

12) E- Commerce

Tech has enhanced creativity and innovation. Platforms like Jumia, Hotels.ng have provided an avenue for goods and services to be exchanged. Almost everything can be bought and sold online.

To thrive in the tech space, you have to observe a mass problem that can be solved and build a solution for solving the problem. One thing I have observed is that the tech products we have are not tailored to Nigerian market.

The Nigerian market is peculiar and when building a product for Nigerians, the peculiarity of the Nigerian market should be put into consideration.

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13) Makeup Artistry

Makeup design is one of the easiest creative business ideas that you can start in Nigeria. We all want the glam. The makeup artist has a job in the fashion and entertainment industry. For every professional photograph taken, you can see the touch of a makeup artist. Wedding ceremonies, movie makers, musicians, models, and others have placed makeup artists in high demand.

You do not have to be an artist to start. You can either enroll with a professional makeup artist or learn by watching a tutorial on YouTube. After you graduate, get yourself a makeup kit and you are good to go.

The business ideas discussed here can be implemented and executed successfully. If you need help with developing the right business model for the business ideas discussed, you can always call us on 08038874148 or write business@entrepreneurs.ng.

The idea is to think outside the box and be relevant. There is no better way to start your entrepreneurial journey.

Once you start that business, we can help you create visibility and put you on the world map by profiling you on Entrepreneurs.ng. Write to us today to get started.



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  1. Thank you for this detailed information, It just gave me an ideal on training my clients for international exams like ietls etc. thanks I appreciate this.

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