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15 Free Business Directories And Business Listing Websites In Nigeria

Business Directories In Nigeria

Do you own a startup business? Have you been in business for a while without an online presence? If yes, then, this article is for you. I would be listing free business directories in Nigeria, that will give your brand visibility, traffic and more customers.

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What Is Business Directory?

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

A business directory is a list that contains the information of businesses within a particular niche, location, or category. With the use of a business directory, prospective clients can easily find your business, contact information etc.

As a business owner, it is very essential to list your business name, address, phone number, and other necessary information on directories, online business listing sites, and citation sites, as it would help improve your business online presence.

Before I share our top business directories in Nigeria, I would like to talk about a few things that should be included when listing your company in a business directory.

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Things To Include When Listing In A Business Directory

Consistent NAP

There are multiple business directories in Nigeria. It’s best to maximize these directories, so you can list your business on as many directories as possible. Hence, when adding or updating your business information on business directory sites, make sure you provide the same company information across all directories.

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Website Link (If Any).

Make sure to add the same website link on all the business directories you list your business on.  Always include a tracking link at the end of your URL so that you can monitor and see how much traffic comes to your website from each business directory you are listed on.

Your Company Description

When listing your business, ensure you include a brief description of what your business does. Let your description reflect the mission, culture, and values of your business. In describing your company, be sure to include the same information across all the business directories your business is listed on. This helps to avoid being perceived as unserious or a fraud.

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When listing your business, it would help to include a picture or video of your office, employees, or an image that reflect the daily operation of your business. Trust is still an issue in business, so it will help if prospective clients can see the face behind the brand or behind the scene moments. It will help them identify with the brand and be more accepting to patronizing the brand.

There are several business directories in Nigeria where you can list your business for free. In this article, we would be discussing 15 out of the numerous free business directories in Nigeria.

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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

Free Business Directories In Nigeria


Nigeria Business Directory, also known as BusinessList.com.ng, integrates the best companies in Nigeria into a simple, accessible database with a user-friendly and stylish interface. This business directory has 1123 business categories, and it makes you see the Nigeria business world with confidence and style.

With businesslist.com.ng, you can maximize your online marketing, get business visibility, new customers, and generate more traffic. Listing your business information on this website would also boost your social media shares.

Clients who patronized you through businesslist.com.ng can write reviews about your services. With good reviews, your business reputation will be boosted. Your company profile should include contacts, description, products, photo gallery, and your business location.

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Vconnect Nigeria

Vconnect was established to create connections between service professionals and businesses that need their services. The Vconnect platform connects trusted service professionals to businesses for all their service needs. The company’s vision is to be the leading service marketplace for professionals in Africa.

Vconnect automatically boost the visibility of your business online with its Omnibiz application. Listing your business on Vconnect means signing up with omnibiz. Omnibiz automatically list your business on Google My Business, Google Maps, Vconnect, Facebook, etc.

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Naibac Social Network

Naibac is a social network platform for entrepreneurs, content creators, and anyone who wants to be found online. On the Naibac platform, you can sell products and services, acquire new skills, network with new connections, get business advice, and share experiences. SMEs and Startups can get affordable web/app development, digital marketing, and content amplification services as Naibac users.

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Abbakin Business Listings

Abbakin is a market-driven platform created for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to interact and share business experiences. With your business on Abbakin, you can get new customers online. Also, you connect with suppliers and investors of different products across the globe.

The directory contains a list of small businesses and big brands in Nigeria with their addresses and service offerings. Listing your business on this platform is free, and your business enjoy the visibility that comes with the platform.

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Connect Nigeria.com

On connectnigeria.com, businesses can list their discounts, promotions, and seasonal offers on the deal section of the website. This means increased sales. With your deal listed on connectnigeria.com, your business is promoted to prospects. Prospective clients also get familiar with your business through the website’s social media platforms and email newsletter.

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Ngex Business Directory

NGEX helps companies, organizations, and government agencies close business deals with prospective clients in Nigeria and the Nigerians in diaspora. The business directory platform and database enables user interaction and provides unique data and insights on Nigerians and businesses.

With Ngex Business Directory, your business gets visibility which drives more sales. The website also gives you the liberty to interact with your customers no matter where they are. Ngex business directory has a free and a paid version.

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NG Contacts

NGContacts is an online database that contains profiles and contacts of companies, businesses, and company executives in Nigeria. You can promote your products and services and increase your business visibility worldwide.

Your database on the platform include your business addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc. The website is divided into categories for users to easily search for contents using keywords.

Finelib.com (Nigeria Directory And Search Engine)

One of the numerous business directories in Nigeria is Finelib.com. Finelib.com enables listing of local businesses, areas, streets, organizations, and institutions. The information required include websites, telephone numbers, and location.

Listing your business on this platform is free. Finelib.com was created to develop Nigerian content by using information technology for better productivity, good governance, and global competitiveness for Nigerian companies offering goods and services.

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LagosList (Lagos On The Web)

LagosList is an information portal for Lagos. This platform is an online directory for businesses and organisations in Lagos. Businesses and organisations in Lagos provide essential information about their products and services on the platform so they are accessible to people leaving in Lagos.

With LagosList, Lagos residents can easily find information and opportunities in the state. You can locate businesses in Lagos and discover their offers, promos, deals, hotels, news, people, accommodation, and job vacancies.

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Abuja Galleria

This is one of the business directories in Nigeria that is location-specific with a free and paid version. The paid version cost five thousand Naira and your business is listed instantly once you make payment. However, if you want to list your business for free, it takes three to six months for your business to be listed.

Abuja galleria does not list affiliate marketing sites, scam sites, websites under construction, sites that promote nudity and pornography, sites or organizations that promote hate and religious intolerance, businesses or organizations involved in illegal or unethical activities.

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Nigeriadirectory.com.ng is a business directory platform in Nigeria where businesses across states can list their business. The site requires a short description of the business, services, contact details, and address. The site allows for reviews of businesses listed, and a good review results in more leads and sales.

Google My Business

With Google My Business, you can put your business profile for free on Google. Google My Business makes it easy to create and update your business profile so that you can stand out from other businesses in your niche, and bring in the right customers. Your business profile appears when people are searching for your business or similar businesses on Google Search or Maps.

As a business owner, you should be responsible for what people see when they search for your business. With Google My Business, you have access to tools to update your business profile, build a website, and interact with your customers from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer for free.

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Facebook Business Page

With Facebook business page, businesses can increase their brand awareness and generate more sales on Facebook. To create a Facebook business page, you need your personal Facebook account.

To make your Facebook page an effective marketing tool that will generate leads, you have to go all out to market your business by communicating your business value. You can also drive sales by engaging and participating in Facebook groups.

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Confirmed is one of the leading online business directories in Abuja that helps improve the online visibility of businesses. The platform gives listed businesses traffic, improved brand awareness, and helps generate more business leads.

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6000 Profiles

This directory is a source of contact information for Nigerian companies. Companies listed in this directory hold major market share in different business sectors in Nigeria. The directory contains brief profiles of 6000 companies including their contact details, phone numbers, emails, management, staff strength, etc.

6000 profiles birthed NG Contacts due to its huge success. With the free listing, your company profile page will be locked so that only customers who subscribe to the directory can see your company’s contact details.

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16 thoughts on “15 Free Business Directories And Business Listing Websites In Nigeria”

  1. Nice list you got here although a bit of updating will do as some of the websites are not offering listing services anymore.

    All the same, well done and thanks for the effort.

  2. Samuel Davidson

    This is a great article.

    I most certainly agree with including a picture/video of your office or staffs, it creates trust.

    I have registered my business with some of those you suggested, but when doing that, I realised that Nigeria’s business directory is no longer free. You have to pay for it now.

    Thanks for the lists once again.

  3. This is indeed a great content. However, there are still some great Nigeria business directories like YapAce that you should consider adding to this list.

    1. Hello Josh,

      Thank you for reading and your suggestion. We update our content periodically. We will take a look and see if it’s a good fit.

      Thank you.

  4. Hi there,

    It is a very good article and quite informative, however, don’t you think it’s time to update this list? I believe there are other great business directories like businessfinder amongst others that is missing from the list. It would be great to update.

    Many thanks again

    1. Hello Chiamaka,

      Thank you for your insight.

      We periodically update content and will look at your suggestion to see if they are relevant to our audience.

      Thank you.

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