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15 Investing Apps And Websites For Entrepreneurs In Nigeria

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This article highlights investing apps and websites in Nigeria entrepreneurs should plug into. Before we delve fully into that, what exactly is investing? If you don’t understand what it truly means to invest, you may not value these apps or utilise them to the fullest.

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Basically, investing is the act of putting money into a financial scheme, property, shares or commercial endeavors with the expectation of getting additional income or profit. When you invest your money, it will grow and improve your standard of living.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

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Furthermore, there are several investment vehicles you can explore. From stocks to bonds and certificates of deposit. These vehicles offer returns on your money over the long term. With these returns, you can build your money and create wealth overtime.

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That said, some people find it difficult to use the investment vehicles listed above, either due to the process involved or fear of the unknown. But, more than ever before, investment process has been simplified with the advent of investing apps. Today, you can invest your money right from your room, using your phone or laptop. The interesting part is that you can visit the app anytime to track the growth of your money.

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This article covers the top 15 investing apps and websites in Nigeria, their operations, interest rates and how to get started with them.

15 Investing Apps And Websites In Nigeria

1. Piggy Vest

Piggy Vest is one of the trusted investing apps in Nigeria. It was launched on the 7th of January 2016 with the name “Piggybank.ng.” The company started as a savings only platform and continued that way for 3 years. They thereafter rebranded to PiggyVest in April, 2019.

Currently, PiggyVest App offers direct investment opportunities to users in addition to savings. With this app, you can save any money you don’t want to touch for a specific period of time. Interestingly, you can choose your term of saving. It could be daily, weekly or monthly.

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PiggyVest Plans

i. Core Savings / PiggyBank

This plan allows you to save daily, weekly or monthly. You can add money to your core savings by using the quicksave option. Quicksave basically enables you to add funds from your bank account to your core savings. You can add N500,000 at once to your core savings account with quicksave.

Alternatively, you can add money into your core savings account by turning on autosave. With autosave, you can set an amount to be deducted from your bank account at a particular time. For instance, if you choose to be saving N1,000 into your core savings account every Monday morning by 7am, PiggyVest will automatically deduct N1000 from your bank account at the set time.

The interest rate on Core Savings is 10% per annum. Another thing to note is that, you can break your savings and withdraw before your withdrawal date. The implication, however is that you will be charged 5% penalty fee.

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

Actually, you can withdraw quarterly on the platform using the app’s 4 free withdrawal dates (31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December).

Alternatively, you can fix your own free withdrawal dates but,
after the first withdrawal, the next withdrawal will be exactly 3 months later. Also note that, withdrawing outside the free withdrawal dates attracts 5% penalty fee.

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ii. Target Savings

This allows you to save consistently towards a defined financial goal. For example, you can save towards your wedding ceremony, rent, vacation, new gadget, new business or school fees. Target savings gives you the
choice to either create a personal target or group savings with your friend.

You can add money into your target savings the same way you do for core savings. Like in Core Savings, you can also give up on your target savings before the specified date.

iii. SafeLock

SafeLock gives you the opportunity to lock down your savings for a specified period of time. With SafeLock, you are entitled to earn up to 15.5% per annum. Also, this plan operates like treasury bill, this means that you get your interest paid up front. You can transfer and lock funds from your Piggybank wallet or directly from your bank account.

Unlike Core Savings and Target Savings, you cannot make withdrawal before your specified pay back time.

iv. Investify

This feature helps users to earn more on their savings by investing in pre-vetted, low-medium risk, primary and secondary investment opportunities.

How To Get Started With PiggyVest

  • Visit the website or download the app to create an account
  • Set up your withdrawal account details
  • Enter your debit card details to activate your account and make your first deposit

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2. Cowrywise

Investing apps in Nigeria

Cowrywise is run by finance and technology professionals with over 20years experience. Through their automated and easy-to-use platform, they take away the stress of saving and investing on a regular basis.
Your savings generate up to 15% per annum and you can also invest in Nigerian mutual funds through the platform.

The platform is suitable for anyone who wants to save and invest even while they are asleep. In addition, Cowrywise Investing App helps you plan and meet your financial goals with their easy to use financial tools.

Also, you can only withdraw at the set maturity date. When withdrawing, you can choose to withdraw all or part of your savings together with interests. And, you can also choose to roll-over the plan to another period. Meanwhile, rolling-over your savings gives you access to compound returns.

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Cowrywise Plans

i. Regular Savings

This helps you save daily, weekly or monthly for a minimum of 3 months. You can set up your savings plan immediately you sign up on the platform, your specified amount will be deducted automatically from your debit card into your Cowrywise savings account.

ii. Life Goals

This plan focus on helping you meet your long term financial goals. However, the plan have a minimum maturity period of one year.

iii. Halal Savings

This plan is specially designed for muslims who do not believe in earning interest on their savings. Therefore, you will not earn any interest if you subscribe to this plan. With Halal Savings, you can set up periodic plans,
life goals, save as you earn plan or fixed plan.

How To Get Started With Cowrywise

Visit their website or Google playstore to download the Cowrywise App

  • Register on the platform
  • Pick your preferred plan
  • Start saving and investing

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3. Afrinvestor

Afrinvestor app is also one of the investing apps in Nigeria people trust. It is the online trading and investment management portal of Afinvest Securities Limited (ASL).

This app presents a simpler way to invest and attain financial freedom. So, if you are looking to attain financial freedom, Afrinvest app may be your best shot.

On Afrinvest, you can buy and sell shares or invest in fixed income instruments anytime you like. Interestingly, you can share your thoughts, complaints, comments and suggestions using the live chat feature on the platfrom between 8:00am and 5:00pm. In addition, you can withdraw cash by moving the cash to your bank account

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Afrinvest Plans

i. POP

This is designed for someone less than 25 years old who wants to get a head start in the journey to financial freedom. POP features include: maximum deposit of N20,000 at a time, maximum withdrawal of N30,000 at a time and
maximum balance of N200,000

ii. Groove

If you are a young professionals starting out your career, this plan is for you. With this plan, you can earn more and find your groove in the financial market. The features include: maximum deposit of N30,000 at a time, maximum withdrawal of N50,000 daily and maximum balance of N400,000

iii. Classic

With this plan, you can go classic and get the most of your brokerage account. The features include: Infinite maximum deposit, infinite maximum withdrawal and infinite maximum balance.

How To Get Started With Afrinvest App

  • Download Afrinvestor app on their website or playstore
  • Sign up and verify your details using the link sent to your email
  • Begin your investment journey by selecting the account that best suits your personal or business needs

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4. I-invest

Investing apps in Nigeria

I-invest also makes our list of investing apps in Nigeria. Basically, I-invest is a mobile application that allows aspiring and budding investors to buy securities and treasury related instruments without the aid of a broker. For now, you can only buy and sell treasury bills on the platform, more instruments will be added subsequently.

In addition, you can also save money and earn attractive interest rates of up to 8-11% on the platform. However, the minimum you can invest is N100,000.

Withdrawing on the platform is quite easy. Just select the withdraw feature and your money will be transfered into your provided bank account details.

How To Get Started With I-invest

  • Download the I-invest app on i-investng.com or Google play
  • Register on the platform
  • Log into your account
  • Start investing

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5. Stanbic IBTC Mobile App

Stanbic IBTC Mobile Application is also one of the investing apps in Nigeria to explore. Basically, the platform offers investment packages to both local and foreign investors. From wealth management products to pension
management and mutual funds.

In addition, you don’t need to have a Stanbic IBTC Bank account to use the app. You can download the app to start enjoying the mutual fund product. Meanwhile, the interest rate varies per time.

How To Get Started With Stanbic IBTC Mobile App

  • Download the App
  • Register on the platform
  • Choose the product of your choice and start investing
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6. FBN Edge

Investing Apps in Nigeria

FBN Edge App is designed by FBNQuest Asset Management (an FBN Holdings Company). The app make investing simple for users by allowing them open mutual funds accounts and manage their investments. As the name implies, FBN Edge app gives client the edge in investing and also help them meet their financial goals.

On FBN Edge app, you can:

  • Open a mutual fund account as a new customer
  • Sign-up easily as an existing customer
  • Top-up existing mutual fund accounts
  • Purchase new mutual funds
  • Redeem funds from existing mutual fund accounts
  • View balances in real-time
  • View your transaction history

Products On FBN Edge

At the moment, the app gives you access to three of First Bank’s mutual fund products:

i. FBN Money Market Fund

This is the ideal choice for a regular saver with short to medium term financial goals. FBN Money Market Fund invest in portfolios of short-term and high quality money market securities like: Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, Bankers Acceptances and Certificate of Deposits issued by rated banks in Nigeria.

The maximum starting investment in this plan is N5,000.

ii. FBN Fixed Income Fund

If you have medium to long-term investment goals, this plan is for you. FBN Fixed Income Fund allows exposure to diversified portfolio of long tenured debt securities issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria, State
government and corporate institutions. The minimum starting rate for this investment is N50,000

iii. FBN Heritage Fund

This is suitable for investors that wants to earn greater rewards over a long term period.

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7. ALAT By Wema

ALAT is a full digital banking app powered by Wema Bank. With ALAT, you can open an account in less than five minutes. Also, this app helps you put money away easily by automating your saving.

Another good news about ALAT is that, for every friend who joins ALAT using your referral code, you will get a bonus in return. For instance, if your friend funds his account with N500, ALAT will give you a token of N500 in return.

How To Get Started With ALAT by Wema

  • Download the app on Google Playstore
  • Sign up using your BVN and Phone Number
  • Upload your photograph and Signature
  • Set up Your ALAT Pin
  • Start Saving and Investing

ALAT By Wema Plans

a. Personal Savings Plans

i. Flexi Goal

Basically, if you want to save daily, weekly or monthly, this is the best plan for you. With this plan, you can earn up to 10% interest per annum. In addition, you can withdraw up to 50% of your savings every month but you
will lose your interest if you don’t meet your target.

ii. Fixed Goal

Here, you can also save daily, weekly or monthly towards a target amount. Again, this plan attracts 10% interest rate per annum. In Fixed Goal, no withdrawal is allowed until maturity and you will lose your interest if
you don’t meet your target.

iii. Stash

If you have loose cash, this plan allows you to save whatever amount, whenever you want. The interest rate per annum is also 10%

b. Group Savings Plans

i. Rotating Savings

Basically, this plan helps you to save with up to 12 friendds, and you will receive the collective savings automatically when it’s your turn

ii. Save towards a target

Under this plan, you can invite unlimited number of people to save with you toward a goal

iii. Join a Group

This is an option that allows you to join an existing savings group with a group code

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8. PayDay Investor

Investing Apps in Nigeria

PayDay Investor is another investing app that helps you earn interest on your funds on a periodic basis. Also, you can invest on this platform with as little as 1,000 Naira and your investments are automated.

Furthermore, PayDay Investor is one of the investing apps in Nigeria that helps you to save with your friends and family towards a group goal. On PayDay Investor App, you can fund your account with any Nigerian Debit card and you can withdraw your funds at any time.

How To Get Started With PayDay Investor

  • Download the PayDay Investor App on Google Playstore
  • Create an account
  • Set up an investment plan and funding options
  • Manage your investments and start earning interest in 24 hours

PayDay Investor Plans

i. Goal Based Investment

With this plan, you can automate your investments towards your financial goal. You can name the goal whatever you want, then set your investment target, when to start investing and how often you want to be debited.

ii. One-Time Investment

Basically, you can invest a single sum of money in this plan and watch it grow. Set up the amount you are willing to invest, choose your funding options and start investing.

iii. Group Goal

This plan allows you to invest with a group of friends.

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9. Kolopay

Another investment app to check out is Kolopay. Kolo is a word in Yoruba language that means ‘Piggy Bank’. The app helps you save little by little towards your goals and you get up to 10% interest, all for free. Also, the app helps you to embrace an automatic and easy saving lifestyle.

How To Get Started With Kolopay App

  • Download Kolopay app on kolopay.com or Google playstore
  • Create an account
  • Setup your saving goals
  • Start saving
  • Grow your savings

Kolopay Plans

On Kolopay, you will find several goals you can plug into. The goals include: electronics and videos, real estate, home and furniture, laptops and phones, automobiles and vacation plans. Once you pick any of the plans, you can then set the specific amount you will like to be debited from your bank account at your specified time.

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10. CrowdyVest (FarmCrowdy)

Investing Apps in Nigeria

As a way of promoting agriculture in Nigeria, CrowdyVest App was created. Basically, CrowdyVest mobile app matches farmers with sponsors. So, if you are looking to invest in an agricultural produce, this is the best investing app to go for.

In addition, updates are sent to sponsors in photo, text and video formats during the farm cycle and at the end of the farm cycle, the sponsor will receive a percentage of the profit after selling the harvested produce in addition to the initial sponsorship.

How To Get Started With FarmCrowdy

  • Download the Farmcrowdy app on Google Playstore
  • Install and sign up in the app
  • Identify a farm of your choice and sponsor as many units as you can afford
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11. Thrive Agric

Thrive Agric is also one of the investing apps in Nigeria making waves. If you want to grow your funds while empowering farmers and driving agriculture, Thrive Agric is the real deal.

Thrive Agric is an agribusiness platform that helps the world’s biggest challenge; matching food production with the rising population. Without lifting a cutlass, thrive agric helps you retain the title “FARMER”. You can fund any of Thrive Agric available farms and allow them to farm in your stead.

In addition, Thrive Agric gives you detailed updates of the activities on your farm, from growth stages through harvest. The interesting part is that you get up to 25% profit at the completion of the farming cycle.

How To Get Started With Thrive Agric

  • Download Thrive Agric app on google play
  • Create an account on the platform
  • Choose a Farm
  • Get Updates
  • Get Returns

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12. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the investing apps in Nigeria that helps you buy and sell hundreds of Nigerian and U.S. stocks with as little as $20. Actually, Bamboo saw how tedious and expensive it was to buy and sell stocks listed on the Nigerian & U.S. stock markets, so they made it simple to sign up, fund, trade and track investments.

Another interesting thing is that Bamboo is a member of the Nigeria Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), and the U.S. Securities Investor Protector Corporation (SIPC), so your securities are insured up to $500,000 with the SIPC.

How To Get Started With Bamboo

  • Download the Bamboo App on App Store or Google Playstore
  • Create an account
  • Choose from hundreds of Nigerian and US stocks
  • Fund your Naira and Dollar account and start buying and selling shares

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13. Trove

Trove is an investing app that helps you invest in US, Chinese and Nigerian Stocks, Government Bonds and more from as little as N1,000. Also, with the app timed invest feature, you can make investing a habit.

In addition to that, the app’s easy to use tools allows you keep track of all your investments. Plus, investment tips and educational information that helps boost your confidence as an investor.

Importantly, Trove use bank-level security measures to protect your personal information, so you can put in your information and go to sleep.

How To Get Started With Trove

  • Download the “Trove” app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Complete the KYC process to begin investing.
  • Buy any publicly traded equity, bond or foreign assets

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14. Ziing

Ziing is one of the investing apps in Nigeria that ease savings, simplify investing process and help you gain control over your finances. More importantly, the platform equips you with the right tools to gain financial freedom.

In addition, Ziing takes away the hassle from your daily financial activities while simultaneously growing your wealth. On Ziing, you can set time bound goals and automate deductions from your bank account to help you meet them.

You can also place large sums of money for extended tenures, earn interest on an active savings account, monitor set goals, make payments, etc.

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How To Get Started With Ziing

  • Download the Ziing app on Google Playstore
  • Enter your first name, last name, email address, phone number and Date of Birth.
  • Upload a picture and a valid means of identification (international passport, driver’s license, national identity card or permanent voters card)
  • Upload utility bill not older than 3 months.
  • Update your BVN
  • Start exploring Ziing packages

15. Carbon (formerly Paylater)

Carbon App is an investing app that helps you gain control of your finances. The app allows you to earn up to 16% annually by investing in PayVest, Carbon’s high-interest investment plan.

Additionally, this app serves other purpose such as: getting instant short term loans for your urgent needs and recharging airtime on your mobile phone.

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How To Get Started With Carbon

  • Download the Carbon App on Google Playstore
  • Create An Account
  • Start investing
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Please Note: Entrepreneurs.ng is not affiliated in any way with any of these companies. This content was based on our research. Please do your personal due diligence before making any investment.

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    Are all these apps real with the investments? Many fraudsters and scammers are plenty today in our society. Pls, can all these be trusted?

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      Thank you.

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    1. Hello Onis,

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          The first rule of any investment is to do your due diligence. Make your research and go in informed.

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