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Frank Edwards – Biography Of A Young And Award-Winning Music Minister

Frank Edwards

Frank Edwards also known as Frankrichboy is a Nigerian gospel singer-songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. He started out by playing the piano at age 7. Then in 2007, he began to sing, while also learning the rudiments of music. Frank released his debut album, The Definition in 2008. 

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Frank is a multi-award-winning gospel singer whose song has gone beyond the shores of Nigeria and Africa. He sings different genres of music including Christian hip-hop, urban, contemporary gospel, e.t.c

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Also, he is the founder of Rocktown Records, a record label which is home to several young artists. 

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Frank Edwards

Frank Edwards Background

Frank Ugochukwu Edwards was born on July 22, 1989 into a family of seven in Enugu State. He grew up in a very poor background, where he had to assist his mother in cooking okpa (igbo dish) and hawk to make ends meet. 

Like we mentioned, Frank Edwards started learning how to play piano at age seven. Later on, his mother assisted him with some funds to get some studio equipment. He later joined the Christ Embassy Church where he learnt the rudiment of music as he discovered his talent for singing.

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Frank Edwards Music Career

Frank Edwards started playing piano at age 7. And, while working with a popular gospel singer, Sinach, who is also a member of the Christ Embassy Church, he became aware of his singing talents. Also, he started doing mixing music, production and sound engineering which has remained a major part of him till date. 

Now, Frank plays several musical instruments and also sits as one of the members of the presidential band of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.  

In 2008, he released his debut album, The Definition. Then, in 2010, he released Angels on the Runway, and has continued to release God-inspired albums and singles. In 2016, he released an album titled Grace with the anointed American singer, Don Moen.

Generally, Frank is one of the leading gospel artists in Nigeria and Africa. He has worked with gospel artistes like Chee, Micah Stampley, Nathaniel Bassey, Sinach, e.t.c. He also sang with M.I Abaga, Oritse Femi in The End/The Chairman (2019).

Below is a list of Frank’s albums, EPs, collaborative gospel songs and singles;

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  • The Definition, 2008
  • Angels on the Runway, 2010
  • Unlimited, 2011
  • Frankincense, 2016
  • Grace with Don Moen, 2016
  • Birthday EP, 2016
  • Born in July, 2017
  • I’m Supernatural, 2018
  • Unlimited – Verse 1, 2017
  • Unlimited – Verse 2, 2018
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  • You Too Dey Bless Me, 2008
  • Beautiful, 2010
  • You Too Dey Bless Me ft. TB1
  • Oya, 2011
  • Oghene Doh, 2011
  • This Love, 2011
  • Okaka ft Victor Ike, 2014
  • Hallelujah, 2014
  • Onye, 2015
  • I no fit shout, 2015
  • Celestial, 2016
  • Grace with Don Moen, 2016
  • Under the Canopy, 2016
  • Eze Ndi Eze, 2016
  • Miracle God, 2016
  • Nara Ekele, 2016
  • Ome Mma, 2016
  • Under the Canopy, 2016
  • Ka Anyi Bulie, 2016
  • I Lift My Voice, 2016
  • Oghene Do, 2017
  • Miracle Rain, 2017
  • Defender, 2017
  • Here to Sing ft Chee, 2017
  • Thy Will Be Done, 2018
  • Spirit of God ft Nicole Mullen & Chee, 2018
  • Heaven Rocks, 2018
  • Miye ruwe, 2018
  • Idi Ebube ft Sinach, 2018
  • Praise Your Name, 2018
  • Mmamma, 2018
  • In Love With You, 2018
  • You Are God, 2018
  • Heaven Rocks, 2018
  • If Not for You, 2019
  • Happiness, 2019
  • Chioma, 2019
  • Wetin I Gain, 2019

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Frank Edwards

Awards And Recognition

  • West Africa Best Male Vocalist, Love World Awards, 2012
  • Best Hit Single, Love World Awards, 2012
  • Male Artiste of the Year in Africa, Nigeria Gospel Music Awards
  • Song of the Year, Nigeria Gospel Music Awards
  • Best Male Vocal, Nigeria Gospel Music Awards
  • Male Artiste of the Year, Africa Gospel Music Awards, 2013
  • Gospel Artiste of the Year, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, 2014
  • Best Male Vocalist, Nigerian Gospel Music Foundation Awards (Crystal Awards), 2014
  • Most Notable Achievement, Nigerian Gospel Music Foundation Awards (Crystal Awards), 2014
  • Best Collaboration ‘Hail My King’ by Obiwon ft Frank Edwards, Eben & Kenny K’ore, Nigerian Gospel Music Foundation Awards (Crystal Awards), 2014
  • The Gospel Artist of the Year, City People Music Award, 2015
  • Gospel Artiste of the Year, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, 2016
  • Gospel Artiste of the Year, City People Music Award, 2016

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Rocktown Records

Frank is the founder and CEO of the Rocktown Records. Sound engineering, music production, and music arrangement are some of the things they do in Rocktown Records. Under his record label, he has produced for Nicole Mullen, Chidinma Ekile, e.t.c His record label is also home to artists like Gil, King BAS, Nkay, David, Dudu, Soltune, Micah Heavens and others. 

Also, Frank having passed through the storm at his early age, he empathises and helps people. Among others, he sets up mini studios for young and upcoming music producers. 

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Frank Edwards Net Worth

According to Correct.ng, Frank’s net worth is estimated at $600,000 and he makes his money from gospel music. 

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Frank Edwards Quotes

“When the worship is pure there is always a synch.”

“I know you want your enemies to die, but God wants them in heaven at all cost so he is keeping them alive to repent or prepare you a table before them.”

“As a recording artist/music minister, you need visa to travel places but your voice does not need a visa.. So sing the right message! Your music can get to places you may never go to.”

“Take up a new challenge and defeat yourself again, because the true competition is with yourself even when you play with others. If you scored 1 today aim for 3 next time.”

“At the end of the day, the quality of life you live is what matters, not how many arguments you won. Build your life…”

“Keep doing good. Be known for kindness not by your publicity, but by the testimony of many you’ve been kind to.”

“I reach out to a larger audience with the message of Christ in my music.”

“When God is taking you through a route stop looking around for who else is going that direction. Focus, so you don’t miss Him at some point.”

“Everybody is a superstar, all they need is an opportunity.”

“My music is not targeted at people, my target is the heart of God.”

“Everybody wants to blow, nobody wants to grow but growth is necessary so you can be rooted properly and you can shoot out taller and higher.”

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Frank Edwards

Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Life Of Frank Edwards

Hard Work

Since Frank began his music career, he has been consistent and timely in releasing songs. He is able to do that because he works hard and is diligent.

In life and in business, you have to work hard. There is no substitute for hard work in the journey to success.

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For gospel ministers, it is a ministry and not an industry. Therefore, it is important to venture into gospel ministry for the right reasons and not just for the money.

For Frank, money is not his first attraction, Christ is the center of it all. He believes that once the heart of God has been reached, humans will be impacted.

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Edwards is unique and different and is led by the holy spirit. He believes as individuals, what works for others may not necessarily work for you. So, only learn and be inspired from people’s experiences.

Are you doing something amazing in the entrepreneurial space and you want the world to hear about it? Reach out to us to tell your story.

Image Credit: @frankrichboy Instagram 



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  1. Victor Ayemoba

    My name is Victor Ayemoba. I’m a lover of Christ and a revelational up coming artist with a high level of grace in the realm of true worship. A song writer with 94 tracks songs but currently facing a financial challenge. I don’t need money but some one who can help me fulfil this vision to all nation.

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