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Top 20 E-commerce Website For Online Shopping In Nigeria

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Obviously, ecommerce websites have made doing business easy locally and beyond. Besides, most consumers find it more comfortable to buy their goods online, instead of visiting a physical location.

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It is therefore wise for entrepreneurs to have a good online presence and take advantage of the ecommerce websites that consumers already trust.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

Of course, it is good to own a website for your business but, being listed on ecommerce websites will open you up to a wider audience around the world.

In this article, we have compiled the list of 20 ecommerce websites for online shopping in Nigeria. So, you can get your products listed on any of these sites. And, if you love shopping online, you can plug into these ecommerce websites listed below.

Top 20 Ecommerce Websites In Nigeria

1. Jumia

In 2012, a company known as Africa Internet Group (AIG) launched Jumia in Nigeria, Morocco, South Africa and Egypt. Jumia is Nigeria’s biggest online mall housing over 50,000 international and national brands. Also, the site has over 15 million monthly visitors and over 4 million subscribers. In addition to that, Jumia offers different type of product at a cheap price.

Moreover, Jumia has won several awards, locally and globally.

Website: www.jumia.com.ng

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2. Konga.com

Konga.com is one of the largest ecommerce websites in Nigeria. The platform launched in July 2012 and they offer various categories of products including computers, phones, clothing, shoes and much more. In addition to that, Konga has a 7 day return policy if you are not satisfied with your order.

Website: www.konga.com

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3. Payporte

Payporte is an online retail store launched on 25th September, 2014. The platform delivers quality and affordable products and services to its customers on one platform. Not only that, Payporte launched the first ever 1k store where customers can get several product in different categories for not more than N1,500

Furthermore, the platform partners with local businesses to showcase their businesses to a larger audience. Payporte was awarded the e-commerce company of the year by CBN Cashless CardExpo Africa

Website: www.payporte.com

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4. Kara.com.ng

Kara.com.ng is an online shopping site visited by thousands of people everyday. Also, the platform offers flexible payment plan that suit different set of customers. On kara.com, you can order for electronics, home appliances, computers, kiddies items, office equipment and so on.

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5. Jiji.ng

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

Jiji.ng is a free online ecommerce platform with an advanced security system. On Jiji.ng, you can buy and sell almost anything to real people. So, to sell on Jiji, all you need to do is register, make photos of your items and click sell.

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6. Obiwezy.com

Obiwezy.com offers customers the opportunity to buy quality used gadget with guarantee.  Also, you can swap your old gadgets for a value on obiwezy.com. The platform is committed to providing quality IT infrastructure in Nigeria. Some of the products you can get on Obiwezy.com include computers, smartphones, accessories, peripherals and so much more.

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7. Ajebomarket

Ajebomarket is one of the best ecommerce websites for men fashion wears. With this platform, shopping has been made easy for men. In addition to that, Ajebo market gives you money back guarantee if you don’t get value for your money as expected.

Website: www.ajebomarket.com

8. Sellatease.com

Sellatease.com is a buying and selling platform created by Alpha Donald; a web developer as well as a blogger. Basically, sellatease bridges the gap between buyers and sellers. As the name implies, the platform was created to help entrepreneurs have an online market place where they can connect with potential buyers. In the same vein, sellatease also brings buyers closer to the seller.

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9. Shopify

Shopify is an all-in-one ecommerce website where you can start, run and grow your business. Actually, the platform started with a 5 man team in a coffee shop but, today has grown to over 4,000 across the globe. Not only that, shopify powers over 800,000 businesses worldwide.

Website: www.shopify.com

10. 3D Cart

3D cart is an ecommerce software used by business owners to create their online store. Also, 3Dcart address the challenges entrepreneurs face in reaching potential customers & converting sales. Through 3D cart, you can develop a winning ecommerce strategy that will pay off effectively.

Website: 3dcart.com

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ecommerce websites

11. Parktel Online

Parktelonline is a trusted store where you can get affordable mobile phones. Although Parktel has a physical store, you can as well place order for your mobile device on their online platform. Also, Parktel delivers for free to your chosen destination.

Website: www.parktelonline.com

12. Kilimall

Kilimall is another leading online shopping mall where merchants and consumers can connect. Furthermore, Kilimall have reliable logistics team that ensures orders are delivered to the right address. The platform offers products that span across different categories including computers, clothing, shoes, fashion products, appliances, health care and many more.

Website: www.kilimall.ng

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13. Techmall

Techmall is an online retailing store that makes technology products accessible to Nigerians who have access to the internet. Also, Techmall has large varieties of computer products and accessories, as well as sellers who are willing to sell at the best price.

Website: www.techmall.com.ng

14. Goods Arena

Goods arena is an online centre for great shopping experience. As the name implies you can find different categories of goods to buy on the platform. From shoes to bags, computers, kids wear and so on.

Website: www.goodsarena.com

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15. Obeezi.com

Obeezi.com is a fast growing online mall launched on Friday, 28th November, 2014. When you think about getting the latest arrivals of clothes, shoes, watches and other related fashion accessories, think obeezi.

16. Bargain Master

Bargain Master is an online marketplace for men, women and kids alike. Besides, bargain master ensures you get affordable products as convenient and comfortable as possible. With just a search, you can select your product choice and add to cart. Also, you can bargain on the platform to get the best offer and price.

Website: www.bargainmasterng.com

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17. E-shop.com.ng

E-shop is an online shopping technology store founded on March, 2015. The platform bridges the gap between sales and after sales supports. They also offer original products at the best price. Moreover, e-shop source for most of their products directly from manufacturers and distributors.

18. Supermart.ng

Supermart.ng is an online grocery store that allows you shop more than 10000 items from over 20 supermarkets in Lagos. On Supermart.ng, trained personal shoppers help you pick groceries and deliver to you as early as 3 hours after your order. Some of the products you can get on the platform includes: fresh produce, beauty products, medicines, books, magazines and many more.

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19. CartNG

CartNG is one of the ecommerce websites where you can shop for anything you need. Moreover, your order will be delivered to your doorstep in no time. You can shop from the various categories listed on the site to get started.

Website: cartng.com

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20. OLX Nigeria

OLX Nigeria is a free and popular classified ad listing site. As a matter of fact, OLX Nigeria has large number of people posting their product on OLX for sales on a daily basis. There’s no limit to the type of product listed on the site, ranging from furnitures to cars, electronics and the likes.

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5 thoughts on “Top 20 E-commerce Website For Online Shopping In Nigeria”

  1. Frankly speaking, this list is impressive. However online shopping in Nigeria is growing bigger and bigger and also comes with a safe and secure e-commerce experience. eCommerce sites in Nigeria have been doing pretty well, and they will continue to do better in the coming years.

  2. oty Emmanuel

    Very nice list. It’s really helpful for people who are seeking to purchase the best products online.

  3. Frankly speaking this list is impressive. However online shopping in Nigeria is no longer news as many young folks are beginning to enjoy the fun that comes with safe and secure ecommerce experience. eCommerce sites in Nigeria have been doing pretty well, and they will continue to do better in the coming years. I have taken time to put together a comprehensive 23 list of eCommerce sites in Nigeria, you can also check it out and make your recommendations and input.

  4. i came across this comprehensive list of online shopping website in nigeria. it really help me. thanks

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